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Marry Me, Damn It

Part 2--Byakuya

Ichigo hadn't thought much about marriage. He'd always assumed it would happen someday, that one morning he'd wake up and look beside him and see his beautiful wife sleeping in his arms. That was the ending. But he never thought about the journey.

When Rukia had declared them an official couple, Ichigo had felt a mixture of emotions. He'd been pleased, certainly, that she'd enjoyed their few dates enough to want more. He'd been irritated that she'd uttered those words before he'd had a chance to ask her himself. He'd been terrified that tomorrow he'd screw it up and lose everything he'd worked towards for years.

Two years later, he was still terrified of losing her. So he protected her with his sword and claimed her as his own with a ring to the finger. Hollows, Arrancar, and other men didn't stand a chance against a Kurosaki, of that he was sure.

Then she thrust the ring back at him, and he was forced to consider a third possibility—Rukia leaving of her own will.

Ichigo decided he didn't like that option at all.

But two minutes later they were grinning stupidly at each other, his ring on her finger and his claim officially staked. He was just about to start dancing around like the idiot she assured him he was, but then she spoke, the first sentence as Ichigo's fiancée.

And Ichigo's mood immediately turned sour, a scowl crossing his face as he met her gaze squarely, stating that her arrogant asshole of a brother wouldn't care if she was getting married, so why bother telling him?

Rukia rolled her eyes and dropped her left hand, though her thumb still ran over the smooth underside of the ring. He was just afraid to face his future in-law, Rukia taunted.

His brows knitted together in irritation as he countered that of course Byakuya didn't scare him. As if. But that didn't alter the fact that the 6th division captain would probably lose his stoic expression as he tried—emphasis on try—to pound Ichigo into the ground.

Rukia highly doubted he would do that.

Ichigo stared at her incredulously, wondering out loud if she was really that blind. The man had hated Ichigo from the moment they met, and that hate only intensified two years prior, when Rukia had declared them a couple.

She didn't believe him, but knew that they'd keep arguing about it until the sun came up. So, to end the fight before it began, she went toe to toe with him and said, simply, prove it.

Ichigo couldn't turn down a challenge. With a huff, he demanded she summon a Hell Butterfly to open a Senkaimon immediately. After all, why waste time? Byakuya should know of the engagement as soon as possible.

With a smirk of triumph, she opened the gate, laughing outright when he grabbed her hand and towed her through it. They wasted no time flash-stepping to the Kuchiki home, and Rukia stopped just outside of her brother's study. With a go-ahead motion, she inclined her head towards the closed door, a slight encouragement to keep Ichigo from hesitating. He squared his shoulders and threw open the door, taking a step inside.

Byakuya glanced up when he entered, narrowing cold eyes when Ichigo boldly exclaimed his most recent action concerning Rukia. When Ichigo finished talking—it didn't matter what the older man said or thought, they were getting married anyway, but Ichigo thought it fair to provide warning before the wedding—Byakuya slowly got to his feet. Rukia, thinking that maybe Ichigo had been right about a fight, stepped in to stand beside Ichigo, just in case.

But Byakuya simply walked over to them, silent as a ghost trailing over a grave. The shinigami captain stopped before Ichigo, steel grey meeting molten brown. Ichigo tensed, ready to defend his declaration to the death, but Byakuya looked away from him to focus on his adopted sister.

He wanted to know if she was happy and willing to commit to something like him. Ichigo bristled at being referred to as a "thing."

Rukia wrapped her arm around Ichigo's and nodded firmly, answering that she'd never been more sure of anything in her life. Her fiancé smiled at the familiar words, almost smug at her quick confirmation to her brother's question.

Byakuya was silent for a minute, looking between the two of them. Eventually, he turned and headed back to his desk. Over his shoulder, he calmly told her not to adopt the Kurosaki name. After all, it held little credence compared to Kuchiki.

Rukia nodded, assuring him that she had no intention of relinquishing her surname, and thanked him for his time. Byakuya waved a hand of dismissal, but Ichigo wouldn't move.

He wanted to know what the hell was wrong with Kurosaki.

Byakuya simply snorted and went back to writing letters.

Rukia, sensing now that it was Ichigo who would start the fight, reached up and grabbed his ear before he could take a step towards the 6th division captain. With her classic don't-give-me-any-crap-Ichigo glare, she pulled him out the door and away from the Kuchiki house.

He fumed the entire way back to the human world, and she finally stopped to suggest that perhaps, if he was a little less stubborn and actually let her fight once in a while, instead of tackling the problem head-on to "protect" her, she'd consider hyphenating his last name. Maybe.

Ichigo huffed but settled for that when she sealed her almost-promise with a quick kiss.

Marriage was a constant goal in Ichigo's life. The journey had always been fuzzy, but he knew the destination perfectly. And with Rukia playfully punching his shoulder as he complained, Ichigo couldn't think of a better way to reach his happy ending.

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