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Author's Note: So. This....thing. It started out as a few sentences when I fell asleep. Then something terrible happened. It grew. Anyways. This is supposed to be some sort of Drabble-ish thing. Make of it what you will.



Happiness. Joy. Love. Compassion.

They make him. They break him.

Emotion. It traverses his being. It has burned, it has dragged, it has caressed and it has beaten, but it has always been there. Emotions. He cannot comprehend a world without them.

And for that he does not understand the young man.


He is beautiful. He is smart. He is efficient. For him, a life without troubles would be all too easy to attain. A smile, a hand shake, a kiss of the lips would most likely be enough to assure him a life of unmeasured pleasure, rewards that he would reap but not sow. But no.

Not him.

He is cold. Calculated. He let his pain drive him, override and command him with no thoughts of his own. He lets a single moment of darkness break him forever.

That is Sasuke.


Apathy. Greed. Envy. Nothingness.

Naruto does not understand this, for his life has been filled with pain. Years of not knowing who, or what he was. Alone. Scared. Friendless. Hungry. Lost. No one to talk to, and those who did spoke with hate born of misunderstanding and fear. Years spent in the darkness, with only himself to share in his pain. And yet he shone.

He smiles through adversity, laughs in his pain. Strong-willed, ever forward.


The other young man purposely let his hate control him. The days of his youth passed quickly, each day a monochrome blur that went by. He could not distinguish one day from the next. Childhood escaped him. Laughter, games of jump rope and pick-up-sticks never came to him.

Naruto does not understand. What he wanted, what he could not have, the other boy simply let sift through his fingers, simply as if they were stray grains of sand.

His life has been pain. He knows that they both have experienced it, but he realizes that they are different in their pain.

Sasuke was darkness, raw emotion writhing and contorting onto itself, pent-up frustration awaiting release, and a cold one-track mind that had no room for mercy or compassion.

This was his path. His way had been born of light, but his new path had become darkness.

Naruto was darkness, as well. He was pain and heartache and loneliness all wrapped up and squeezed into one so tight that he often thought he might burst. His soul is murky, and his life has given him each and every right to hate. To hurt. To be angry at a world he had not wished to be born into, a world that hated him for saving it, a world whom he hated saving.

They are different. Uzumaki Naruto holds on to the last lingering strands of light that contaminate the darkness of his heart, and he clings and caresses and holds it so tightly so as to never let it go.

There is laughter in the murk, laughter dragged and drowned and burned out by hatred and pain and loathing that almost erases the light completely.


But there is not enough darkness in this world to tear Uzumaki Naruto away from the light.