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Trouble for Condor Studios

Chapter 1

Watch Out Hollywood

"Hey guys, look at this." Serena said to Blair and Jenny. She laid the magazine in front of them. "There's a contest that we could enter to meet the cast of Mackenzie Falls!"

Jenny and Blair looked over the magazine. "I love Mackenzie Falls!" Blair said excitedly. "I'm in love with Chad Dylan Cooper!"

"What about Chuck?" Jenny asked Blair.

"Chad Dylan Cooper is a celebrity. Therefore, I can love him." Blair replied.

"I think we all love Chad Dylan Cooper." Serena said, getting out her computer. "It says here that whoever wins gets to take two friends. I say that we all enter the contest. If either of us wins then we can all meet Chad and the rest of the Mackenzie Falls cast." She opened a web browser and typed in the website link. "Alright, now we enter." She said smiling.

They all entered the contest by putting their names, address, and phone number. "Now we wait for a phone call I guess." Jenny said.

"Let's promise each other something." Serena said. "If one of us wins the contest and we all go to Hollywood, we have to promise not to get any real romantic feelings for Chad Dylan Cooper. Promise?"

"I promise." Jenny said. "Besides, you two already have boyfriends."

"I guess I promise." Blair said. "And Jenny, just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean that I have to stay loyal when I'm in Hollywood with Chad Dylan Cooper."

"B you have to promise." Serena said.

"Okay fine. I really do promise." Blair replied a bit unwillingly.

"Thanks B." Serena said smiling. "Jenny, I know you don't have a boyfriend but you still have to promise that you won't get any romantic feelings for Chad Dylan Cooper. Besides, I don't want your brother to kill me for letting you date a celebrity."

Jenny laughed. "Don't worry Serena. To me Chad is just a cute celebrity."

Meanwhile at Condor Studios, the cast of Mackenzie Falls just found out about the contest.

"How could they have a contest to meet us if we never even heard of this contest until just now?" Chad asked one of the other members of Mackenzie Falls.

"Honestly I think it's a good idea." A girl named Chastity, the girl who plays as Chloe, said.

"Well I never said it was a bad idea." Chad said. Then he realized that this was another way to show So Random how much better Mackenzie Falls is. "Actually, it really is a good idea." He said walking away.

"Look at this!" Tawni said to Sonny while she was looking through Tween Weekly while sitting in the cafeteria. "There is a contest for people to meet the cast of Mackenzie Falls. How come there is no contest for the people to meet us?!"

Sonny didn't seem to really care. "Who cares about Mackenzie Falls. Just remember that our show actually brings joy to our viewers." She replied.

Chad walked into the cafeteria and noticed Tawni looking at Tween Weekly. He walked over to her and saw what page she was looking at. "I see that you noticed that there is a contest for fans to meet me and not you."

"Chad, do you really think that we care that people actually want to meet you?" Sonny asked, annoyed.

"Well you should. This proves that Mackenzie Falls is more liked than your stupid show." Chad replied. "Well I better go and prepare the rest of the cast to meet my fans."

Chad walked away. "Ugh, can you believe him?" Sonny asked Tawni. "He thinks he is so much better just because there isn't a contest like this for us!"

"Well like you said, it doesn't really matter." Tawni said getting up and walking away.

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