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Trouble for Condor Studios

Chapter 2

Hollywood, Here We Come!

"So I wonder how long we'll have to wait for this phone call." Jenny said.

"You know, they probably won't even call us until tomorrow." Serena replied.

"Or later." Blair said, and then yawned. "I'm tired. How about we call it a night and get some sleep."

"Good idea. Night Blair. Night Jenny." Serena said and laid down in her bed.

"Night." They both replied, getting into their sleep positions.

When morning came, Serena woke up to her phone ringing. She looked at her phone but didn't recognize the number. Who would be calling me so early? She wondered and answered. "Hello?" She asked. "Yes, this is her…uh-huh…uh-huh…yeah. No way! Are you serious?...Oh my gosh thank you so much!" She said through the phone then hung up. "We're going to Hollywood to meet the cast of Mackenzie Falls!" Serena squealed.

Blair and Jenny woke up to Serena's loud voice. "What? Huh? Where?" Blair said, a bit groggy from her sleep, and then it hit her. "Oh. My. Gosh. Are you serious?" She squealed.

"Is this for real?" Jenny asked with a big smile, immediately sitting up.

"Yes!" Serena said, and then all three girls screamed.

"Serena, honey. Are you guys okay?" Lily asked and came into her room.

"Mom! I get to meet Chad Dylan Cooper!" Serena replied.

"And we get to go with her!" Jenny said with a smile.

Lily sighed in relief. "You guys scared me with all that screaming. When are you leaving?" She asked.

"This afternoon." Serena replied with a smile.

Meanwhile at Condor Studios, Sonny was in the cafeteria getting herself breakfast. "I'll have a bagel please." She said to the lunch lady. Chad came in and walked over to Sonny. "So, my fans are coming today." He said.

"And you're telling me why?" Sonny asked.

"Because they're coming to see me, not you." Chad replied.

"You really think I care?" She asked as she got herself some cream cheese for her bagel.

"Yes actually. I do." He said.

Sonny laughed. "Oh, Chad. So what. They had a contest for people to meet you. It's probably because you weren't getting enough viewers and they're trying to get you're rates up." She said.

"You take that back." Chad said glaring at her.

"Make me." She said, and walked away.

When afternoon finally came, Serena, Blair, and Jenny already had their bags packed and were ready to go.

"Blair, we're on our way. We'll be there soon. We're about to get in the car." Serena said to the phone. "Okay, we'll see you in a bit." She then hung up the phone.

"Is she already there?" Jenny asked as they got in the car.

"Yep. You know Blair." Serena replied. "Our flight doesn't even leave for another hour!"

Jenny laughed. "What can you say? She's excited." She said.

"Yeah." Serena said with a smile. She was glad to see Blair so excited about something.

About 15 minutes later they arrived at the airport. When they got inside they saw Lily, Rufus, Dan, Eric, and Nate. "Mom." Serena said. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Well, I just wanted to see you girls off. You both are going to be in Hollywood alone." Lily said, referring to Serena and Jenny.

"Be safe girls. Serena, watch over Jenny, will you?" Rufus asked.

"Of course." Serena replied. Ever since Lily and Rufus got married, Serena really did look after Jenny like she was her own sister.

"There you guys are!" Blair said when she saw Serena and Jenny. "It's about time!"

"Blair, we still have like 40 minutes left." Serena said.

"So. You can never be too early for Hollywood. Better yet, Chad Dylan Cooper!" Blair replied. "Where's Chuck?" She asked Nate.

"He couldn't make it. But, he did say to give you a hug for him." Nate replied and gave Blair a hug. "And you, Serena. You better be good." Nate said and gave her a big hug. Serena giggled. "You know I will be." She said.

Dan looked around; trying to do anything he could to avoid watching Nate and Serena.

"Come on! Let's go!" Blair said, even though they still had awhile to wait.

"Well, I guess we better get going so miss impatient here doesn't lose it." She said, referring to Blair. "Bye." She said as she gave her mom a hug. "Bye Dan." Serena said to him with a smile, surprised he hadn't said anything yet. "Bye Serena. Take care." He said.

"Bye Eric!" Jenny said when they started to walk away. "Bye guys! Take care!" Eric said.

About a half hour later, their plane had finally departed.

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