Sweet Child 'O Mine

Chapter 1

It was a normal enough day. Well, normal for Sam and Dean Winchester surely. It was a particularly clear and sunny day in Bradbury Colorado, while Sam and Dean both sat on the hood of the car with a bottle of beer in each of their hands. They were celebrating another job well done after a particularly long vampire hunt.

From where the Impala was parked, they had a perfect view of a small river that shone and shimmered with the early morning light. The calm water lapped at the rocky shore where ducks and Canadian geese lingered with their young.

It was a rather peaceful scene. A perfect opposite as to what they had faced the previous night.

Sam was sporting a nice gash on his left temple where a vampire had gotten the best of him and threw him into a large wooden pillar face first. He was slightly woozy afterwards, but from what he and Dean could tell there was no concussion or any long lasting damage.

Dean on the other hand was a bit worse off. On the left side of his neck, just below his ear was a nice large vampire bite that he had cleaned and dressed as soon as he got back to the motel. But besides a few cuts and bruises, Dean was fine.

Dean turned his gaze from the river to look at his brother, who seemed caught up in the sight of the water fowl close by as they quacked and waddled on their merry way.

"How's your head?" Dean asked passively as he took a swig of beer.

Sam's head snapped in Dean's direction, startled out of his thoughts.

"Been better." Sam answered simply with a small chuckle.

Sam then took a small sip of his beer and then looked at Dean curiously. Dean had about four weeks left before his time was up. Before the Hellhounds come to drag him to the Pit. Sam swore he would do everything in his power to keep Dean safe from that, but every passing day proved that their attempts to save him were useless.

But still Sam wasn't giving up so easy.

And even now on top of that, there was a new demon on the rise. Her name, Sam had just found out, was Lilith and apparently she was seeing him as competition and wanted him eliminated.

Sam chuckled silently at the thought.

He didn't want that power; she could surely have it if she wanted. But either way she wanted it, her death seems inevitable.

Sam's abilities were gone anyway since Yellow-Eyes died. No visions, no nothing. At least that's what he hoped.

There was a small nagging in the back of his mind telling him it wasn't true, but Sam wanted normal so desperately that he ignored it.

Suddenly, Sam's thoughts were interrupted by a loud ringing coming from inside the car.

Both Sam and Dean swung their heads to look behind them.

Sam then shrugged and slid off the hood of the car, as he placed his beer bottle in the gravel by Dean's feet, and walked over to the passengers' side window.

It was their dads' phone.

"Think its Bela again?" Dean asked with a hint of annoyance in his tone.

Sam shrugged simply, and then bent in the open window. He opened the glove compartment, and fumbled around with old papers and fake badges until he found the ringing phone.

He pulled out of the window and stood up straight and stared at the small screen on the noisy phone as it flashed "Unknown Caller".

"I don't think so, there's no way she'd be that stupid." Sam concluded.

Dean shrugged, as Sam flipped the phone open and placed it close to his ear.

"Hello?" Sam greeted with confusion as his eyebrows knit together.

"Is this John Winchester?" a shaky female voice asked.

Sam took in a deep breath before answering.

"No, sorry. John Winchester died a few years ago."

"O-oh. Um…then is Sam Winchester available?" She asked sounding a little more nervous.

Sam's eyes widened at the question. He looked over at Dean who was now sliding off the hood of the car to get a better listen in.

"Speaking…" Sam answered simply.

"Sam? You might not remember me…but this is Abigail Seavey. Remember we went to Riverview High together for about…three weeks?" She asked a little bit more relaxed.

Sam looked up toward the sky as he ran through his memory trying to track that name. It sounded familiar, but he couldn't put a face to the name.

"Abigail Seavey?" He mouthed to Dean silently who was now standing by Sam's side trying to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Dean smacked Sam's arm playfully with a wide smirk on his face.

"You honestly don't remember?" Dean whispered with a soft chuckle.

Sam shook his head honestly.

Dean rolled his eyes, "I went to pick you up from your first day of school with her, and you blushed every time I asked you if you met any girls! Eventually after a couple of dates you finally leaked her name. I can't believe you don't remember that!"

Sam shrugged innocently.

"I think you were about eighteen. I think she gave you some too…" Dean said with a playful nudge.

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Hey Abigail, what's going on?" Sam asked playing it like he remembered who she was.

"Um…well I'm not sure how to tell you this…" She said nervously.

"Just tell me, its okay." Sam tried to comfort.

She took a deep breath and then continued.

"Well…I have a seven year old son, Sam." She admitted slowly.

Sam looked at Dean with confusion and then shrugged again.

"That's um…great Abigail-" Sam began before she cut him off.

"He's yours." Abigail whispered.

Sam's eyes widened at that.

"Beg your pardon?"

At Sam's reaction, Dean leaned in closer to the phone so he could hear what was going on. His playful grin replaced with a look of pure concern.

"Clay Seavey is your son, Sam." Abigail said slowly.

Dean must have heard her too, because his eyes widened and he pulled away from Sam's ear to look into his brothers' shocked face.

"So she did give you some?" Dean whispered.

Sam rolled his eyes. How could Dean make jokes about this? This was anything BUT a joking matter.

Sam swallowed a rather large lump in his throat.

"Where are you Abigail?" Sam asked seriously.

"Look Sam, I'm not asking you to be in our lives alright? I just need to know…is there something about you I should know?" she asked with concern.

"You mean medically? No. Why?" Sam asked as his heart froze.

Abigail took a loud, deep breath.

"Medically…or psychologically maybe?" she prodded.

Sam's eyebrows skyrocketed.

"No, neither. Why Abbey, what's wrong with him?" Sam asked nervously.

"H-he…I don't know. He's just really different. I don't really want you to feel obligated to be in our lives…but I think there might be something wrong with him and I don't want to go through this alone, and I wasn't sure who else to call." Abigail rambled.

Different? Sam's heart dropped to his stomach. Different like, psychic abilities different? Or different like eccentric? Sam didn't have the heart to ask over the phone.

"Its okay, where are you? I'll be there as soon as I can. Is it okay if my brother comes along?"

"Oh no, of course I don't mind if you bring your brother. Um…I live at three, twenty five Orchard Street in Riverview Utah." Abigail rushed through.

"Alright, we'll be there tomorrow night alright?" Sam asked.

"Alright, thank you."

Sam then pulled the cellphone away from his face and flipped it shut. He turned to look at Dean with a soulful look.

"Three, twenty five Orchard Street in Riverview Utah." Sam said simply as he opened the passengers' side door and got in.

Dean nodded simply, and then got in the drivers' side. He was a bit anxious to be meeting his nephew.

And Sam was a bit anxious to be meeting his son.

Okay, something I wanna get straight here before I continue with this.

All locations are strictly made up in this fic. So if I am accurate on names and locations I apologize.

Another thing, I'm not really one for OC's. So I'm not really making this about that. This wont wind up turning into a series or anything like that. I just thought this would be a pretty interesting idea.

So just give this a chance, and we'll see how this pans out!

Lemmie know if I should continue!