Chapter 37

The black in Sam's eyes receded, leaving his human hazel eyes to scan the room. His eyes rested on Clay who seemed a bit out of breath from all the excitement, but fine all the same. Sam then looked down at Dean who was staring up at him curiously.

Sam helped his brother to his feet sluggishly. Dean groaned painfully as he grabbed at his bleeding chest. When he was standing on his own, he looked over at Sam quizzically.

"You're eyes were black." Dean whispered, taken aback.

Sam nodded solemnly, but didn't reply.

"You alright?" Dean asked with concern as the bleeding on his chest seeped through his fingers slowly.

Sam scoffed and rolled his eyes, "You're the one that just got chewed up by a Hell Hound and you're asking if I'm alright?"

Dean shrugged simply, but then turned his gaze toward Clay.

"How bout you kid?" Dean asked passively.

Clay looked up at Dean and shrugged; he then averted his eyes toward Abigail's lifeless body and began to sob.

"I killed her," he muttered tearfully.

"It wasn't you." Sam whispered comfortingly.

Clay's bright blue tearful eyes pierced Sam's eyes, "She wouldn't be dead if I wasn't such an idiot."

"We all make mistakes," Dean chimed in, "don't worry about it."

"I'm sorry Dean," Clay apologized in a whisper.

Dean cocked his head, "what for?"

"For knocking you out! You were only trying to help." Clay replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Dean smirked, "Well actually I was baiting you."

Clay rolled his eyes as a ghost of a smile came to his face, "well whatever you wanna call it."

Sam looked over by the threshold between the living room and dining room and then sighed aloud. Dean's head snapped up at the sound of his brothers' sigh, and then followed Sam's gaze to the dead little girl on the floor.

"Poor kid," Dean muttered as he shook his head. Upon hearing those words, Clay too looked over at the little girl with a look that could only be described as disgust.

"I'm sorry Dean," Sam suddenly said.

Dean's eyes widened and snapped in Sam's direction, "Why is everyone apologizing to me today?"

Sam rolled his eyes, "I used my abilities…after you made a huge deal about it."

Dean shook his head again, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Why?" Sam demanded.

"Because what did I tell you Sam? It was my dying wish! And you go ahead and do it anyway! How did you suddenly get as strong as Clay? Huh?" Dean snapped.

Sam nodded slowly as he took in his brothers' words. He wasn't going to answer, so he was wordlessly telling Dean to change the subject. Dean sighed and then continued.

"Where'd Bobby and Ruby go?"

Sam's eyes widened as he remembered what happened to them. He then stormed over to the front door and opened it. His eyes scanned the front lawn feverishly, but they were nowhere in sight.

Then as if on cue, Sam picked up on two new presences right behind him in the house. He whirled around defensively and saw Bobby and Ruby standing with Dean and Clay looking around the living room with confusion.

Sam sighed, and then closed the front door.

"How'd you guys get in?" Dean asked curiously as Sam turned to join them.

Ruby shrugged. "Bedroom window," she explained, "What happened here?"

Sam and Dean sighed in unison, and then began to retell the story of what happened just a few minutes ago.


Later on, when everything was explained to Bobby and Ruby, and the house was cleaned up and rid of the bodies, Ruby disappeared leaving Sam, Dean, Clay, and Bobby to head back to the motel to patch Dean up (which was a fairly long task because of his endless flinching).

When his wounds were cleaned and dressed, the four of them then went to an early morning diner for breakfast.

As the bright orange sun began to peek in the sky behind the large mass of night clouds, the boys sat at a booth that looked out the window to see the sunrise.

A very nice redheaded plump waitress came by as soon as they were seated and placed four glasses of ice water on the table, one for each of them. She then smiled at Dean, and then went to the back with a promise of returning shortly to take their orders.

Dean and Sam seemed a bit rocky. Ever since Dean told Sam he didn't want to talk about him using his abilities, they hadn't muttered a word to each other. They hadn't even chanced each other a glance.

Clay apologized to Bobby for not being himself, but Bobby only shrugged him off. He already forgave him, Clay didn't need to apologize.

When the waitress came to take their orders, they cut their conversations and placed their orders hurriedly. The waitress flashed them a polite smile, and then took off.

Bobby looked at Dean and Sam warily and then rolled his eyes.

"Alright, what's eatin' ya?" Bobby demanded as his eyes darted between Sam who was sitting across from him, and Dean who was sitting next to him.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, playing dumb.

"You two haven't said two words to each other in over two hours. What else happened back there?" Bobby asked seriously.

Dean and Sam both shook their heads, looking down at the table.

"Nothing." Dean lied.

Bobby looked over to Sam, "Sam?"

Sam was about to open his mouth to answer, but Clay rolled his eyes and beat him to it.

"Dean's mad because Sam used his abilities to save him." Clay explained.

Dean shot Clay a dirty look, but Clay just shrugged it off.

"Really Dean?" Bobby asked with disbelief as he rolled his eyes again, "Sam saved your ass and you're mad at him because of how he saved you?"

Dean shrugged, "I made it clear to him that I didn't want to be saved that way! And he turned around and did it anyway! We had a plan remember? We were gonna go in there with the knife and get her that way!"

"And how would that have worked, Dean?" Sam demanded, "We both would have gotten killed, and Lilith would have taken Clay!"

Clay flinched at that, but they all ignored it.

Dean didn't answer; he only scoffed and sipped at a glass of ice water he'd been fingering for the past few minutes.

"I'm fine Dean," Sam assured, "and you're fine, and Clay's fine. We're all okay…can we just celebrate for a little bit? Just until we have to go back out looking for her?"

Dean rolled his eyes and then placed the glass on the table, "fine," he muttered.

Of course Sam and Bobby knew that Dean wouldn't let go of it that easily, and Sam would have to work to regain Dean's trust, which he was more than willing to do.


After they had all finished their breakfast, they left their waitress a fair tip and then walked out to the parking-lot in their group.

Bobby had his muscle car parked next to the Impala, so he waved to Sam, Dean, and Clay and jumped in his car. He started up the engine, and then ducked down so he could say something to the boys through the open passengers' window.

"Lilith's still out there…you boys be careful. Call me if anything comes up."

Sam and Dean nodded and then waved Bobby off as he drove away.

Dean sighed and then walked over to the drivers' side of the Impala and opened the door.

"Where to now?" Dean asked with a bit of attitude.

"The motel," Sam replied with a chuckle, "I'm bushed."

Dean nodded and then sat in the drivers side and closed his door. Sam went to follow suit, but stopped when he saw Clay's solemn expression.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked curiously.

"W-were you serious when you said you'd take me with you guys?" Clay asked.

Sam chuckled, "Of course I was serious! We'll go to the motel room now, get a few hours of sleep and then we'll go back to Abigail's house and gather your things. Sound good?"

A sincere smile crossed Clay's face as he nodded feverishly and then yanked the back door of the Impala open and jumped in before slamming it shut because of his excitement.

Sam shook his head as a smile crossed his face as well; he then got in the passengers' seat and closed the door.

Dean then started the engine, and the three of them pulled out of the diners' parking lot, and off toward the motel.

Sam, Dean, and Clay were safe…for now.


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