Gibbs walked in on Thursday, full of authority.


"Yes, boss?"

"Go to Abby's lab, get her, Ducky, and Palmer up here."

"Yes, boss." When the elevator opened for the group to get out, Gibbs instead marched a mystified Tony and Ziva inside. After flipping the shut-down switch in his 'office', he faced the team to announce the good news.

"You all remember how Abby bought everyone music-players for Christmas a while back? Well, since you've all worked so hard the last few months, the Director approved a long weekend vacation to Florida. Meet me at the airport at 7 AM tomarrow." Satisfied, he got the elevator moving and listened to the excited chatter.

"I say, Jethro, smashing job! Did you know..."

"Just imagine, McGeek. Lots of women wearing nothing but..."

"...that mouse, what was his name?"

"Ziva, are you talking about Mickey Mouse?" Gibbs grinned, imagining his little family on vacation.

The next day, Gibbs met everyone out front of the airport, giving them their boarding passes. Apparently in thanks, they all brought their fearless leader coffee. Abby arrived first, only shortly behind Gibbs.

"Morning, Gibbs! Brought you a pick-me-up, but you already have one, so I'll just leave it here for later!" Babbling as usual, he gave her a peck on the cheek and a ticket.

"Morning, Abs. Did you sleep last night? Nevermind, I know you didn't. Hey, you might want to watch all the black, Florida gets pretty hot."

McGee got there next, with a composition book, presumably to write ideas for his novel. He grinned sheepishly, glancing at the coffee in Gibbs's hand, the one on the sidewalk, and the one he held. Gibbs just set the new one by the other full, and gave the Probie his ticket. Ziva proffesionally put her coffee with the others accepted her ticket. Palmer looked surprised, Ducky simply laughed, and DiNozzo tried to hide his behind his back.

Team Gibbs stowed their luggage and took their seats with little hassle. Approximately halfway through the flight, Gibbs stood to stretch and check on everyone. McGee was writing in his notebook, Abby was holding Bert and painting her nails, Tony was attempting to keep Ziva awake, Ducky was napping, and Palmer was reading.

When they had managed to get off the plane, find their luggage, and get outside, they were sweating from the heat. Everyone welcomed the air-conditioning of the 2 van-taxis it took to get them all to the hotel.

Upon arrival, Gibbs strode up to the reception desk and spoke to the woman.

"Seven rooms, booked for the name 'Gibbs', spelled General-Indigo-Bravo-Bravo-Sergeant." He also signed his name in ASL, twice. She stared blankly for a second, then rushed to put the information in her computer and get their room keys. The group shared a knowing glance, Boss-man had that effect on people. The seven of them took up nearly half the hallway, Tony joked about having a party. In 326 was Gibbs, next to him, in 328, was McGee, DiNozzo in 330, with Ziva at the end of the row in 332. Across the hall from Gibbs, in 327, was Abby, next to Ducky in 329, with Palmer as the odd man out in 331.

They were all sweltering hot, so they agreed to change into swimsuits and meet at the hotel pool. Tony arrived first, in red hawaiian-print trunks, joined shortly by Ziva in a rust-coloured one-piece with gauzy matching sarong. Ducky opted for naval-issue blue shorts and a white tee, Gibbs in the same, sans shirt. Palmer wore blue hawaiian-print with yellow flowers and a yelow tee, but read a book instead of entering the water. Abby appeared in men's black swimtrunks with white skulls printed on them, and a skimpy black bikini top that showed off her cross tattoo. McGee was last in, wearing green trunks decorated with the 'pi' symbol, and an MIT tee-shirt. They started a rowdy game of 'chicken' that quickly cleared the pool of its previous occupants. After explaining the game to Ziva, she climbed quickly on top of Tony, leaving a flustered McGee to carry Abby.

"It's ok, Timmy." She laughed, clambering up. "We're all adults." They tried valiantly, but the probie couldn't manage to balance his partner. Chuckling, Gibbs swam over and took the spot under the goth. He shot her a look that clearly said 'no funny business', and they all laughed when she stuck her tongue out in response.

With all the commotion and noise, the other pool-goers quickly left. They coaxed Ducky into a round of marco-polo, but he soon sat out, followed by Gibbs. The four younger agents continued playing, although Tony would peek and try to touch the girl's breasts. These actions earned him many smacks on the back of the head.

In all the rough-housing, the girls' hair-ties had fallen off. Ziva got an idea and whispered in Abby's ear. They both giggled, and Tony watched, intrigued by the barest hint of girl-on-girl action. The duo swam over to an oblivious Palmer, thouroughly wet their hair, then shook their heads like dogs, drenching the ME's helper. They shot off from the pool wall and resurfaced farthet away, laughing.

One by one, the team grabbed towels and headed to bed, until it was just the two caffeine addicts floating alongside each other.

"Abs, you should go to bed."

"'Loook who's calling the pot black', Gibbs." She quoted, grinning when he splashed her.

"Does Florida have Caff-Pow!?" He wondered aloud.

"I don't know, I sure hope so. Are you going through boat-withdrawl yet?"
"Very funny." At that point, a hotel staffer came in to shoo them out.

"Excuse me, folks, I'm sorry, but I have to shut down the pool area now."
"What time is it?" Abby whined.

"Eleven o'clock, miss." Abby groaned and swam to the shallow end. Gibbs chuckled at her reaction and followed her to the towels.

They returned to their rooms and Gibbs turned on the TV to check the weather. After assuring that the next day would be sunny, he came down from his coffee-high, dreaming of taking his boat out on the water.