Gibbs woke and repacked the little that had managed to stray from his small suitcase. He walked down the hall, waking the others and reminding them to do the same. He saved Abby for last, hoping she would be back to her normal perky self with the aid of sleep. She answered the door fully clothed and ready to go, with her bag already packed.

"Morning, Gibbs!"

"Morning, Abs." Chuckling, he went to put Ziva on Tony detail. Tony's door was ajar, so Gibbs walked in, bent down over the sleeping man's head and called loudly in his ear.

"DiNozzo! Up and at 'em!"

"Yes, boss! I'll just…" Tony was standing on his bed, half awake, in his birthday suit before he realized he wasn't at NCIS, but a hotel.

"Cover up, DiNozzo. I'm sending Ziva in in fifteen minutes to keep you awake." He walked next door and knocked on the woman's door. She answered dressed, pulling her wet hair back in her customary ponytail.

"Yes, Gibbs?"

"Do me a favor, go check on Tony in ten minutes, ok?"

"Sure." Walking back to his room, Gibbs heard Ducky's voice coming from his assistant's room.

"Really now, Mr. Palmer, all you've done for two days is read! Would you rather be alphabetizing the cupboards?"

"No, Dr. Mallard." Gibbs grinned and continued on his way, the pair were obviously awake and hopefully packing. They all heard the yell from Tony as his partner entered his room five minutes earlier than he expected. Not long after, Ziva stumbled into the hallway, pushed by Tony. She was laughing, and possibly blushing, but it was hard to know if the tint in her cheeks was from humor, or embarrassing her partner.

After arguing for a while, the team decided to just hang out on one of the beaches until they had to catch their plane.

As they applied sunscreen, Tony couldn't help but swipe a bit into McGee's hair. Gibbs sighed, leaving them to their own devices. After setting up base-camp, Palmer continued to read, and Ziva stretched out to tan as Tony, Abby, and McGee entered the water. Grinning, Gibbs watched Tony wade in, then dive and swim out to a deeper section. McGee made it in up to his waist, while Abby gleefully splashed in as far as she could, then swam over to start a splash-war with her 'big brother'.

Gibbs signed to his surrogate daughter to be careful and remember sunscreen, then walked down to the marina with Ducky.

When he returned to the beach, McGee, Ziva, and Palmer were re-applying sunblock. He found the other two taking turns with a rental boogie-board, and by the time he got their attention, they had burned. Slightly embarrassed, Tony and Abby went to buy aloe from a surf-shack. It was harder to see on the movie-buff, but their forensic scientist alternated between pale and reddish-pink.

"No! Aw, come on!"

"What's wrong, Abs?"

"I've been working this nosferatu glow for months! Now how am I supposed to go clubbing?"

"Well, now you'll remember." He said, grinning. He made to rub her shoulder, but stopped at the burned skin, settling for mussing her hair instead. "Hey Abby, how many times do I have to smack DiNozzo?"

"Hmmm…" She pretended to count on her fingers while jokingly Tony protested.

"No, Gibbs, that's not fair! You weren't here! Foul shot!" Soon they were all in on it, razzing Tony by naming the girls that he had hit on.

"… and the girl with the elf-cut, you know, orange skin, white hair."

"Pixie-cut, Zee. There's her, and that lifeguard, and the lifeguard's sister… Who are we forgetting, Timmy?"

"The twins, and the other lifeguard, that one girl with the waterbottle…" Too soon, it was time to go to the airport. The rest of the trip passed without nearly without incident. Bert was being used as a lap-desk by McGee, and apparently offended some businessmen. When they de-planed, Gibbs got Abby a Caff-Pow! to make up for the lack during vacation. They all seemed glad to get back to their normal lives, and when Gibbs got home he didn't bother unpacking, just went downstairs to make up for time lost on his boat.