Voldy & Harry- Sodomy Rap

**Don't read this if you like Harry the character, and good luck follwing my beat. I'm white, and at least it rhymed, but…this shit still sucks, but…enjoy!**

I was walkin around, not making a sound, til that bitch came near and my anger was found/ He kept looking down, being silent and shit, 'til out came this clown all down in a ditch/ I asked about dollar, all he did was holler 'bout a time that this pimp don't know/ so I walked away, not wanting to stay, but I was forced as they started to sway

'We'se the ones you keep beating up, running away, not givin a fuck/ so voldy sent us here to turn you queer 'cause we all know that's what you want, what you want'

Some music started playing in the background, making new sounds, with a strange vocation in the foreground/ this is when I discovered that Voldy arrived wearin a top hat, lookin like all that/

'You the one with the cheeks I need, and you the one who's gonna take my heed/ so bend over bitch and get ready, cause this dick, I can't hold it steady'

With a wham! Wham! Wham! They started to jam and ram…something…in my ass/ with a whoop! Whoop! Whoop! They started a group, the kind that would break a hula-hoop

They partied and played for days and days in the one place I didn't want them to go/ When I asked them to stop they looked and me and said 'stop, we ain't done with the show'

'Potter you pussy, givin me a looksie just before you made me go whoopsie!/ Well I'm here for revenge and some sodomy, because I'm the one to chop you family tree. So wham! Wham! Wham! We'se gonna jam and ram…something…in your ass/ with a whoop! Whoop! Whoop! We gonna regroup and come back to eat some ass soup'

So that's the day, that faithful day that I learned how to play around/ I learned the way of the 'anal express' and how not…to make a sound.

So Voldy, you oldy, my good old friend, I might just let you back again/ when you do, I'm guessing you'll bring a guest, just make sure that he the best…at fuckin

Cause a wham! Wham! Wham! You're going to jam…something…in my ass/ and boom! Boom! Boom! I'm gonna zoom something with much class/ so come on up this wonderful place better known as Potter's Ass/ The door's wide open, the girls are smokin', but they…just can't get it done/ I need some dick, the juicy kind to make me happy, and to make me mind/ so come back Voldy, I'm waiting for you, 'cause I know you're dick is throbbing too/ come fix it, with Potter's kazoo