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-The Mahogany Table


George Weasley bit his lip as he watched his young wife bending over their dining room table as she carefully set it. Soon, his parents and her father would be arriving for Sunday dinner, the first time they would be having dinner in the newlyweds new house.

Luna had found the table at an estate auction, and, being a lover of antiques, she couldn't resist it. For the past month she had carefully sanded it down by hand, working away years and years worth of damage and misuse. Then, she had covered it with stain and a high gloss finish, and then she worked hour after hour with a soft cloth until it was so shiny that she could see her reflection in it as if she were looking in a mirror.

George knew it was silly, but over the past month he had become somewhat jealous of the mahogany table. But now, he didn't seem to mind it quite as much as Luna bent over it to fuss with the vase of flowers that sat in the middle of the table. Luna may be obsessed with the mahogany table...but George was obsessed with his wifes ass and it looked rather nice at the moment . He was suppose to be working on his books, instead, he had been watching her for the past two hours as she had given the table another coat of furniture polish and then set it carefully with the china they had gotten from his parents as a wedding gift.

"George?" Luna said "Are you listening to me?"

George forced his eyes upward


Luna turned around and looked at him, her hands on her hips. "I knew you weren't paying attention." She grinned "You and those books. I swear, sometimes I think you find them more attractive than you find me."

George grinned to himself... As if.

"Anyway..." Luna smiled "I was asking if you could keep an eye on things while I go to change?"

"Oh...of course." George smiled and turned back to his books, grateful that he might be able to get some work done after all. Luna kissed him on the cheek and disappeared up the stairs.

George grinned again and shook his head. Luna really had no idea what she did to him, how for the past two hours he had been distracted by his desire for her. If she had only been privy to the fantasies that had flashed through his head...she would never have questioned what was more attractive to him.

A couple minutes later Luna bounced down the stairs again and George nearly choked on his tongue. She wore a tight, thin strapped yellow summer dress that brought out the color of her silvery eyes and hair. And best of all... it was incredibly...nearly unbearably, short.

"New dress?" He asked, trying his damnedest to sound casual

"Yes." Luna smiled and twirled in a small circle "Ginny helped me pick it out, do you like it?"

George grinned painfully as he felt a rush of blood to a certain male organ "You could say that."

"You're sweet." Luna kissed his cheek again and went back to fussing with the table. Then, she dropped a napkin on the floor and innocently, bent to pick it up...giving George a view that no man should have to endure. He dropped his quill on his desk and quickly crossed the room to her, wrapped his arms around her and pinned her against the table to nibble on her neck.

"George!" Luna said with a gasp "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He whispered against her skin as his hands slid up to cup her breasts.

"I know what it looks like..." Luna breathed as a hand released a breast a slid down to between her legs "But...it shouldn't...loo..."

Luna gasped again as his hand found purchase.

"I want you." He rasped against her neck "You've been driving me mad all morning."

He released her and turned her around, then cleared away a carefully laid place setting with a hasty brush of his arm and lifted her up and set her on the table.

"George..." Luna looked at him, excitement and alarm mixing on her face "We can't...your parents...my father..."

"We have plenty of time." George said huskily as he pulled the top of her dress down and captured a breast in his mouth.

"Okay..." Luna breathed "If you...say so."

"I say so." George looked at her and grinned sexily while removing her panties. He sighed appreciatively as Luna pulled open his pants and took him into her hands.

"Fuck yeah I say so."

- - -

"I'm sorry it's a little burned." Luna said as George dished up plates of very well cooked beef roast.

"It's okay dear." Molly patted her hand from where she sat next to her "Nobody expects you to be perfect..."

"That's right." Arthur smiled "That's what all the new wife jokes are for right?"

George smirked on Luna's other side. "Actually, she burned dinner because she got a little distracted by her new table."

Luna slanted George a look to kill. It was bad enough that George had insisted on seating her father in THAT spot without reminding her that she had burned dinner because they were having sex. Sex that he, by the way, had instigated.

"The table is lovely dear." Xenophilius complimented Luna, running his finger over the shiny mahogany finish, completely innocent of the act that had taken place in that very spot less than an hour before. "You must tell me what you did to it to make it shine so!"

George nearly gagged on his butterbeer and his wild mischievous side pushed to the forefront. "You can't imagine." He said shaking his head as he looked deeply into Luna's eyes "Hours and hours of gentle rubbing and careful working it with her hands."

"Well." Xenophilius grinned "My Luna has always had very talented hands."

"That she does." George smirked into his glass as Luna's face turned beet red and she kicked him hard under the table.

"What do you use to clean it dear?" Xenpohilius asked, causing George to smirk wildly

"Oh, a little of this, and a little of that." George said before Luna could answer.

"It's an antique is it not?" Molly asked

"Oh yes." Luna said before George could open his mouth again "Three hundred years the dealer said."

"Imagine." Arthur said, shaking his head "If this table could talk."

"Yes." George agreed, his voice highly suggestive "The stories it could tell."

Luna spit her water across the table .

"Are you okay dear?" Xenophilius asked as he looked at Luna with concern.

Luna missed this however as she was fully concentrating her glare on her husband. "I'm fine daddy."

"It's quite sturdy." Arthur said "I imagine a table like this could take quite a deal of banging about."

"Yes....It.." George began but Luna cut him off.

"I'm sure it could." Luna's face was steadily turning redder.

"That will be good, once you have children." Molly agreed with a laugh "You can't imagine, how naughty little boys can be."

Luna looked at George, her eyes glinting with the promise of all sorts of punishment and retribution to come.

"Oh...I have a fair idea."

George looked at her and winked. He knew perfectly well how naughty little boys could be...and would be again, as soon as the family was gone.

He'd come to like the mahogany table.

It was definitely a keeper.


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