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Shawn Michaels

Shawn was flabbergasted by the turn of events. The big cheese, the commissioner of the New York City Police Department had come up to him. He informed Shawn that Glenn Jacobs had disappeared - which was something the whole rest of the department had already guessed - and that the police needed a new chief to take his place. One can imagine Shawn's surprise when the commissioner had asked Shawn Michaels to fill in the other man's spot.

Shawn had agreed, of course, and had become Police Chief Shawn Michaels. Of course, that meant that his strange partners, Dustin Rhodes and Dylan Postl, were on their own for the Kane cases, but it worked for Shawn.

Six months after Shawn accepted the promotion, someone had called in to say that Glenn Jacobs was dead. They left no name, no number, and no trace, but said that Glenn Jacobs had been killed in a fire. When officials arrived where the mysterious voice had told them to, all they found was the burned shape of a cross in the middle of a barren field.

Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes and Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl

Upon learning of Shawn's promotion, Goldust got a promotion as well. Seeing as his previous commanding officer had been promoted to police chief, Goldust was promoted to take his place. While man suspected Hornswoggle may be jealous of his friend's promotion, but Hornswoggle couldn't think of a better man to gain the promotion. Hell, he had taken Goldust out for drinks the night after they found out.

Mickie James and Dave "The Animal" Batista

Shortly after the discovery of what had happened with John Cena, Shawn had promoted Mickie James to lead the Undertaker case. Mickie was thrilled to hear it, even if the circumstances that had made this happen were a bit saddening. As for Dave Batista, he was officially granted a position in the Homicide and Gang-Related Crimes Unit, with no threats to send him back to the narcotics unit.

Rey Mysterio

After making the video of Kane's death, Rey left the video where it needed to be, and the note for Mark, and left. Deciding that he wanted to be bound by the Life Debt no longer, Rey went to San Diego, California, joining a wrestling corportation, where he was informed that he shouldn't ever have to deal with the sight of blood. Quoting some medical condition, he explained that when he saw blood, bad things happened to him. The people who signed him in assured him that blood didn't spill too often. With that, Rey was able to sign on as a professional wrestler, and was sent to a training camp before allowed into the main circuits. He instantly became a fan favorite, both with the mystery of why he wore the mask, and his friendly and outgoing attitude.

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Upon leaving Kane, Ted and Cody went out their separate ways. However, they made a stop first. Cody wanted to see his brother again, and Ted was helpless to stop him. So, they followed Goldust home one night, and waited about a half hour for him to get settled in before they knocked on the door. Ted kissed Cody before disappearing into the shadows, allowing his lover and his brother to catch up on old times.

About a month later, Ted and Cody went out on a date to see a wrestling match. One can imagine their surprise when the announcer said that one of the competitors would be Rey Mysterio. They wrote it off as coincidence before the small man made his way out to the ring. The rest of the night, the duo known as Priceless were laughing so much, they didn't even know who won the match.

Gail Kim and Michelle McCool

After the entire fiasco with Kane's death, Gail decided that being involved in killing like this wasn't anything she could do. So, she spoke to Taker, promised her oath to keep her mouth shut, and was hired by a psychologist, and offered the opportunity to help abused and neglected children. During this time, Michelle continued her job with Taker, but brought the children to Gail for help before she took them to their new homes. All in all, the system worked rather well for them. All of them.

Undertaker's Gang - John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Phil "Punk" Brooks, Jeff Hardy, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Of all the members of Taker's gang, the only one who didn't change at all, was John Morrison. He still killed murderers and spoke about the Palace of Wisdom. And he was still told to shut up about it. Matt and Punk stayed together, though Matt and Jeff constantly teased Hunter and Punk by acting as though they were going to leave their respective lovers to be with each other. Mark heard about how well Jeff and Hunter had worked together in taking out the Hart Dynasty, and he put them together for sex crimes. Six months after Randy's death, Hunter and Jeff took some time off to go to Pennsylvania and tell Randy's lover what had happened. While there, Hunter proposed to Jeff, and Jeff accepted.

As for Taker, nothing changed with him, except he was a bit moodier for a few months after Kane's death. He didn't speak over it, but did begin to teach Jeff what was needed to take over the gang.

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and John Cena

Miz remained with Taker, mostly unchanged as well. He had taken John back to the detective's house and helped him move his things in. However, John left a few things there and asked for a few days to get out of his lease and to find out what to do about his job. Miz had given John the space he needed, and John had gone to the police station, surprised to find that Shawn was made police chief. He found out what had happened as far as Glenn was concerned - what they had known at the time - and then handed his resignation in to Shawn. He also suggested that Mickie be promoted to take his place.

After leaving John alone in his apartment, Miz had gone for a walk, his feet leading him back to the alley where it had all began only days ago, though it felt like years. Miz smiled as he stood in the same spot he had been in when he first saw John, aiming to protect him, only beacause he was a police officer and that was what police did. He shook his head, closing his eyes as a breeze filled the air, inner peace coming to him.

A minute later, he felt hands cover his eyes, and inhaled the familiar scent of the man he had learned could change the whole world in as little as a few days. At least, that was what it felt like to Mike. He felt the man lean forward, warm breath tickling Mike's ears as he spoke.

"Guess who..."


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