1 – The Joker.

You can always count on a criminal for a great story. And this criminal is like no other, this criminal has a confusing past, a weird present, and an untold future. The Joker is a man like no other: his face, to start with, is something you would never see walking down the street. He had a white face, like a clown, with black, circled eyes, along with two scars that ran up the side of his face from the corners of his mouth, like a big smile. This smile was painted red, also like a clown. Some would consider him to be Ronald McDonald's evil twin; others would think him to be a psychopathic mass-murdering clown with no heart, but one person, at least one person, thinks him to be the most amazing man on Earth. That woman is Belle Daveigh Boa Vista Shore.


Glancing over at his fiancée, The Joker couldn't help but smile gently, something he rarely did, but Daveigh just looked adorable. She was lying on her side, fast asleep, facing him, a small smile etched on her beautiful face, a few strands of her brown hair falling in her face. She looked so natural, and that's what The Joker loved about her – they had so much in common, yet they looked so different. He thought her to be perfect, an angel, and him to be so imperfect if was unbelievable, he was defiantly no angel, but Daveigh didn't care about that.

He often thought about what she saw in him, but he didn't ask her, he didn't want her to think of all the flaws in him, and there were a lot of them. He thought his appearance would've put her off, in clothes and out of them, though she didn't seem to complain about either so he didn't too.

He reached out and gently stroked the side of her face with the back of his finger before glancing at the clock on the bedside table and groaned. It was three o'clock in the morning; he had loads of time to waste, but what on? He wasn't going to risk waking her up and asking her if she wanted to do anything, because that would've been perhaps a little too harsh on her, especially as she looked so nice just lying there. But he was so damn bored he needed something to do.

Sitting up, The Joker looked around the room and sighed. What to do? The room was dark, although his eyes were adjusted to the lack of light; most mothers would say to their children it was because of the amount of carrots they ate, but The Joker knew that this story was a lie. A lot of stories mothers told their children were lies – the pelican that brought the new baby; father Christmas; the tooth fairy; the 'monsters under the bed'; carrots make you see in the dark; the crusts on bread made your hair curly. The Joker frowned upon these pathetic stories – there was just no need for lies. He was a man of his word, no matter what the situation.

He sighed once more and heaved his body out of the bed that he and Daveigh were lain in. The fact that The Joker had been lying on a mattress was unbelievable, for her believed that when a person slept on a mattress, they became soft like the material that cushioned a person as they slumbered. That was one story he believed to be true. As he slowly made his way into the bathroom, he ran a hand through his hair, no idea of the things that would happen to him in the near future, and the emotions he was going to experience.