Time after time

Hey this is my first attempt of a Robin Hood fic and I have been avoiding it if I am honest I am deeply upset that Guy died and did not get a happy ending. Especially with Meg so I have done an alternate universe.

AN: Robin and Guy are the same age in this Meg a few years younger.

Chapter one: first impressions

Guy of Gisborne had to grow up too quick, he was not allowed to enjoy the last few years before he was expected to become a man. He now had to look after his sister Isabella and his house because of the death of both of his parents, they had moved to a town near Locksley so that Guy was able to keep an eye on a place he called home.

Tonight was the ball that the sheriff of Nottingham, Edward held every year in celebration of a good year with little tax and good harvest, Guy was obligated to go balls were not really his thing but it would not be correct of him as a gentleman to refuse to go to one of the most powerful men in England.

Isabella still too young to be introduced to the Ball, not that Guy would allow her anywhere near a ball that girl had big dreams.

'Guy, why can't I go to the ball?' she whinged

'Isabella, sister, balls are boring and think you are staying here with maid while I am very bored and would rather be here' Guy explained

Turning to the maid who was getting Isabella's things ready, 'look after here Susan' he smiled

'Yes master' she bowed.

With that Guy embarked on his horse and made his way to Nottingham castle.

Meg was a stubborn young woman who seemed hell bent on offending her father no matter what she done. This ball at Nottingham seemed a boring affair with the rich and the not so rich but not peasants were allowed to meet each other. Meg imagined there would be a lot of stuck up rich boys too engrossed with their money and Mothers looking down at Meg's family who had newly acquired their wealth.

She looked down on her pale dress that she was being made to wear, what right her father had to dictate what she should wear, she was not sure but she suspected he was going to attempt to get her a husband tonight. Like any man could ever tempt her.

'Meg?' Her mother shouted, 'we are going to be late if you do not hurry up'

'Sorry mother' she said as she descended the stairs.

Her father helped her into her carriage although Meg would have preferred to ride but her father had told her that this was not lady like behaviour and how was she going to obtain a husband by behaving like a child. Meg smiled but inside she was rolling her eyes.

Nottingham castle looked big to Meg this was the first time that she had been allowed to come here.

Guy was introduced to the Lords and ladies of the realm, Robin of Locksley his childhood friend who also tragically lost his father, the same day as him smiled warmly to him.

'Guy, how are you?'

'Very well my lord, yourself?'

'Not too bad' Robin replied

Guy was suddenly struck by the beauty of a young woman who had walked in to the room, she looked hesitant but she had such grace, maybe the night was going to be looking up after all.

'Robin, who's that young woman just coming in?'

'That's Marian' Robin smiled pointing to the wrong girl

'No not her, her'

'No idea Guy'

Guy was sure that he had to know the name of the woman by the end of the night. Guy began to move towards her, As Robin had become interested in Marian the sheriff's daughter.

The woman moved towards the exit, Guy followed her.

'Excuse me, I am sorry to be so bold I was wondering if you would do me the honour of the next dance?'

Meg turned round, was this man talking to her, really at her.

'You presume, sir, that I have not got another to dance with, and you have not even introduced oneself to the lady being me' she smiled

Feisty one you are Guy thought to himself, 'I apologise my lady, I am Guy of Gisborne and whom may I be dancing with'

'I am Meg, Meg of Clifton' she bowed

'It's nice to meet you Meg, now can I have the dance'

'You may' Meg took hold of Guy's arm and went back in to the hall of the castle.

There dance was something that Meg did not expect, she did not feel embarrassed as she would have done with any other man that she would have been dancing with, he seemed to somehow make her feel as if it was only him and her in the room.

Meg's father saw the dance between her and Guy smiling to himself he thought of a plan to make sure that Guy and Meg would be together.

The music slowed as did Meg and Guy.

'Well I must thank you my lady, I will not put myself to you for the rest of the evening' he bent and kissed her hand.

Guy slowly turned around, he felt a dull stamp in his heart, why was he feeling that it actually pained him to be away from her, but he had only just met her.

'Wait' Guy heard a small voice say

'Yes, Meg' He smiled

Meg decided from then she liked it when he smiled, 'I hope sir that I am not being too forward but would I be able to accompany you outside' She smiled back to him

'Well, my lady, you presume that I do not have anyone to accompany me to my destination'

'I was too forward, I am sorry' her head dropped

'No you were not, you may accompany me' Guy put his hand to her chin and raised it towards him, 'Never presume that you are too forward with me, Meg'

Meg's Father came between them. 'Meg, we should be going'

'Father, I was talking to Guy, can I at least say goodnight'

'No' her father snapped, 'Come on Home now!'

Guy looked in shock, this man should not have spoken to her like that, and no man even if she was her daughter should be spoken like that. Meg looked back at Guy sorrowfully she mouthed, 'Good-bye'

'Good-bye Meg' Guy muttered, not sure when he would see her again.

The next few days both Meg and Guy could not stop thinking about each other, both seemed eager to become reacquainted with each other.

Guy was more moody than he had been since the ball, he was constantly snapping at Isabella because of little things. He knew it was because of Meg he also could not get the image of her father forcing her to leave the ball, he knew that fathers had ownership of their daughters until they were married but that was a bit extreme.

'Brother, what is wrong?' Isabella sighed, 'you have been in a foul mood ever since you came back from the ball, did something happen there'

'Isabella, what happened at the door is not your concern; I am going out for a ride I may not be back till late'

Guy got up and left, he did not know where he was going but he knew he had to get out of the house.

Meg's father had been unbearable in the last few days trying anything to make her angry; she tried her best not to lose her temper. However, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her mouth shut. Meg's maid came in to inform her that her father had gone to Nottingham on urgent business and would not return tonight, Meg took this as an opportunity.

'I am going to go into town to get something, I may be back later'

Meg got on her horse and she rode of course she knew that she would have to be careful as her mother would be worried but it was nice that she was able to get away for a while without her father watching her every move, Although she did not know where she was going.

The river had always been a favoured place for Guy he used to escape here when Isabella was younger, now it was a place he came to think with about his parents and what he could do. He put his hand into the water, it was cold but pleasant. The stillness of everything was peaceful and calm.

He knew that he was not too far away from Clifton and although he wanted to see Meg again, he could not impose on her again.

'Guy?' Meg spoke as she made her way to the river; no it could not be him why would he be so close to her home she thought.

Guy turned around, 'Meg?'

Meg on her horse looked at him in shock, 'What are you doing here?'

Guy was at her side his horse tied to the tree, 'here let me help you' He grabbed her hand and helped her down.

'Guy, I know how to get of a horse!' She laughed

'I am sorry' Guy let go of her too quickly and Meg fell on the floor, Guy laughed.

'Think that's funny do you?'

'Hmmm' Guy smiled, realisation suddenly dawned on him, 'Are you ok?'

'I am fine, thank you' she nodded, 'how are you?'

'That's not what I meant, but I am well' Guy smiled, 'How was your father after the ball?'

'Not too good he has been driving me mad, hence the get away to the river' Meg smiled

'I hope you did not intend to end your life here, because I am rather fond of you'

'Guy I was not planning to kill myself, silly man' Meg shouted.

Guy looked at her, she looked beautiful when she shouted at him, probably not the reaction that he should have felt but he did.

'I was joking, Meg' Guy smiled.

Meg looked at him, her eyes were dancing, 'and why are you here?'

'Getting away from the world' Guy whispered.

Meg sat down on the river bank putting her feet into the water, Guy sat next to her looking at the way her eyes sparkled she looked so relaxed. Meg became very aware of the man whom was not much older than she was sitting staring at her, who could imagine that a ball that she did not even want to go to could change her life so dramatically and now knowing that things would never be the same again.

'Guy, why did you come so close to Clifton and choose not to call on me?' Meg asked

'I did not want to make your father angrier I was going to wait until the next ball or for a chance meeting with you like this' Guy explained.

'I am glad you did' Meg smiled

They spent the next two hours just sitting talking about things that were of little importance, both of them seemed to feel that this was the best place that they could be together, and away from everyone else. It started to be getting cold.

'Meg you better go home, it's getting cold' Guy looked at her

'I do not want to go home' Meg pouted

'Meg, you cannot catch your death, go home please' Guy smiled

'But what if I do not see you again' Meg sighed

'You will I promise, we will make this our place and once a month we will meet here' Guy touched her cheek.

He helped Meg back on to her horse and watched her go into the darkness. Meg wiped away tears from her eyes after she saw the Guy was out of her eye line, she was sure but she couldn't be sure but she thought she was in love with Guy of Gisborne little did she know that Guy was feeling the same way.

Ok that is the first chapter I hope you liked it

Emma X