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Chapter eight: pregnancy with Gizzy.

It was about three weeks since Meg had told Guy that she was pregnant, they had been to a physician, he had told her that she was about nine weeks pregnant but it was not safe to tell anyone until she had felt the baby quicken, Guy had been unbearable ever since. Meg loved that he was worried about her, that he cared that she was well but he handled her if she was about to break, just like he used to when they first met. If he held her he would not hold her tightly in case of making her feel sick. It did not matter whether he held her tightly or not Meg had protested she had been feeling unwell with a lot of smells, foods and just walking made her feel sick.

Guy had come back from the physician he was gone to make sure that her sickness was normal. Even though she had already told him that it was.

He sat down besides her watching her work.

'Meg, how are you feeling love?'

'Guy, I swear if you ask me that one more time I will hit you' she smiled, she half meant it though.

'I am sorry' Guy looked into her eyes.

He was worried about her, she was moody she was tired, he did not know when she was going to be alright, he knew that he had to be loving and supportive to her, like his father had been when his mother was with child with Isabella. Guy could remember his mother had a craving for apples, and Guy's surprise when he saw his father coming back on his horse one night with a basket of apples under his arm. He smiled to himself.

'What's so funny?' Meg asked

'I was thinking about when my mother was expecting Isabella' Guy replied.

Meg took his hand, she knew that she was not herself, she had been told by her mother when a woman was pregnant that their bodies sometimes done strange things, moods would change in an instant, but Meg had not been prepared for just how quick her moods would change.

'Oh no' Meg groaned.

'What is it?'

'I am going to throw up'

Guy quickly got a basin that had been put downstairs in case Meg felt queasy. He pushed her hair back, rubbing her back. Meg looked up when she had finished, she was hoping that soon that the sickness will be over.

'Thank you' she whispered.

'It is the least I could do' he smiled, 'I am sorry that you feel so bad' he touched her chin.

She smiled weakly, 'I love you Guy, I am just sorry that I am all over the place at the moment'

'I know' Guy nodded, 'I love you too'

He pulled her towards him, so that she was sitting on his lap. Guy stroked Meg's hair so that he could see her neck; he gently kissed it while whispering just how much he loved her.

It was three weeks later when Meg felt the baby kick for the first time and that the sickness had stopped, Guy had been out when it had happened. She felt a flutter in her stomach she instinctively put her hand to her stomach, she thought like any first time mother would that something was wrong with the baby, but she felt it again harder this time.

'Hello little one' she whispered, slowly circling the bump that was defiantly beginning to show now, soon she would have to tell people that she was indeed expecting a child with Guy. The baby kicked again.

She smiled at least she now knew the baby was ok. She sat down circling her hand around the bump again. Guy came home a few hours later he had to go and speak to Robin about something about the sheriff and his new found way to make more people pay taxes, this angered Meg because she had once been one of those people.

'Meg, Darling what is the matter, is it the Baby?' Guy looked at her concern in his eyes; things going through his mind were not nice things he thought that something had happened why he was away.

'No, we are both quite well' she smiled, 'Look I have something to show you' she held out her hand.

He took her hand but still looked a little confused; she pulled her hand to her stomach with his trying to get into the position where the baby had been kicking. He a jab in his hand, their eyes met.

'See we are fine' she smiled, 'that is the baby telling daddy to stop being so overbearing on mama'

'And what if that is the baby telling mama to stop being so bloody minded and let daddy look after you'

'No' Meg replied, 'I do not think that is it' she moved herself closer to him.

'I think it is' Guy whispered in his ear.

He put his hand back on her stomach, 'this little one is going to be strong'

'God willing Guy' Meg smiled.

They stayed staring and each other for a few hours, the two of them enjoying the moments that they were together, and with the new baby on the way. They did not hear Marian approach the house. And come through the door.

Guy looked worried when Meg looked towards Marian she must now know that Meg is pregnant and that they had hid it, all these things were going through his mind.

'Marian it is so nice of you to drop by and see us' Meg smiled, 'is it not Guy?'

'Hmmm' Guy replied.

'I am sorry, I seem to have disturbed something' Marian replied.

Meg looked at Guy no words were coming out of his lips anytime soon, 'Marian, Guy and I have something that we must know, no point in hiding it any longer, people will start to realise soon anyway' Meg took a breath, 'We are having a baby'

Marian moved towards Meg and smiled, 'congratulations, that is wonderful news'

'Thank you, Marian, I should apologise for my husband, he seems to have lost his tongue' Meg laughed, Nudging Guy in the ribs.

'I am sorry, Lady Marian' Guy apologised; he turned to Meg, 'Ouch' he mouthed. Meg suppressed a laugh.

'Marian are you alright?' Meg asked.

'May I speak to the Lady Gisborne alone Sir Guy' Marian looked at Guy.

'Of course I will go and see little Joseph' he kissed Meg on the cheek.

Meg watched him leave, she signalled for Marian to sit down, 'What is the matter Marian?'

'I… erm kissed Robin' Marian sighed

'What happened?'

'He ran away' Marian replied tears forming in her eyes, 'how could I have been so stupid to think that he cared for me?'

'That does not sound like him' Meg replied.

The girls chatted for a while, Meg telling Marian that she was wrong and that Robin was maybe just a bit shocked it did not mean that he did not like her.

Marian left still thinking that she had made the biggest mistake of her life by kissing Robin.

Guy returned after he knew that it was safe for him to come back in his own home, he was not good with Girl talk. He looked at Meg and smiled he truly made him happy and now they were starting a family Guy felt he was on top of the world.

'Is everything ok sweetheart?' Guy smiled.

'Marian kissed Robin'

'This is good is it not?'

'Well it would be if Robin had not run away from her' Meg sighed.

'Stupid boy'

'Indeed' Meg smiled.

They were both about to settle down in the house when there was a knock on the door. Guy sighed he got up and opened it, Robin stood in front of him, you did not have to be a genius to work out why he was at the house. Guy invited him in.

Robin sat down, he looked embarrassed for being there but he did not know who else to speak to.

'Are you Okay Robin?' Meg asked.

'Erm… well not really?' Robin replied

'What is the matter?' Guy prompted

'Well Marian came to Locksley today, she kissed me, and I bolted'

'Why?' Meg questioned.

'I panicked'

'You panicked?' Guy laughed.

'I am sorry, I did not think that the women I loved would kiss me, I thought I would be the one kissing her' Robin explained.

'Men' Meg rolled her eyes, 'So stupid'

'Hey' Guy looked at her.

'I am sorry, but it is true, you not counted on this' she looked at Guy.

'I did not think' Robin replied.

'That's correct, you never think, did you not think, how she is feeling that you ran away, how she is feeling now' Meg anger was raising.

'Meg, sssshh calm down it not good for the baby' Guy muttered

'No I will not calm down, he needs to hear this, she loves you, and you are a fool. If she admitted it she has always loved you'

Guy looked at his wife, he did not like her shouting especially when she was pregnant, but she had to agree with her, Robin needed to hear this.

'I know, I need to talk to her'

'Then go' Meg said, 'go and talk to her'

Robin looked at Meg and nodded, he got up and left. Meg sighed.

'I am sorry for getting so angry' she smiled to Guy.

'It's alright just please do not make a habit of it, it is not good for the baby'

'I know' Meg sighed, 'I just got angry'

Guy hugged his wife; he truly loved her hormones and all. It was Meg. She snuggled into him.

Robin was approached Knighton hall, he was worried he did not know what he was going to say to Marian, how he was going to make her trust him again. He loved her, he knew he did, he had the second he met her. He was not sure why he could not tell her. Robin approached the door and knocked, he hoped that Marian would see him. Edward, Marian's farther answered the door.

'Ahhh Robin, I was wondering when you would be coming here' he smiled.

'Is the lady Marian home, sir? I have something I wish to discuss with her'

'Of course she is, she is outside in the back' Edward smiled.

'Thank you' Robin replied.

Robin left Edward and went to the back of the house; Marian was sitting on the grass the moonlight was shining in her hair. She looked beautiful.

'Marian' Robin whispered.

She spun around he could see that she had been crying.

'Oh are you going to run away again' Marian spat.

'Marian' Robin repeated, 'I am sorry for earlier'

'Which part the part when I kissed you or the part when you ran away?'

'I am sorry that I ran away I should not have done that'

'I should not have kissed you, I was too bold, I thought that you had feelings for me'


'Robin, why can you not tell me how you feel?'

'It's difficult'

'How is it difficult you either, like me or you do not it is not hard'

'I love you' Robin mumbled.

'I am sorry I did not catch that'

'I like you Marian, I care for you deeply, I am sorry that I ran away earlier and I am sorry if I hurt you. I was stupid'

'I am not denying that' Marian nodded, 'but I am sorry I scared you'

'I scared myself not you scaring me' Robin moved closer to her, 'so if I kiss you now, Lady Marian, will you run away?'

'Depends on how good the kiss is' Marian teased.

Robin touched her cheek and kissed her lips. Marian felt electricity between them.

He broke apart.

Robin walked Marian to her door, he kissed her hand. He promised to come and see her soon. Marian sighed, she would have to go and tell Meg all about this tomorrow.

As Robin made his way back to Locksley he reminded himself, he would have to call on Meg and Guy, to thank Meg especially for making him see sense he was happier than he had been in a while.

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