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Of Graves and Stars

"Sir! Sir! The Orcs are coming! THE ORCS ARE COMING!" shouted the scout, running into the camp, longbow hanging from his back.

The town's captain grimaced, and drew a horn from his belt.
He blew it, a single note thundering through the village, a shrill note, a noise of fear that scared animal and human alike, warning them all.

Within minutes, the people of the town were inside, its militia and soldiers assembled by the gates, the only real entrance.

In the distance, green was beginning to appear.

"There's no need for me to say anything." began the captain. "You know why we fight. We fight for our lives, and the lives of those we care for. I'm not going to indignify you by suggesting you need encouragement. To the death." he said.
"To the death." replied the warriors.

Now, the green was noticeably Orc. Hundreds of them.

They charged, covering the huge distance in under a minute, pouring into the tide, with an unholy cry.

* * *

Only seconds had passed, and the captain was surrounded by the Orcs. He couldn't see a single other human as he parried with speed even he didn't know he had.

He ducked under one blow to stab its owner through the throat, and dodged another to disembowel a second. A third charged at him, and he decapitated it.

He was wearing almost no armour. A strike from one of the Orcs could easily penetrate their armour, and it would only slow them down to wear it.

Suddenly the square was empty.

"Sir! Captain Lawrence." called another voice.

There were only four of them left. Captain Lawrence, a woman named Naomi, who had spoken, and two men called John and James. Twins.

And there were more Orcs coming.

"What do we do?" asked Naomi.
"We fight. John, James, go evacuate the town. Naomi, we're going to hold them off as long as possible." said Lawrence.

John and James, one tall, one short and well built, nodded, looking equal parts relieved and embarrassed that they were going to survive.

They left, calling out.

Naomi walked to the gate with Lawrence, holding a pair of short swords, while Lawrence used a longsword and buckler.

At the gate, wide enough for about four people, they knew they were almost certainly going to die.
But, with a defensible position like the gate, they could hold for hours. Only a few could get to them at once, and they could keep killing until the dropped.

Gazing on the Orc horde arrayed in front of them, they knew they would drop, and they would die.

The Orcs charged with another warcry, and the two warriors were swamped.

They were doing astoundingly, slaying Orcs by the dozen. But, inevitably, they couldn't defeat them alone.

Six armoured forms came from behind them, slashing with great two handed weapons, their edges glowing with a golden light.

Where they struck the Orcs, they burnt them.
The Greenskins' confident manner changed to a slightly worried one.

Shards of golden energy stormed down from the sky, exploding amongst the Orcs, burning whole swathes of them.

Most of the Orcs turned to run, scared of the danger descending from high above. Just the front few continued to fight Naomi, Lawrence and the strange warriors.

Their attacks clashed with the armour of the odd fighters, sliding off, unable to mark the black metal, the failed attacks leaving the only opening necessary to kill the Greenskins.
Just one of the choppas managed to cut into, and through one of the warriors, slashing through its entire leg.

The Warrior killed the Orc responsible as it fell.
And there was quiet.

The Orcs were driven off or killed.

Naomi and Lawrence were staring at the downed warrior, at the revelation under its armour. A skeleton. No more.

"Ah. This could be a problem." said a voice from behind the two.
The voice belonged to a tall man, maybe twenty-five, white-blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore a long cloak, black with gold edging, matching the armour of the 'warriors.' Underneath that, it was impossible to tell.

"Explain yourself!" shouted Lawrence at him.
"Simple." he said. "I am Johann Krieger, Master Wizard of the Order of Light, and the one and only Necromancer in the service of the Emperor."

* * *