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Chapter Three-Sunfire

The rats crested the horizon, running towards the camp, a host of them so large it was beyond numbers.

The Imperial captain's face went white, and he began to shout orders.
"Everyone with a long range attack use it now!" he cried. "Kurt, get the weapon ready! Now!"

Johann wondered briefly what the weapon was, and then began to gather the golden energy of the wind of Hysh. Nearby, Erienne gathered the power of Aqshy.

Light and fire gathered between them, forming a shining globe of white hot energy, that lifted, floating, and then flew above the Skaven lines, where is shone for a few moments.

The rats faltered briefly.

The sphere exploded, raining burning fragments of light into their opposition.
Both Erienne and Johann looked a little tired after that spectacular attack, but hundreds of Skaven were dead-maybe more.

Burnt and dead ratmen lay in heaps in the centre of the attacking forces, and those around them tried to back away, pushed by their leaders at the back to continue attacking.

The weapon fired.
A cloud of spiralling rockets flew forwards.

Helstorm batteries were famously inaccuratw-But to miss, you need an enemy who isn't everywhere.

The rockets tore into the enemy forces, exploding at once with earthshaking power.

With these two attacks, hundreds of them were killed, possibly even a thousand.

But the Skaven believe in strength in numbers.

They kept coming. Two, three times as many as those already killed.

Blasts of green power erupted above the horizon, and hurtling balls of warpstone flew into the camp, exploding with the force of a powerful incendiary, leaking chaotic radiation everywhere.

A rumbling thunder rang out. Handguns, on masse, firing at the oncoming horde. A whistling sound, as arrows began to fly towards them.

The first rank of rats died. And the second.

But they still kept coming.

A unit of Halberdiers charged forwards, supported by small groups of swordsmen, finally meeting the enemy forces.

Johann sent his armoured warriors into the battle. He'd been hard at work the previous night-there were at least twoscore of them around the camp, thus his pale skin and tired expression.

Erienne charged into the fray, her swords igniting with fiery energy as she shouted, "For the Lady, The King and the Lands!"

Naomi and Lawrence, astounded by the display of power and ferocity, followed her, drawing their own weapons.

Johann made incomprehensible signs in the air, and charged into the battle, unarmed.
His hands were glowing with bright golden energy, striking his enemies with the power of a cannonball.

There was a moment when the area directly around them was clear, and Erienne began to cast a powerful spell, a bright haze of heat appearing over the Skaven.

A lashing bolt of green lightning slashed through it, and Erienne winced. She renewed her efforts, and Johann channelled his own bright hot magic into it.

Over the horizon, a Grey Seer chattered with fear, and ate a piece of warpstone.

The warp lightning tore the air, striking the Rocket Battery before it could fire again, destroying it with a horrific explosion.

Erienne began to run towards the creator of the lightning.

The Skaven all but parted to let her through, knowing that she was the creator of the devastating fire magic, and she could suddenly see the face of the Grey Seer.
His white eyes were glowing with the green power of warpstone.

Johann, Lawrence and Naomi, meanwhile, were trying to follow her, and failing. Though the Skaven were afraid of Erienne's fire, they hadn't realised Johann had been a part of it.

He cursed, and held out a hand, a beam of light searing from it.
But the Skaven leaders were working hard to keep their rats fighting. They pressed in on the three, forcing them to stop and fight,

Erienne lashed out with a whip of flames, only to see it shattered by green lightning. Then again, and a third time.

Erienne lashed out with a fiery sword, and the Seer vanished in a cloud of smoke, reappearing behind her, stabbing at her with a short dagger.

She screamed as it stuck into her, and lashed out with both the swords she held.

He vanished again, reappearing a few metres away with a superior grin.
She tore the dagger from her back, and held it as she prepared another spell.

The dagger dissolved into pure magic, its warpstone being broken down, purified into pure magic and converted to flame.

The Grey Seer was engulfed in green flames. In seconds he was dead.

Erienne looked around, and saw no-one. She picked up the Seer's pouch, seeing a large supply of warpstone within.
She hid it inside her cloak.

* * *

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