The Path to Hokage

"Talking" God's/Demon Talking

'Thinking' God's/Demon Thinking

Chapter 1: Pity of the Goddess

Amaterasu watch the battle between the boy known as Haku and Naruto as she was quiet displease. The boy didn't have any skills. Sure he could persue others but it was nothing when facing danger and really on an angry demon lord who would love nothing more than to destroy all humans.

The boy was asleep and his subconscious was clean away. she calmly enters his mind and stares at the cage of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

"Who are you?" Kyuubi asked as her sleep was disturbed.

"Still disrespectful. Even in the presents of a god." Amaterasu replied coldly.

Kyuubi eyed her for a moment.

"Skin as bright as the sun. Hair so beautiful it causes the waves to bow. You're…the Goddess Amaterasu."

"Good…" Amaterasu replied calmly.

"What is the Goddess of the Sun doing here?" Kyuubi asked.

"Still disrespectful. I came because you will be obedient." Amaterasu replied coldly.

"To you… even if you're a Goddess you must talk to your brother, the Shinigami who put me here."

"Not to me… to this boy." Amaterasu snapped.

"I do not bow before any human."

"But you bowed before Uchiha Madara."

The Kyuubi no Yoko growled her teeth. She hated that man. He made her submit to his will, something she did not like.

"You will listen to me. You know full well if the boy is capture, extracted, Uchiha Madara will just regain control over you again. Just like he did that night." Amatersu replied narrowing her eyes coldly at Kyuubi. The Kyuubi didn't say anything so she continued.

"I cannot interfere. You know this very well. However… you two share a common enemy. If this boy can kill Uchiha Madara wouldn't you do anything to see that man die?"

"Don't ask questions you know the answer to Amaterasu. That isn't like you. True you gods can destroy Uchiha Madara, however… you cannot interfere without disrupting the balance of the world. That's one reason why we were sent down… why you God's created us."

"That is true… however you can help this boy. Bring him into his subconscious… make him the greatest shinobi he can be. And destroy his idiot form. It's disgusting to look at." Amaterasu replied. She vanished.

Kyuubi narrowed her eyes in anger. She always hated the gods and their meddling.

"So be it." Her chakra rose in the cage and into the boys system.


Naruto kneeled over when he felt something going on his stomach.

"Man, I think I had too much ramen to eat." Naruto replied as he quickly went home.

Naruto and his team return from their A-rank mission and the Hokage even put in his own two cents. Giving them a bonus and congrats for surviving against a Jounin from Kirigakure.

Naruto opens his door thinking about the mission. He was lost in though he went to his bed and lay down. It would be some time before he let the darkness consume him.

Naruto Mindscape

"Huh… where is my field of ramen?" Naruto asked as he looks around to what appear to be a sewer.

He looks back and saw darkness. He looks in front and notices light coming from a door way.

"Ramen, here I come. Soon me and Sakura-chan… will…" Naruto shouted as he ran down the hallway. He stopped talking when he realized he was standing in front a huge cage. The word seal was written there.

"Hey gaki… come closer. I can't see you." A deep voice replied behind the cage. Naruto didn't know what it was but he slowly moved closer.

Before Naruto could see what happen he fell backwards as huge claws nearly ripped his face.

"Curse this seal. I would devour you, but this seal the Yondaime Hokage place on me stops me."

Naruto could finally see, what appeared to be a giant fox head behind the seal.


"Finally… you use a brain. I never knew you had one."

"I don't have to listen to you." Naruto shouted.

"But you're so weak. Look at you… a bright orange jumpsuit… what idiot wears a bright orange jumpsuit."

"Shut up fur-ball… watch me… one day I will be Hokage."

"Not the way you are… you do have the potential, but you are wasting it." Kyuubi replied calmly.

"What do you mean...?"

"What if I told you…I had a small deal for you? It would help you on your path to Hokage."

"What kind of deal?" Naruto asked narrowing his eyes.

"First… you must understand some truths. However, the deal is simple. I got simple instrucations for you to follow. First, get rid of all those orange jumpsuits. Second, no more ramen for you. Start eating healthy. Third, go to that Iruka person and ask him on advice about being a better shinobi. Since he knows you so well, ask him about your strengths and weakness. Fourth, start looking for other Jounin's to teach you. Fifth… started reading stragtigie books. You need to start planning ahead. Boards games will help you like Sdhogi. Sixth, you will stop being loud and chasing after that Sakura girl so much. Ignore her unless she is willing to be civil with you. And finally, get yourself a sword and better ninja equipment."

"No way… I'm not doing all that." Naruto shouted being his arms up like a cross.

"Why not?" The Kyuubi growled dangerously.

"I need my ramen. Second, I want Sakura-chan's affection."

"Ignorant brat… do you even know why you think you love that girl? It's because a lot of people like her. There are better people out there for you. I can name many females who are prettier than Sakura and a much better person. Unless you're willing to be her punching bag for the rest of your life." Kyuubi barked.

"I'm no ones punching bag." Naruto shouted.

"Prove it…" Kyuubi challenged.

"How do I prove it?"

"The next time she hits you… punch her back… hard."

Naruto gulped. He couldn't.

"I thought you didn't like going back on your words." Kyuubi challenged.

"Fine that's a deal fur-ball… if she hits me again, which I know she wont, I'll punch her back as hard as a can."

"Then how about this… we both will ragger everything on this punch. You can do things your way, if she doesn't hit you. If she does…. You got to do things my way."

"That's one bet I know I'm going to win. You're on fur-ball."

The Next day

"Morning Sakura-chan." Naruto shouted as he reached the bridge.

"Shut up Naruto! Can't you see Sasuke-kun and I are busy talking!" Sakura yelled.

Naruto seemed hurt but he quickly recovered. He smiled and stared at her. She didn't hit him… he was so going to win the bet.

For two hours, Sakura perster Sasuke who simply ignored her. Naruto simply stared at Sakura thinking how pretty she was. A puff of smoke brought their attention to Kakashi, announcing his arrival.

"Good morning everyone. Sorry to make you wait, but now that you have…I thought you should know…. Wehavetheweekoff!Seeya!" Kakashi said real fast. He disappeared in puff of smoke. Leaving the three genins in shock over what he said.

"Damn, Kakashi-sensei…I could have slept in." Sakura shouted. She notices her Sasuke-kun leaving and quickly jumped to his side.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun, want to go on a date." Sakura asked.

"No." He replied coldly. Naruto walks up to her and thought she would finally say yes.

"Hey, Sakura-chan, want to go on a date?"

"Shut up Naruto! (She grabs him by his jacket) Take a hint and understand that I will never go on a date with you." Sakura growled. She reared her fist back and smashes it against his skull.

Naruto remembered his deal. He didn't want to, but he didn't back down from his words. Sakura was turning to leave and chase after her Sasuke-kun.

"Sakura…" Naruto replied. He rolled his hand into a fist. Sakura turned around to see Naruto was shaking and tears were in his eyes. She felt a little bad but Sasuke was going to be gone soon.

Before she could see it coming… Naruto's fist connected into her face. Sakura was sent flying. She hit the dust several meters away from Naruto. Sasuke looked shock to see Sakura with a fat bruise on her jaw, and blood dripping. Sasuke looked back to see Naruto running the other way.

Naruto ran and ran. He couldn't believe he made that stupid deal. Was he really that dense? The Kyuubi knew she was going to hit him and the Kyuubi had nothing to do with it. He ran until he was no longer in breath and he slide down a tree into his subconscious.

Naruto's Mindscape

"I win…" Kyuubi growled.

"Why…why does she hurt me?"

"Because she's trash."

Naruto looked at the Kyuubi no Yoko in shock.

"You better listen to me and listen well. She only sees people for talent and looks. You never showed neither, because you always act stupid those pranks of yours. She treats you like dirt to make herself feel superior."

"Will she ever accept me?"

"Most likely not. However, there are other females out there. Don't sink so low and try to get her attention. First things first… you have to listen to my rules. Go home and clean it." Kyuubi barked.

Real World

Naruto woke up and quickly went home. He did feel bad about hitting Sakura but now that he thought about it, she never really showed any interest in him.

He got home quickly and entered it.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu" Naruto replied as five clones pop into existence.

"Ok guys… we got to get this place clean and spotless. Throw out all garbage and trash. We need this place spotless." Naruto shouted as he and the clones got to work.

One clone ran to the bathroom and started cleaning it. Another was in the kitchen scrubbing the stove with another cleaning the pots. Naruto was cleaning his bed while one clone was sweeping the floor. Another was taking down everything.

For hours the clones and Naruto were cleaning everything. Finally, with all the ramen cups gone, all his clothes (old ones along with his entire orange jump suits where gone) he look around and notice it seemed really empty.

Naruto sat down closing his eyes from being so tired.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Good job using the Kage Bunshin to clean your room. Very smart." Kyuubi no Yoko replied calmly behind the cage.

"So what now?" Naruto asked.

"Seeing how you have no food, very little ninja equitment and no clothes. You need to go shopping. First, you go to Iruka… seek his help and guidance."

Real World

Naruto woke up and got up to leave. He left his black shirt on and tosses his orange jacket away. He quickly jumped through the area to the academy.

Naruto looked down and realizes he arrived in time to see Iruka dismissing his class for break.

Naruto jumped on the window and appeared in the classroom.

"Iruka-sensei." Naruto replied happily.

Iruka spat out his food and look at Naruto who was standing in the window.

"Naruto…what are you doing here."

"I came for some help." Naruto replied.

"What kind?"

"I need your help and guidance." Naruto replied. Whatever Iruka was expecting, this wasn't it.

"What kind of help and guidance?"

"You trained me most of my academy years. So you would know my strengths and weakness the best. Can you also help me to pick out some shinobi clothes and advise me in what type of training I should do?"

Iruka looked at him before he went into his deep thought mode. Finally he spoke.

"Naruto, you have potential, there is no denying that. But talent wise and skills, you really don't have any. One of your worse problems is your ability to control your chakra. This is an important ability when using Ninjutsu, also for genjutsu and canceling genjutsu. You're taijutsu is barely even academy average. You fight like a common brawler. Stealth skills aren't that good… and you need to learn patience. Another important factor is proper clothing and being quiet."

'That's a lot.'

"Iruka-sensei… can you help me those?"

"Not right now, and I can't take some time to train you in those. However, come by after the academy is over and I will take you shopping for books and other items that should be able to help you. I'll also give a little list of Jounin's who should be able to teach you some things."

"Thank you Iruka-sensei." Naruto replied as he left.

Naruto race back home wear he got his money from the A-Rank mission.

"I hope all this will be enough." Naruto replied as he grabbed everything. Which wasn't much.

Naruto sat and mediated. He didn't move until someone started banging on his door.

Naruto got up and open it to see Sakura standing there.

"What are you doing here Sakura?" Naruto replied. He surprised himself by not calling her 'Sakura-chan'."

Sakura seemed hurt that he didn't added 'chan' to her name but she quickly brush it off by remembering why she was here.

"Apologize." Sakura demanded.

"What for?" Naruto asked with a confuse look on his face.

"For hitting me!" Sakura screamed.

"I will… after you apologize for bashing my skull open and all those times you've called me names and made fun of me." Naruto replied calmly.

"You idiot… I'm a lady, you don't hit ladies." Sakura screamed.

"You're also a shinobi. If you cannot handle being a shinobi then quit. Shinobi's is no place for weaklings." Naruto replied shutting his door. Sakura stuck her foot out and block the door path.

"Unless you have nothing nice to say to me, you're asking to get hurt."

"Shut you baka. If you don't apologize I'm going to beat you to a bloodily pulp." Sakura screamed.

Naruto only stared at her. Sakura suddenly wondered if she went too far. She soon got her answer.

The people all moved away as a crashed hit the ground. Sakura looked up to see a kunai heading towards her. She dodged it but notice it had something on it.

'An exploding tag?'

A small explosion hit the area and Sakura was sent flying.

Naruto appeared on his railing.

"The next time you threaten my life, I will kill you Sakura." Naruto replied coldly. Several chuunin's and jounin's stood there looking shock to hear the kid threaten his own teammate.

"Naruto, why you…"

"That's enough Haruno Sakura." A Jounin shouted. He grabbed her wrist and looked coldly at her.

Normally Aoba wouldn't stick up for Naruto, but after hearing Naruto risked his life to save Kakashi's from the Demon Momochi Zabuza, he grew respect for the kid.

"I'm taking you to the Hokage. Threatening a fellow Konoha shinobi's life is considered to be a B-Class Treason." Aoba stated.

Sakura whimpered as Genma and Raido also back up Aoba's statement.

Naruto watch the event and was surprise to see the Jounin's stand up for him. He would have normally been taken to the Hokage where the said civilian or shinobi would be pushing he should be killed.

He looked at the time and rushed off towards Iruka with his money safety in his pocket.

Iruka stood waiting for Naruto who jumped down in front of him.

"You're late Naruto."

"Sorry Iruka-sensei, had a little problem with one of my teammates."

Iruka most likely thought it was with Sasuke so he shrugged it off and motion Naruto follow him.

Naruto was thankful for Iruka's help. Soon he had books and scrolls for almost everything. New clothes and he even brought a new chakra sword. He got a book on the human body, how to plan ahead and several board of shogi.

Naruto now wore a sleeveless shirt, black shinobi pants with black shoes and gloves (like Sai's). He got a belt design for his sword. Since it was still to big for him to carry it on his back and waist he got it to hand loosely on his belt.

He also bought a new shirt… (Similar to Kimimaro without any sleeves) covering most of his sword and other gear.

First Naruto needed to know how to use his sword. Something that got him a couple of basics of how to swing and parallel attacks. He formed some shadow clones again, one for each book and had them started studying. He grabbed the list of jounin's and looked at Iruka's suggestions of Jounin's that could help him in several fields.

Naruto took some breathes before calmed himself and entered his mind.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Impressive, you're getting a little smarter. Why are you using the Kage Bunshin?"

"I figured it would be an easier way to get things done." Naruto replied.

"Smart brat… but you're not aware of the Kage Bunshin's special ability?"

"Special ability?"

"Shadows Clones are ideal used for sending it into enemy bases and learning all it could about it. They could also be used for training, can you figure out why?"

Naruto shook his head.

"Because the shadow clone is a replicate of your body. Anything it sees and learns will go back to you once it dispels. You will become stronger and learn whatever your shadow clone learned."


"Go to the training field… create at least a hundred shadow clones and get them to work on your chakra control and how to use the sword. But first, leave your clones here; have them read all the books. Then order them to dispel when they finish reading it."


"Once you get stronger, I'll give you a little gift. However, you must become stronger."

Real World

Naruto left his apartment and went to the training ground. Creating a hundred shadow clones he split them up in groups of twenty.

"Ok you guys, twenty of you run up and down the trees. Another twenty fight another twenty. One with shirts off and the other on. The rest will be doing push ups while the last group will run around Konoha." Naruto shouted.

"Right…!" All the clones shouted together.

They immediately started working together while Naruto sat down trying to control his chakra.

Hours pass and nearly all of his clones fell down from exhaustion.

Naruto dispelled all of his clones and felt their knowledge rushing through him. Naruto also felt tired and fell asleep.

The God Realm

Amaterasu looked down upon the boy known as Naruto and smiled. Finally, things were looking up and she was proud of him.

"The Destine Child huh, if he really is the child of destiny then he will have a hard choice to make. One that will come soon. Goddamn my sister Fate. Why does she like to be a bitch?" Amaterasu muttered thinking about her sister.

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Kage Bunshin - Shadow Clone