Got to Love your Family

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Summary ~ Pin the tail on the donkey, muffins, pink mini skirts, a fluffy teddy bear, and toothpaste. What does this have to do with the Cullens? Oh well, They still love their Family! Nessie and Jacob will be included. Bella is vampire. After BD

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1. Not the Sea Donkeys!

Third person POV

It was a quiet and calm day in the large white mansion nestled into the enchanting forest. Or was it?

"Spinning her, round and round she goes, and when she stops? Nobody knows!" Carlisle sang out. Esme was in a bright red blindfold. She held a fabric donkey tail with a green tack stuck through it. Emmett and Rosalie watched curiously.

Esme stumbled around drunkenly just as Jacob padded in on wolf form. On his back was Nessie. Esme brushed against Jacob's tail, then lunged for his butt and stabbed the tail into his thigh.

Jacob yelped and jumped, knocking over a vase full of flowers. Emmett burst into hysterical laughter and stumbled over to Carlisle, muttering about gnomes.

"Did I get him?" Esme asked.

"Nope." Rosalie declared.

"Darn." she pulled the tail out of Jacob's butt and proceeded to try and stab the tail into Carlisle's thigh. She wasn't getting very far.

A timer dinged in the kitchen. "My muffins are done!" Rosalie exclaimed. Jacob walked in, fully clothed and human. "Did I hear muffins!"

"You can't have any, dog!" Rosalie snapped.

"Not even if I convince Emmett to dress like a girl and dance to Barbie Girl by Aqua?" Jacob said slyly.

"Fine, here!" she thrusted the hot pan of muffins in his hands then stomped into the dining room to play with play-doe. Jacob quickly tossed all the muffins into a plastic bag.

"Oh, Emmett! Will you please dress up in Alice's underwear and dance around to Barbie Girl by Aqua!? Please?"

"No! I'm busy!" Emmett declared. He went back to staring at the wall.

"I've got muffins!" Jacob declared.

"OKAY!!!" Emmett and Jacob disappeared just as Alice and Jasper came downstairs.

"Alice, I don't see why you want your hair to look like mine."

"Because your hair is amazing! I want your hair!" Alice and Jasper sat down in front of the floor length mirror.

"Alright, I'll help you style your hair like mine! Esme, I'm gonna need a brush, some blonde hair dye, some Root Beer, and a little bit of tuna salad."

Esme scampered of to get the ingredients. Although, she ran into a wall because Carlisle forgot to take off her blindfold.

Oh, well!

Bella and Edward came down the stairs, deep in discussion. "Bella, I really, really, really, really, really, really want to become an astronaut!"

"But, if you go to Neptune, you can't breathe air and you'll have to eat toothpaste, and the sea donkeys will get you!!!" Bella wailed. "And then I'll be an old lady when you get home!"

"Bella, your immortal. But I'm a little bit afraid of the sea donkeys and the toothpaste."

"Me too!" Bella declared. "That's why you can't go! I used a lot of logic – "

Bella was interrupted by the blaring of Barbie Girl. Emmett tackled Edward down the stairs then stood up and started to sing the song, while doing the Cha-cha.

"Emmett, you are to big for my underwear!" Alice screeched.

"Alice, sit still, your mucking up your new hair-do!" Jasper wailed.

"Jasper, I can't find any tuna salad!" Esme said, walking into the room, still blindfolded.

"Jacob, where is my muffins?" Emmett asked.

"Jacob, I hope you gave Emmett his muffins. He'll eat you if you don't" Rosalie warned, her play-doe sculpture in her hand.

"Let's play pin the tail on the donkey, Esme!" Carlisle squealed.

"Bella, I still want to be an astronaut!" Edward complained.

"No, Edward, Not the sea donkeys!!!!"

"I'm hungry." Jacob declared.

Like I said before. It was a quiet day at the Cullen household.


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