Claire was sitting in her room watching TV. Claire and Hailey had talked to each other every single day since Hailey had moved to Australia. Losing your best friend was hard. Sure, Claire didn't get to see Hailey in person every day like old times. But they did talk as much as possible. Finally after a year Claire was more than ready to go see Hailey for the summer.

Claire also kept in the back of her mind one other person or should I say mermaid, Aquamarine. The mermaid that had changed their life only a year ago. Claire hadn't seen the mermaid since. Where was she now?

Claire turned off the TV and finished her packing. Seven weeks in Australia with her best friend. Life seemed to be running smoothly. Claire tucked her brown hair behind one ear as she slammed her suitcase shut.

"Claire! Are you ready to go? We're going to miss the flight!" Claire's grandma yelled from downstairs.

"I'm almost ready grandma," Claire called back. She attempted to lift the suitcase off of the bed. Unfortunately her attempts failed and she ended up shoving it on the floor and wrested the luggage down the steps of the beach house.

With the help of her grandparents she was able to sit the suitcase in the back seat as they drove to the airport.


On the plane Claire looked for her seat. She quickly found it next to a window. She was one of the last people on her flight. As her plane lifted into the sky she watched from the window. She loved looking at the clouds when they flew through them, it was amazing!

This was the first time she had ever been on a plane and she wasn't really scared of getting on one like Hailey was. Hailey was terrified when she first got on the plane to Australia.

Hours passed as they crossed the ocean. The water looked beautiful and nothing else could be seen for miles. The plane wasn't a very good plane though. Claire noticed the gum that was stuck to the bottom of the seat as she reached below to get her carryon bag. "You can't say I have never done anything for you Hailey," Claire said aloud