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Warning: This chapter is a little Kaname-obsessed. Please excuse me for that *grins sheepishly* I just love him!

1. Yuki's POV

I stared at the small, beautiful rose enclosed in the glass container as I held it carefully in my ivory hand. The rose opened only once a year and than wilts. Kaname-senpai preserved it for me so it wouldn't wilt and never again rise. I remember when he gave this to me—this beautiful rare rose. That was before my memories returned to me.

I still feel a little guilty that I did not flee with Kaname-senpai. I separated myself from him because Zero might need me in the future. So here I stay, at Cross Academy, blending with the day class. Thank goodness only little of them knew what had happened to the night class and what I am. Zero and Headmaster Cross have helped me keep this secret.

My eyes remained on the delicate details of the preserved rose. Kaname-senpai. My brother. My lover. I wondered how he was without me. This little rose is all I have left of him. I felt a small bit of moisture welling up on my eyelids. Kaname-senpai. Kaname-senpai. The moisture instantly turned into crystalline tears rolling down my cheeks. How much exactly will I miss him?

A loud rapping on my dorm door brought me out of my sorrowful musing. "Ah, who is it?" I asked, just barely loud enough to be heard through the door.

"Your father… Open up!" sounded Headmaster Cross's voice. I still couldn't believe that he insists on calling himself my father even after I regained my memories.

Though, I quickly hid the preserved rose under my pillow, just barely realizing I hadn't slept that night. I froze, now having knowledge of how tired I was.

I quickly unfroze to the rapping on the door. I rushed to the door and opened it slightly enough for the headmaster to see me but not my unused bed. I looked up to that goofy grin of his. "Good Morning, Yuki!" he said in his silly voice tone.

"M-morning, Headmaster…" I greeted back, sleepily. I held in a yawn. He would go super-obsessive if he found out I didn't sleep at all last night. "what're you doing here, so early in the morning…?"

"Eh? Early? You've woken up very late, Yuki! You missed two classes all ready! I've come to wake you!"

I blinked. How could it be late? I looked out the window, and for sure, there was the present daylight. "B-but I can almost swear…" I trailed off in confusion.

"Well, I'm letting you off this time, but you're already missing school! So hurry up and get ready, Yuki Cross or you'll…"

"IT'S KURAN!" I interrupted, at the top of my voice. "My last name is Kuran! Like Kaname-senpai! I wanted to go with him! I didn't want to stay! I didn't mean to! Plus, the only person that wants me here is you!"

He looked somewhat hurt, so I turned away. I couldn't believe I said that to the headmaster.

"It's true, I want you here." I felt him give me a loving hug. "But I'm not the only one. Kiryu-kun and Yori-chan and all your friends in the Cross Academy day class all want you here too, Yuki."

I turned around to look at him. "Zero wants me here?"

"He may not show it well, Yuki, but Kiryu-kun cares a lot about you, even if you are a vampire."

I smiled. "Now get out! I need to get dressed for my classes!" I nudged him a little and he left.

Sighing in relief, I hurried to my bed and grabbed my preserved rose. Giving it one last hug, I put it on my bed and grabbed my uniform. I hastily slipped out of my light green night-gown and slid on my undershirt, skirt, stockings, and over shirt, stuffing my feet into my shoes and tying them. Then I walked out of my small dorm, bag slung over my shoulder.

Once I stepped out, I heard a deep, hateful voice. "Missing your first two classes again, Yuki?"

-chapter 1 end-