Heh Heh sorry about the long LONG wait… I had some internet problems… but anyway here is chapter 2 of 'Right Now, All I Can Do Is Adore You'

Zero's POV

Yuki turned around to look at me. "Z-zero… you have no place to talk! Look, here you are, missing your classes, the same as me!"

"Hmph..." I narrowed my eyes. Why did she choose me over Kaname? Why didn't she just leave..? I thought. Every time I see her I have a temptation to pull out the Bloody Rose and shoot her. She's a vampire. For worse, she's a pureblood vampire. She doesn't belong among humans. Neither does the rest of her kind. I clear my mind. Maybe she was the same old Yuki and she didn't change as much as I'd thought. Maybe she's still the girl who I love more than my own life. I reminded myself: She's a pureblood. I shook my head.

Yuki looked at me with a hint of anger. Was anger even possible for her? It didn't look it, since her face looked like a childish pout. How beautiful it looked on her though…

No, I said in my mind. I turned from Yuki coldly and began to walk away. "Zero..?" she called after me.

"Go to class, Yuki… I'll come when I feel like it…" I said it a bit harshly, because even I could hear venom it my voice. I didn't allow her to protest or even reply. I headed down the hallway toward the stables. I could almost feel Yuki's stare on my back until I got from her view. Then I heard the clack, clack, clack of her shoes as she ran to her third hour.

I didn't turn around to check if she actually left, I just continued to the academy's stables. Was Yuki really all that different? I had no idea. But why do I still feel for her even if she is a vampire? I shook the thought out. Vampires are beasts disguised as human beings. Yuki was a vampire, but did that mean she, too, was a beast? I clenched my fists tightly. She could be.

I sped up. The sooner I get away, the sooner I'll stop thinking about her. I wanted to tell my mind to just shut up, but I couldn't. her being at Cross Academy still is what makes it worse. The same though from earlier came across me. Why is she with me, not Kuran Kaname? It didn't make sense.

Slowly, I approached the stables and walked straight to Lily, the horse who guards my blood pills. I pet her for a moment, then searched the hay for my pack of pills. Grabbing them, I popped five or six into my mouth, only to cough two of them back up. I found a comfortable spot near Lily in the hay and waited for my tiredness to take over.

I finally came up with a good explanation to as why I care so much.

I love Yuki.

But the question is should I tell her? And if I do, when? Eventually, my sleepiness took me away from my thoughts. I finally had a break.

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