1. Cornered and Captured

Some nights you just know that you should not have gone out. Nights like this one. Unfortunately Buffy had no choice. She felt the calling and had to answer it. She cannot ignore it. If she does, people die.

She was running through streets, chased by a pack of four werewolves after taking out the lead hunter. The large grey wolf was gaining on her. One slip, one misplaced foot and they would be upon her. It wasn't anywhere near dawn and Buffy was running out of places to try and outrun them without endangering others. Her throat was dry and ached, her lungs burned with the effort of feeding tired limbs the oxygen they silver stake was clasped tightly within her fist in case they managed to gain on her. She wondered how large the warehouse district was, it seemed endless. It felt as though she had been going round in circles for hours.

One wolf howled loudly and stopped, the others seemed to slow to a trot, not that Buffy did, she kept her furious pace. Buffy glanced backwards and saw them begin to stalk her from behind, stepping foot over foot as if something were holding them back. They all snarled while they paced back and forth. Buffy took the chance she was given and turned the next corner and ran into something hard. Hands gripped her biceps to keep her upright. Instinct kicked in and she bought her arms up to knock the support away and dropped into a defensive stance. If the wolves behind her were hesitant, then whoever this was, he wasn't human.

"Whoa! Hey! Is that anyway to thank me for saving you? "

Buffy looked up and saw his golden eyes. Now her night was complete. Still, one vampire was better than a pack of werewolves.

"Saving me? I'm sure you intend to do just that. " She couldn't keep the sarcasm from slipping was her though. Faced with her enemy and it spilt from her like blood from an open gauging on her situation, could be very soon.

"I have no intention of harming you, slayer. " Buffy raised a brow. So he knew who she was. A growl from the wolves made her look back. She truly was stuck between a rock and four hard places. " I'd know who you are from your scent and the power that radiates from you, as they do, too. It is a scent that humans can't detect, it is what draws us to you. "

He was beginning to disturb her, like a stalker or something.

"Look, thanks for the save and it was great getting to know you, but I have to get gone before the littlest hobo and his three friends decide that I'm too tasty to let a vampire stop them from having a midnight snack. "

Buffy stepped around him and found her arm caught in his grip.

"Sorry, but I can't let you go. "

She raised the silver stake and his other hand held the wrist that was poised to strike. Instinct kicked in and Buffy caught him in the mouth with a left handed punch. He caught that too and then sucked on his bloody lip. He smiled wickedly.

" I'll let you get away with that one, do not strike me again or I will be forced to hurt you. Now be a good girl and put the stake down. "

"No chance. " Her grip on the stake tightened and she stiffened in his hands. He shrugged and in a move so fast she didn't see it coming, he hit her .

Now that Buffy had one hand free, she could fight back. His large frame made it easy for her to attack him. Buffy's punches and kicks hit home and soon had him staggering backwards. Not that his efforts didn't connect with her, they smell of her blood had the werewolves baying again and they were closer, she could feel vampire backed away a few steps and raised a hand to call a stop to the battle.

"Wait, please. "

Buffy fell into a defensive pose and narrowed her eyes, not trusting him.

" I was sent to bring you back to the master. My orders were to bring you back unharmed. " His face smoothed out and his fangs retracted .

"Who are you and who's your master ? "

"The Master, not just mine. My name is Angel and The Master, he is William the Bloody. "

"Aurelians. Damn it ! "

He smirked and seemed to relax more. Buffy straightened up but kept the stake visible.

"What is he doing here? Stupid question I guess. To kill his fourth slayer and take control of the city? "

"Perhaps? He doesn't tell me much, only what he needs to. Now please, come with me and I promise you'll be unharmed. "

Buffy laughed. "You expect me to give myself up just like that? Have you ever met a slayer before? "

"Yes, once. Five minutes before William drained her of her life. I'd like to remind you that I'm the one stopping the problems behind you from tearing you apart, so the way I see it, you don't have a lot of choice here. "

She closed her eyes. True words. She could either go with him or face the four hungry lycanthropes. Lesser of two evils, she chose the vampire.

"Fine, lead on . I'm warning you, you so much as flash a fang my way and you'll be dust in the wind. " The wolves were following behind at a safe distance so she had no choice but to stay with Angel and not take a chance at getting away.

She had expected to walk to the masters lair but the vampire lead her to his car. He triggered the remote locking system and slid into the drivers seat with Buffy close behind him. The werewolves howled loudly and raced to the car, uset at losing their prey. Angel looked back in the rear view at the approaching wolves and smirked.

"Seatbelt, please. "

Buffy frowned and gave thoughts to giving the vampire a piece of her mind, when Angel floored the accelorator. Tyres screamed and she was thrown back in the passenger sear, leaving a fog of burned rubber and salivating wolves behind them. Buffy righted herself in her seat and quickly put on the seatbelt.

She had no clue where they were. The car had shot passed the Welcome to Sunnydale sign a while ago and now there was nothing but the inky blue sky for her to focus on. The car was silent except the occasional rev from the engine and the trees and bushes that hit the exterior. He must have been driving for an hour when he slowed and turned down a long drive. Buffy watched eagerly as a huge wood and glass building came into view and lit up a large meadow. As Angel drove up to the building, an automatic garage door opened and he drove in slowly.

The building was modern. Buffy shook her head, getting a sideways glance from Angel. It was all wood and glass. Either William the Bloody had a death wish, or he had a sick sense of humor.

"Glass ? " I asked as I frowned.

"Necro-tempered, " Angel explained.

"Oh, right. " What was she supposed to say to that? " Better than a crypt or castle, I guess. "

"Crypts and castles? How very stereotypical of you. " But he gave a small laugh.

Angel nodded and then held the door into the building open for her.

Buffy was now truly in the belly of the beast. Vampires wandered around, some wore a breast plate of sorts. Guards, she guessed. Those that had their backs to her turned and drew back their lips in a snarl. Buffy's senses were heightened to the point of it being painful, her nerves seemed to vibrate making her feel tense. Angel lead the way towards a set of large wood doors. Angel held them open for her to step through and closed them behind her. William the Bloody obviously liked luxury. The room was pale cream with large modern art hung on the walls, glass and gilt tables littered the room, all with aniquities placed on them. Buffy took a deep breath and stepped forward and waited for Angel to lead the way. She heard voices and Angel took her arm.

"This way Slayer. "