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Chapter Seven

Buffy sat up and shivered. The after glow of their coupling making her realise how chilled the crypt was. Ignoring her discomfort, she glanced down at William. His jeans were around his ankles but other than that, he was naked. His body was lean and hard. Muscles stood proud from his pale skin and she liked it. He was strong. He was beautiful. Her gaze fell to his groin and Buffy felt a shiver of lust run through her again. He was still thick and hard, coated with their spendings and her blood. Slowly she shifted herself and slid off the stone slab, watching him as she did. William remained in the same pose, not even peeking when she moved. Buffy knelt beside him and ran her finger along his rigid length and smiled as his body quivered under her touch. His arm drew away from his eyes slowly, not wanting to spook her. William frowned.

"What are you... "

"Shhhh... " she whispered breathlessly. "This time we go slow. "

Buffy threw her leg over his hips and straddled his groin. Her fingers gently raised his cock and stroked it gently before she nestled the tip at her entrance.

Dumbfounded, William lay there, shock on his face and his mouth open as if to speak. As the slayer lowered herself onto him, he moaned and laid back down. His cock was already highly sensitive and each slow and gentle movement only added to the feelings he had. He could not believe it. The slayer that hated him, that despised him for who and what he was, was making love to him. And that all but broke the man inside him.

His enemy was the first person that had ever made love to him. It was bittersweet.

Her hands stroked his chest, ran down his neck leaving goose flesh in their wake. Her fingers teased his nipples gently, caressed his ribs and his hips as she rose and fell slowly on his member. He couldn't watch her now, tears brimmed his eyes. It was too much. The feelings she caused, the longing that she drew out of him and while he loved the act she was performing, he hated that it was her. For an act was all it was. She didn't love him and he didn't love her.

William could fuck and he enjoyed it, but never had William found a woman or demon that he had loved. Not in all his years had he found anyone that he could trust enough to let them see the man that he had been, the part of him that still lived on despite the demon. The man that craved true intimacy, that longed to be loved. He desperately wanted someone he could love, make love to slowly and spill his soul into without fear of rejection and ridicule. Darla was a cruel bitch and whilst he could fuck her into a coma, he knew that she would laugh at him for showing any human emotions. Drusilla was Angelus'. She would come to his bed, but she was devoted to Angelus. She loved blood play and was fascinated with torture. Fucking her was a painful experience and William rarely wanted her. Only after a good brawl and a good feed could he deal with the kinks of that ripe wicked plum.

The other girls he fucked where dull and subservient. They would lie there, frightened to do anything in case he grew angry and staked them. Human women were too fragile and he only thought of them as food. William was not one to play with or fuck his food as Angelus would. To him it was repulsive. He much preferred fear to taint the blood before a good kill, not lust.

Buffy shuddered above him, pulling him from his thoughts. She was stroking his cheek, wiping the tears away with her thumb and whispering sweetly to him. Her eyes were silver again and when he glanced up at her, was caught by their beauty. His ridges and fangs came forward and he sighed. William willingly gave himself over to her as she continued to make love to him.

Buffy laid against his chest, her small breasts brushing against him as she ground her pussy against him. She kissed and licked at his nipples in turn and moaned when his hands, of their own volition, came up to tangle in her hair and stroke her back.

"So good... Feel good to you too? " Buffy asked

"Yes, " he hissed, the pain of his honesty evident .

"Sit up. " she ordered and William complied. He wrapped his arms around her waist as hers wrapped around his neck. The kiss they shared was slow, gentle and yet it seemed to convey the same passion as their earlier coupling. He moaned into her mouth as her tongue caressed his. She tasted sweet, like candied peaches and he liked it. Buffy pulled away and let out a contented sigh as she rose and fell again.

"Why? "

He knew she was asking him why he had shed tears. How could he tell her the truth and show her that he had a vulnerability. Give her the opportunity to use it against him like a weapon. Give her the chance to destroy him? No way. Yet as she continued to make love to him, he could not think of a viable enough reason for it. Not without looking like a complete git.

" Can we not... Just keep ... Like that... "

"Okay. "

Silence enveloped them again and it remained that way, only their soft moans and pants could be heard. William could feel all he tension, all the stress and worry leave his body and he felt weightless. The pounding in his head subsided and it was heaven. Her eager little fingers erased all the aches from deep within his bones as they danced their path over his skin, her heat bled away the coldness from his bones and he felt warm for the first time since he crawled from his grave. If she carried on he wondered if he would feel his heart start beating within his long dead chest. William let out a deep moan and began to rock in time with her movements, needing release and yet, he never wanted it to end.

Buffy could feel him inside her. It was as if she was melding with him. She could feel his strength, his weaknesses and passion. She could feel the stress and tension within him and worked at releasing it. When his shoulders dropped and his back relaxed, she used her powers to warm him. When he let out a contented groan she knew he was close. Her release wasn't far off and Buffy increased the speed of her hips.

"What have you done to me? .... " William said between breathy pants.

Buffy locked eyes with him and smiled. Her head tilted back and she exposed her throat. A low rumbling growl rolled up his throat as his eyes focussed on the vein that stood proud from her neck, her pulse making it throb .

"Feed, " she breathed. "I need you to . "

William was about to refuse but when Buffy had said she needed him to, he understood. He breathed cool breath across her skin and traced the vein with his tongue, preparing to bite. He could feel her shaking, her nerves vibrating she was so close. When he finally sunk his teeth into her hot, buttery neck and her blood began to flow, he came. Hard.

As soon as his fangs sank home and he began to drink, Buffy came apart in his arms. Her whole body sang, quaked and pulsed as her orgasm exploded through her. Her nails dug into his back as she clung to him, holding him to her. William drew on her blood greedily between his gasps and moans.

"Can you feel it, William? Do you feel it? "

His amber eyes opened wide and he stalled his feed. Warmth bled through him, filling his veins and muscles, and then he felt her. Felt the connection to her. He snarled as his demon fought against it, pulled back away from her and sat with his back against the sarcophagus, panting.

"St... stop it! " he demanded through his snarls.

When William had backed away from her in a rush, Buffy had been pushed down, she watched him from her slumped position. Her heart rate increased as he snarled at her and denied her the connection she sought. On shaky legs, Buffy struggled to where her dress had been tossed and put it on. The part of her that was all woman was stung by his rejection, her demon was furious. She needed a kill, to hunt. Buffy forced her shoes on and as she left the crypt, she gripped the door jam and broke off a long chunk as a make shift stake.

His emotions were wild, so mixed that he felt that he would surely be driven crazy. As the crypt door slammed shut, he roared and stood up, his temper flaring. He needed a kill. He needed violence and blood and he needed them now. His demon was angry, at her for making it feel and the humanity in him that craved the connection. It made him weak and the demon detested weakness. It had fought down the humanity that dwelled within for over a century and he was not going to give in now. Not with her.

With a flurry of leather and rage, William left the crypt in need of a violent kill. He paused to light a cigarette and scented the air. The slayer had gone off to the left, William cursed, blowing out the lung full of smoke. He had to go after her in case his clan were out hunting for them again. With a frustrated growl he set off after Buffy.


Angelus was overjoyed. He sprawled in Williams bed, Darla and Dru lay on either side of him, a huge grin spread across his face. He looked across the room, to the corner by the en-suite bathroom and his smiled widened.

"Penn! " He yelled.

Only a minute later, the beckoned vampire entered the bedroom. "You called, Angelus? "

"Get rid of those, " Angel pointed towards the corpses that were left slumped against the wall.

Penn nodded and picked up the women, one over each shoulder and left the room. He sneered as he made his way back down the hall towards the back door, never had he been reduced to this. Penn just hoped that it would not be a regular occurance. Luke was sat at the table in the kitchen, drinking a glass of blood when he entered with the dead women. Luke automatically narrowed his eyes.

"The Master will not be happy when he returns and finds out that you have been feeding in the house. "

"It was Angelus and William isn't here is he? He is off running after that whore of a slayer. Besides, I think you will find that he's no longer the Master here, Angelus is. "

Luke shook his head. He was loyal to William and like everyone in the clan, was aware of the power struggle that was ongoing between William and Angelus. So far, William had been able to overpower his rival, but now? With his abandonment, he doubted many of the clan would stand behind William. Luke would of course. His deep seated hatred of Angelus meant that he would be loyal to William.

Trouble brewed downstairs within the lower ranks. Word that the Master was protecting the slayer and had left with her, that he aided her escape, had spread. Minions and guards fought, their loyalties divided. Blood was shed and lives were lost.


William leaned against a large marble mauseleum and watched as the slayer took on two vampires. His smirk remained even when Buffy fell backwards with an 'Omph' and the vampire dived on her. Still he watched as the snarling vampire tried to sink its fangs in her throat. The second vampire frowned as William held up and finger that told it to wait its turn. His eyes darted from the slayer that struggled with its team mate and William, unsure as to what was going on.

Eeventually Buffy had the vampire held away from her neck and she groaned with frustration. William breathed in her musk and tilted his head and waited. Where her power had built on an ever so slow cresendo before, now it hit the vampires with a force that made even William fall to his knees. The fledgling that had her pinned, let out a strangled growled before he fell to her side and convulsed. The other vampire lay on the turf face down and let out a cry of pain.

Buffy got to her feet, only noticing William when she bent to retrieve a broken branch. With hardly a thought, she thrust the branch into the backs of the vampires. She dropped the make shift stake and took in a cleansing breath in a bid to calm herself. Her muscles tightened again when she heard William get to his feet.

"Wait! " William barked, louder than he intended. He could see the tension resonate through her, she was ready to bolt from him like a spooked mustang.

With her back to William, she stopped and sighed. " Just let me go. Please! "

"You know I can't do that, pet. " William staggered to where she was and stood behind her. " It'll be too dangerous. I told you , Angel knows where your Watcher is and my men are still keeping an eye on the place. "

Her shoulders slumped and she shook. "Why? Why have you done this? I hate you! "

"You need me. "

"No, I don't! You think I can't take care of myself? "

"I know you can, but the wolves........... Angelus will hunt us down"

"Who's fault is that? "

He sighed, and admitted that he was to blame.

His demon burst through and he roared. He hated that she could weaken him and reduce him to this.

" So, this is it, huh? I stay with you so you can what? Kill me when it suits you? End the line of slayers and then what? Rule the world? I haven't lived this long by being a bad slayer. " she advanced on him as she spoke, poking his chest with her index finger as he retreated. She paused when his face altered and his demon growled low in his throat.

" You think I want to kill you now? " his head tilted, his eyes showed his amusement.

"Don't you? " she frowned, confused.

William shook his head and smiled. "No, sweetheart. Not now. Not sure I did in the beginning either. " William lit another cigarette, hissing through his teeth as he inhaled. Buffy looked down at the grass, he steped closer. " We both feel ......." he started to say but when her eyes shot up to meet his feral ones, he halted. " We need to know what is going on here, with you and, us. We need to decode the prophecy. "

"But we don't have the scrolls and books anymore. "

"Let me worry about those, princess. I have my ways. Let's go back to the crypt, yeah? "

Buffy nodded and walked to his side, keeping his pace as they made their way through the cemetery. William took a last pull from his cigarette and flicked it away. " I wasn't shunning you earlier when we... " he raised his brows. He had been thinking over what had happened between them both earlier and realized that

"I know." she huffed, " I don't know or understand whats happening. To me or...... "

Silence fell between the two of them as they reached the crypt door and William opened it. He stepped aside and shut the door once Buffy was inside. Uncomfortable silence stretched out between them until William couldn't take it and finally spoke.

"You want to take the lower level? I can keep guard while you get some shut eye. "

She gave him a small smile of gratitude and nodded. "Sure, thanks. What about you though? You've been awake as long as I have. "

"I'll be fine princess, you're the one that needs it more, after the swim and what not. "

"Okay. Just, " she paused and frowned. " Shout me if the wolves or any of you're men attack. "

He smiled back at her, " Of course, wouldn't do to let you miss a spot of violence, eh pet? "

She gave him a look and let out a quiet chuckle as she mounted the steel ladder that lead to the lower level. Finally alone, William let out the long sigh. He looked at the ratty old couch and sighed again, settling himself down. Next to hin , on the cushion was the remote o the aged television. He picked it up aqnd shrugged, nothing better to do.

The reception was poor and with a frustrated growl, William got up and smacked the side a couple of times, cursing when the picture blinked a few times and then stopped working. He threw the remote agrily across the room and stood staring at the door of the crypt. Not even the faint tap of the slayers feet on the ladder broke his gaze.

"Ah, William?. "

He spun to face her, his face a mask of fury, his gold eyes bore into hers and he growled low in his gut. "What? "

"I heard the noises.. "

"Nothing to worry your noggin about. Just had a row with the set. "

"Looks like you won. "

He snorted.

"I can't sleep anyway, so, apart from the pile of junk that was your t.v, what else is there to do around here? " At his lustful look and smile, she shook her head. "Oh no mister! " Buffy ran her eyes over the crypt and spotted a pack of playing cards that had been left neatly piled on a round table. William saw what she was walking towards and ointed as he followed her.

"Clem and I would play poker sometimes. You know how to play? "

Buffy nodded. "Sure, my watcher and I would play if it was a slow night. "

"Fancy a game then? "


After four games, William was losing. It turned out the slayer had a cunning nature and her poker-face was the best he had seen. She was unreadable. Even her body gave no secrets away, leaving him the sore loser.

"So how old are you anyway? " she asked as she sipped at a glass of bourbon.

"Isn't it rude to ask that? "

"Only with women, and you know how old I am. " she answered.

William smiled, " Inquisitive little bint aren't you? "

Buffy shrugged, the alcohol losening her up. "I just figured I should know. If I'm going to keep having sex with you. "

William choked on his mouthful. "So do you want my age with or without human years? "

" How old were you when you were turned? "

"26. "

"Were you married? Have kids? "

He shook his head. "No. " His voice held an edge of sadness, his eyes were cast downwards. Buffy watched hm intently. Seeing him now, she could hardly believe that he was the same viscious monster that had kidnaped her and that she had been warned about by her watcher.

Hr thought back to the night he had been turned, how he had declared his love to a woman that he had thought hung the moon, and how she ad laughed at him, snubbed his love and made a mockery of him in front of his aquaintensces.

"And with your vampire years? "

His head snapped up, bringing him out of his memories. " Uh.... Twenty -six as a human and One hundred and twenty eight as a vampire. "

Buffy's eyes grew round as saucers, " Wow... thats like .... Old! "

He laughed and laid his cards out for her to see. Yet another hand to her. He slouched in his chair and watched her.

"You must have seen so much in that time. Been everywhere..... I'll be lucky to live to see my next brthday, let alone travel the world. " Her voice was quiet and she yawned.

"Come on princess, enough talk, time for bed. Sun will be up in a few hours. "

Buffy nodded and wearily made her way down to the lower level. It was soon after that, that William heard her faint snores. While she slept, William thought back over the night, the time she had been with him and found himself smiling. With that smile on his face, he fell asleep onthe couch, her heart beat his lullaby.