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Haruhi set her book down with a faint glimmer of annoyance. It was the second time today she'd ventured into the library, and each time she'd done so she'd been disrupted.

Looking up, she found herself staring into the mischievous brown eyes of Kaoru and Hikaru.

She rolled her eyes halfheartedly at their silly grins and pushed her book aside. She could take a hint that she wasn't about to get any reading done, no matter how interesting the 'Bartimaeus Trilogy' may be.

"Do you need something?" she asked slowly. She liked the twins, but at the moment she really hoped they would leave; Bartimaeus and Nathaniel were having an angst moment and she could practically taste the yaoi implications.

"Well, no." Hikaru and Kaoru said at once as they shared a glance and collectively plopped themselves onto the table top. "Rather, we came to give you a bit of….well, let's call it advice. Of sorts." Hikaru added quickly.

Haruhi raised a single black eyebrow.

"Well, out with it." Really, she didn't much care to hear hackneyed advice from the wildest people she knew. She stole a glance towards her book. Oh, Nathaniel, why couldn't you just confess your feelings for Bartimaeus--

"Well…" Kaoru said, not without a good deal of hesitation. He locked eyes with her; Haruhi scowled. "There's a common saying out there among the peasants that applies to both the everyday life (insert cough) and, well, the bedroom-"

-here she involuntarily winced-

"-and it's quite a logical one." The duplicates stuck their domes together and gave her a dazzling smile and a wink. "In short, two heads are better than-"

Haruhi stood quickly and walked away without a word. She didn't even look up when she realized she'd left her book on the table top. Instead, she sighed and shook her head.

'Romance truly has gone to the dogs.'