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Chapter 1 - Monday - August 3, 2009


I knew the moment I woke up in morning that I clearly saw my whole life in front of me, and it was Isabella Marie Swan. I had originally planned on proposing to Bella at the end of the summer tour before we experienced our short break up. I wouldn't actually call it a break up, because Bella and I never stopped loving each other and if I hadn't been on tour, our disagreement would have been resolved sooner. Last night I appeared on her doorstep and she welcomed me in so that I could finally repair the damage caused by poor judgment and miscommunication. I spent hours proving to Bella that I loved her completely. I had her back in my life and it was time to make permanent plans for our future together. I couldn't deal with this long distance shit any longer and I hoped that we would be able to figure out a plan that would work out for the both of us.

It had been the first major tour for my band, 'The Pattinson Project', and it had ended last night in Los Angeles. In the morning Bella called in sick to her office so we could spend the day together. I had a few weeks off before I had to worry about the fall tour and Bella was happy to have me spend the next week or so with her at her apartment. Before we did anything more together, I needed to gather up my things at the hotel and get my band mates and parents on their way back to Seattle.

"Why don't we get ready and have breakfast with my parents? I still have my per diem at the hotel." Bella and I had been awake and talking in bed since dawn, and we had plenty of time to get to West Hollywood, have breakfast and get back before the sheets got cold.

"Since you wouldn't let me make a food run earlier…it's a better offer than a drive thru." Bella snuggled against my chest. "Are your parents alright with us?"

"My parents love you and honestly I never told them the whole story about what happened in Phoenix." I had been too embarrassed to tell my folks what an idiot I had been and the reason why I lost Bella for most of the summer.

"Well I'm glad you didn't, because that will make things easier," Bella kissed my cheek and started to get out of bed. "I love your parents. I better jump in the shower." She ran au naturel across her small apartment and closed the bathroom door behind her.

As I lay alone and naked in Bella's bedroom, I gazed around the room. Our clothes from last night were still scattered across the floor. On her nightstand I spied the photo of myself that I had taken with my cell phone that first weekend we met and I was touched that she had put it in a frame. It was endearing to see she still kept it, and that it sat beside her bed. I rolled over and buried my face in Bella's pillow so I could smell her again. I needed to call my parents to let them know we were coming, and I reached towards the floor for my pants to retrieve my phone.

I pressed the button for my dad, "Morning Dad. Have you and Mom had breakfast yet?"

"No, son, we just woke up actually. What's going on?"

"Bella and I would like to meet you at the hotel, if that's okay. We should be there in an hour, can you wait to eat?"

"Sure we would love to have breakfast with you two. So, I don't need to ask if things went well last night?"

"Everything worked out wonderfully," my dad was always so supportive of me and I knew he was betting on us. "I'll call you as soon as we arrive."

"We'll see you soon."

"Bye, Dad." As I hung up the phone Bella entered the room in a cute little short robe pulled tightly around her petite body and her hair wrapped in a towel. She was amazingly beautiful standing in front of me with her skin all pink from the hot shower that she had just taken.

"You better hurry up and jump in the shower because I'm starving," Bella giggled.

I rolled out of the bed and picked up my clothes from the floor to take with me, along with the towel Bella had placed out for me on the chair. "Next time you have to promise to join me."

By the time I had gotten out of the shower and dressed, Bella was completely pulled together and ready to go even though her hair was a little damp. Bella was glowing and she already had her keys in her hand waiting for me as we made our way down to her car.

I was surprised that Bella opted for the freeway instead of the canyon road she normally preferred to take to get us 'over the hill'. She wasn't usually comfortable driving, but we were soon pulling into the hotel parking lot. I had to admit I was hungry and was looking forward to having breakfast with my family to share my happiness with them.

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