"Dammit, Bella! Don't do this!" I could see the vein in his temple pulse. The cords of his neck were straining with his attempt to restrain himself.

I sighed. I'd known that this was going to be hard. I was quite surprised, actually that we'd gotten this far into the conversation before he'd started shouting.


"Don't 'Edward' me, Bella," he said, reaching out and grabbing me by the tops of my arms. He squeezed. It wasn't painful, but it certainly wasn't comfortable.

"You promised me, Bella. You promised we'd always be together. You said you loved me, that you believed in me." He shook me slightly.

"I do love you, Edward and I do believe in you. But this life, it isn't for me anymore. I want…"

"What?! What do you want? I've given you everything I have, but if you need something else tell me and I'll find a way to give it to you."

I sighed. This wasn't going anywhere. What I needed Edward couldn't provide. I looked at him sadly.

He took in my expression and let go of me suddenly. The renewed circulation to my arms hurt almost as much as his grip had.

"Can he give you what you want?" he asked his voice low, hoarse. This was dangerous territory, I knew. Jacob and I had been friends since before Edward and I met. Edward knew that Jacob harbored strong feelings for me. Though I'd never been attracted to Jacob that way, he did offer me something that Edward couldn't. Security, normalcy, a storybook life with white picket fences, 2.4 kids and a shiny car. I wasn't materialistic at all, my favorite possession was my 1950-something, rusty Chevy pickup, but there was something to be said for security and comfort.

"Answer me, Bella," I realized too late that my silence had tipped Edward off to the direction of my thoughts. He was angry.

"Is that it?" he yelled. "Are you going to follow that… that dog? Did he promise to provide for you? To take care of you?" His voice had started at a yell and got progressively uglier, louder and venomous.

Now I was angry.

"Is that so hard for you to believe, Edward? That someone out there wants to take care of me?" I was surprised by my own vehemence. "Yes! Yes, Edward! Jake has asked me to come with him. He will take care of me. This life… this life you built for yourself with late night shows in crappy bars isn't for me anymore. I want more than to be groped by smelly drunks in smoky dives while I watch skanky girls throw themselves at you between sets. I want to see the sun shine instead of sleeping all day because we didn't get in until 4 AM. I want to be able to hold my boyfriend's hand in public and not worry about how it might affect his 'cred' or damage his reputation. Or make him less accessible to the public because all the girls want to think they have a shot. I want a normal life with normal people…"

"It won't always be this way, Bella, you know that. We just need our break – " his voice was pleading now. I held up my hand, I'd heard it all before. I wasn't interested.

"Edward, it's not enough for me."

He had been starting at a point at my feet. At my words, though, his head snapped up.

"Now you sound like Charlie." The way he said it made it sound like listening to my father was a bad thing. A sentiment I had once shared. But now I was starting to see that maybe a quiet life, a stable life, would be preferable to what I had now.

"Maybe Charlie's been right all along."

"You don't believe that, Bella! Not here!" he reached over and placed his hand over my heart. His palm was hot and I gasped a bit as the heat from it seeped through my t-shirt and bra. He'd always had that effect on me – there was nothing lacking in our sex life.

"Edward, I –" was all I got out before he brought his lips crashing down on mine. The hand he had over my heart dipped a bit lower as he ran his thumb over my nipple. My traitorous body reacted to that simple touch, hardening under his caress.

I wrenched my head to the side to free myself of his onslaught.

"Edward," I panted. His mouth was on my neck now, kissing, biting, sucking lightly.

"Edward, stop, no, I don't…" I tried again.

"Don't you?" he answered, looking me in the eye, his voice husky.

I knew I was lost then. That voice, his smoldering eyes, his magic hands that knew my body better than I did. He took my lack of response as acquiescence and returned to ravishing my neck.

Each bite, each lick, each warm, wet kiss shot through me like a bolt from the blue. I couldn't stop the throaty moan that escaped me and I couldn't feel embarrassed when Edward chuckled at his easy victory.

I melted against him and his arms encircled my waist, supporting my weight.

His lips moved to my earlobe. He sucked gently on the flesh there before moving to that spot just below and behind my ear. He sucked hard and I knew he'd leave a mark, but I didn't care. My addled brain was starting to kick into gear asking me why I wasn't responding to the amazing man who was making me feel so good.

My hands moved to his incredible biceps, kneading them briefly before I ran my nails lightly down his arms. I could feel him shudder. I followed his arms to where his hands were clasped behind me. I supported my own weight as I broke his hold and moved his hands apart. Moving slowly I brought his hands up to my breasts before releasing them and burying my own hands in his perpetually messy hair.

He mouth broke away from my skin long enough to utter, "God, Bella," and then crashed back into mine. This was no tender kiss. It was animalistic, our teeth clashed and our tongues fought as we tried to consume each other. His hands weren't gentle as they crushed my breasts, pinching my nipples through my shirt.

The pain mixed with pleasure wrung another moan from me. As if the sound were some signal Edward stooped down and caught me behind my thighs. He lifted my legs and I wrapped them around his waist. We were at the couch in our apartment in three of his long strides. He deposited me without ceremony in the middle of the couch and then fell to his knees between my open legs.

Leaning forward he captured my mouth again, this time taking control of the kiss. My lips parted and he thrust his tongue into my mouth with a crude rhythm. His hands traveled over my denim clad thighs before moving right to my center. He sucked in a breath at the heat between my legs before resuming fucking my mouth with his tongue. His thumb matched the rhythm of his mouth, digging into the flesh protected by my jeans.

My hips started slow complimentary movements and I whimpered as I reached out for him. I lifted his t-shirt and he broke away long enough for me to pull it over his head. As soon as the offending garment was off he resumed the sweet torture of my body. I ran my hands over his shoulders and down his well defined pecs before scraping my nails over his six-pack. I brushed the trail of hair below his navel before inserting two fingers into the waistband of his low slung jeans, using them to pull him closer.

Suddenly he was in a frenzy. His hands left my aching clit and pulled my shirt over my head unceremoniously. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra with a flick of his hand then tossed it aside. Standing he stripped himself of his pants before dropping to his knees between my legs once again.

"Bella…" his voice was thick with lust.

Bending slightly he took my right breast in his mouth. His earlier ministrations had left my nipples stiff and achy, a condition which didn't improve when he assaulted them with his mouth. He molded the flesh of my breasts in his hot hands, pushing them together and swiftly moving his mouth from one pebbled peak to the other.

The scruff on his face burned delightfully on my sensitive flesh. It was all I could do to remain conscious as he played my body more skillfully than he played his keyboard.

"Gah-ah… ahd," I panted loudly as he continued his devilish torment. I could feel him smile against the sensitive flesh of my chest.

"He can't do this for you, Bella. He can't give you this. Only I can do this for you. Only me. You're mine." His Neanderthal declaration drove me even wilder.

"Edward, now, I need you inside me." I was surprised I could utter a coherent sentence.

He stood swiftly, pulling me up with him. In seconds he'd stripped me of my jeans and pulled off his boxers setting his pulsing erection free. He reached for my sopping panties, working them over my hips until they fell to the floor. I stepped free of them. In a swift motion he scooped them up before bringing them to his face and inhaling deeply.

"Fuck, Bella, you smell so fuckin' good."

Shoving me back I sat clumsily back on the couch. Down on my level again he grabbed me behind my knees and pulled me forward until my ass was even with the edge of the couch. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his thrust, but instead I felt his strong nose between my wet folds. I cried out as his tongue pressed my clit and my hips bucked wildly.

He grabbed my hips with his massive hands holding me still as he worked his tongue over my longing pussy. It only took three swipes of his rough tongue before I came undone, screaming his name as I christened his face. He continued to suck on my throbbing clit as I moaned my satisfaction, rubbing myself over him as I rode out my orgasm.

Once I was done and sweet lethargy began to creep over me Edward raised himself on his knees again. With no hesitation he thrust his burning cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy. He pounded into me over and over again without pause. Soon my nearly numb nether region began to respond to his welcome intrusion. He had been studying my face as he worked his hips. Once he saw life return to my eyes and felt my hips start to rock with his he pulled out with a swiftness that left me gasping.

He flopped on the couch next to me, his glistening cock standing tall.

"You want to leave me," he said gruffly, "you want to give this up? Then I won't give it to you anymore. You want it? Work for it." He pulled me onto his lap with one hard, swift yank.

I knew he was hurting. He was being deliberately cruel to hide his desperate need. I rose up on my knees. He hissed as I lowered myself down on him. Gripping the couch behind his head I set a fast pace that would satisfy us both in short order.

I could feel my orgasm building after just a dozen or so gyrations. A mewling sound escaped me. Edward's eyes snapped open. He took one swift look at my face before stopping me with his hands on my hips.

"You don't deserve to come that fast. Lean back." His voice was commanding and angry. I released the couch and he caught me around my waist as I leaned away from him.

"Put your hands on the floor." He slowly lowered me so that while I was still impaled on him I could no longer control our movements. Once I supported myself with my hands on the floor over my head Edward transferred his hands to my hips and resumed our earlier motions, pulling and pushing me. Instead of letting me grind on his pubic bone I could only feel as his slippery length glided in and out of me leaving my clit bereft of any friction.

After a brief minute of this action I couldn't stand the feeling anymore.

"God, Edward, please! Please!" I begged.

"What do you want, Bella? Tell me."

"I want to come. Please Edward, make me come." In this position I couldn't give myself any help. If I moved my hands from the ground behind my head I'd slide right off his lap breaking our connection. Only his hands were situated properly to give me the friction I needed and he wasn't offering.

"Is this what you want?" He spread the fingers on his hand so that his thumb nestled right above where we were joined. Each time he slid out from me his thumb made contact with my aching and swollen clit.

"Yes! God, yes! Don't stop, Edward, please don't stop!"

I began flexing my elbows as he continued to work me adding what little strength I could to the joining of our bodies. My orgasm, which had eased off a moment ago, began rushing at me again. My walls began tightening on his massive dick.

"Come for me, Bella,' he whispered hoarsely. "Come on my cock."

It took only three more thrusts before I was overwhelmed once again. I sobbed his name once before he reached around my back again and helped me up so I could fall against his chest. At this point I was well aware that he still hadn't come. Instead of reveling in the bliss of my orgasm I began rocking against him.

"Stop, Bella." His voice was collected and commanding. I stilled atop him.

He stood and my legs automatically wrapped around his waist. Instead of moving, however, he knelt down and laid my back on the floor. Now on top of me, Edward set a punishing pace with the sole goal of getting off. His hips slammed into mine. I could feel his sac slapping the sensitive flesh below our joining. In silence he pounded into me. I raised my hips in time with his pace egging him on to his finish.

"Shit!" he yelled as he passed the point of no return. I held still letting him take what he needed to achieve his culmination.

"Fuck!" He pressed against me hard and I felt him twitch powerfully inside me as he found his release. For a moment the silence was deafening as even his breathing stopped. Finally, he took a deep, ragged breath and relaxed against me. My arms went around him as I felt his crushing weight. His harsh breathing continued for a few more seconds. As he calmed he raised himself off me and rolled to the side coming to rest on his back next to me.

We lay like that for several long moments. Eventually our breathing returned to normal. He made no move to hold me and I didn't reach out for him. The room was noticeably darkening when I finally spoke.

"I'm still leaving, Edward."

"I know."


The position Edward makes Bella take on the couch is a form of the "Suspended Mastery" position.

So, what do you think? Lemons don't come easy for me and I worked on this one for hours. Did you like it? Not hot enough? Would you like to see a different ending? If this was the breakup sex, what would the makeup sex be like should Bella return? What if they met up again in a few years? What would happen then? This piece was conceived as a one shot, but if I get enough interest I could be persuaded to write an alternate ending or a reunion scene. What did you think? What would you like to see in a continuation? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me!