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Chapter 1

Harry listened quietly as his Aunt and Uncle complained to each other about the man who was coming for a week. It seemed the Aunt Petunia had a half brother that lived in Japan; Fujitaka was the name they kept repeating.

"Why does he have to come here?" Uncle Vernon complained as he paced as much as his girth allowed.

"Because Vernon," Petunia said in her gravelly voice as she tried to placate her husband. "He has control of our fathers' money, only he can say whether or not we get any." She said with a sniff of distain.

Vernon grunted as he sat down on the coach that groaned in protest, "He had better give us some money for taking him into our home at our expense," He groused before grunting, "BOY GET OVER HERE!" He yelled, making Harry jump and rush over to where his Uncle was sitting, only to get a smack in the head. "What took you so long boy, go make our dinner." The obese man said before kicking the boy out of his way.

Harry stood with a small wince, "Yes Uncle Vernon," he whispered as he went into the kitchen to cook dinner under his Aunts cruel eyes. 'I wonder what this new Uncle is going to be like,' Harry thought as he pulled the roast out of the oven. Dinner was ready.

Harry smiled slightly at the sight of the perfectly done food, he really did like cooking. His smile fell when he felt his Uncle grab him by the back of the neck. "You to go to your cupboard and not make a sound until Fujitaka leaves;" the man growled as he dragged the boy to the door under the stairs, "We don't need to lose this chance because of your freakishness." Harry grunted in pain when his back met the side of the cupboard, he glared weakly when the door closed on him.


The next day


Fujitaka wasn't very impressed with his half sister or her husband. It took him all of a minute to see them for the greedy people they were. But the real thing that set him off was the feeling that he was missing something. The first time he noticed was when he looked at the house, it was practically spotless. Petunia had said she had done it herself when he had commented on it but he could tell by her hands that she had no signs of any sort of labor.

Not to mention the food, the dinner he had had was delicious; but everything since made him very ill. Fujitaka shook his head, 'I just have to stay a week then I can return to my children,' Fujitaka thought, a small sad smile on his face when he thought of his children. They were currently with a friend because Fujitaka did not want to take them from home so soon after their mothers' death. Tory was 10 while little Sakura was only 4. Fujitaka shook himself out of his musing when he heard something coming from under the stairs. He looked at the cupboard before shaking himself; sure it was just in his head.


With Harry


Harry couldn't help the whimpers that came from his throat. The pain from his previous beating seemed to get worse with every passing hour. He knew he should be quiet but the pain was getting unbearable. He shifted in hopes of getting into a better position, which just resulted in even more pain. Harry whimpered once more before falling into black unconsciousness.


The day before Fujitaka leaves


Fujitaka was happy that he only had to spend one more day in his 'families' presence. They were really starting to test his patience. Petunia, even after saying she had cleaned the house, hadn't lifted a finger since; so the house was a mess. Vernon; all he did was complain about the men in his company not doing all the work, while Dudley just cried and screamed for treats.

Fujitaka sighed; he was alone in the house, having pleaded sick to get out of taking Dudley to some store to get three new toys. 'It is hard to believe that that child is the same age as my sweet Sakura,' He thought as he sat down in the kitchen with a glass of his favorite tea. He was about to stand and leave when he heard a strange sound. He looked down the hall to see the cupboard under the stairs, the only place he had never been able to look in, open and a small hesitant head poke out.


With Harry


It had been a while since he had had any food, though he didn't know for sure. 'It should be safe to sneak some now,' he thought, figuring everyone would be out to go spoil Dudley on his 'Big Day.' Harry started to concentrate on opening the door, something he had learned he could do once when he had been locked in without food for a week and a half. Within a few seconds the lock on the door had slid open. He poked his head out hesitantly, just to make sure he wasn't going to get caught sneaking out.




Fujitaka sat very still as the little boy he had never seen before left the cupboard, silently hoping he wouldn't scare the child. He sat still until the boy was close then he quickly swept the child into his arms, his hold tightening at the small screech and flinch that resulted.

"Calm child," Fujitaka whispered as he stroked the shaking boys head hoping to calm him. After a few minutes of calming words and constant stroking the boy stopped shaking. Fujitaka, never stopping the slight petting, turned the boy around until he was facing him, only to gasp at the bright green eyes that where filled with tears, "Lily," he whispered in shock, smiling slightly when the eyes widened at the name. "What is your name child?" Fujitaka asked as he stood, easily lifting the feather light child.

"H…Harry," the gasped out as he tightened his hold on the man as thought afraid he would fall. 'It's like the boy has never been picked up before,' Fujitaka thought as he carried the precious child over to the couch.

"Harry," Fujitaka repeated, frowning slightly at the flinch before continuing, "That's a nice name." Fujitaka kept up the petting the black head, even after the boy had fallen asleep, his breathing deep and even. The man couldn't help but wonder what the child was doing in that little cupboard; let alone why he hadn't seen him for almost his entire trip.

It only took a few minute for Fujitaka to notice that his hands where getting sticky, he lifted one and gasped at what he saw, his hands where a deep blood red. He narrowed his eyes in anger, before reaching for the phone, glad it was right next to the couch where he was sitting. It was time to call the Police.

A few hours later found the Dursleys banging into the house, startling the poor boy out of his sleep. Fujitaka tightened his hold on the boy as he started shaking at the sound. Fujitaka stood with the boy in his arms and turned to his Sister and her elephant of a husband. Who both paled at the sight of the black haired greened eyed child, Dudley just looked at the child at started tugging on his mothers pant leg.

"I thought the freak couldn't leave the cupboard," the boy whined as his parents lost what little color they had left. "Does this mean I can play 'Harry Hunting' again?" The boy whined even as his mother started to panic and lead him up stairs to his room.

Fujitaka raised an eye brow as the rapidly purpling man moved to take the child from his arms. Fujitaka moved out of the way, hugging the still shaking boy to his body. "Why do you have this child locked in a cupboard?" He asked in the stern voice he used when his children did something wrong.

Vernon got even redder, "Now see here!" He started only to be cut off by the suddenly enraged man.

"No, you see here," the normally calm man growled when he heard the scared sounds coming from the small boy. "He is a child, and don't think I don't know who's child," he hissed as he began once again petting the child's head, "He has the same eyes as my dear sister Lily."

"Now Fujitaka," the sickly sweet voice of his other sister Petunia said, "You know Lily was nothing more than a freak, nothing like us normal children." Petunia said, sure that her brother would see reason.

Fujitaka saw red at the slander on his only nice sister. "I do believe that is the same thing you said about me," he hissed, silently delighting in the shocked look on her face. "You called me a freak when we were younger just because my mother was Japanese, unlike yours." Right as he said this there was a sharp knock on the door.

"Police! Open up!" A voice yelled through the door, making Vernon go pale once more as Petunia fainted.

"Come in!" Fujitaka yelled from his place in the middle of the living room with Harry in his arms still shaking, though they had calmed slightly. Fujitaka watched in satisfaction as the police came in and surrounded the screaming Dursleys.

It took about an hour and a trip to the hospital before everything was sorted out. The Dursleys where in trouble for Child abuse and neglect; Dudley Dursley was going to live with his Aunt Marge, but the women refused to take Harry, so Fujitaka said he would. He had to extend his trip by about a week for all the paper work to go through, and even then it would still take about a year before he got full custody of Harry Potter, he had finally learned the boys' last name, they said it would be easier since the Dursley never filled for custody of the boy. Now though, he could at least take Harry with him to Japan. They were set to go the next day.


A week after the Incident


Harry was confused but oddly happy. He was out of the Dursleys house and living with his new Uncle who was very nice. Now he was getting ready to go to a place called Japan and meat his new cousins.

'I hope they are nice like Uncle Kinomoto,' Harry thought as he walked with his Uncle through the airport. He was jerked out of his thoughts when he noticed a group of strange people trying to make their way over to him. He shook his head and tugged on his Uncles hand; Fujitaka just smiled down at him and lifted him into his arms. Harry smiled at the safe feeling that went through him; he loved it when his Uncle hugged him. He had never gotten a hug before.

Fujitaka smiled when he felt his new ward drift on into sleep. He seemed to be sleeping a lot lately, but the doctor assured him that it was normal. The child had been severely malnourished and had enough injuries to make a car wreck look like a walk in the park. Fujitaka grew sad at the thought of what his nephew had gone through.

Fujitaka smiled as he boarded the plane, making sure to wake harry as softly as possible. Harry had started to have really bad nightmares, and he reacted badly when woken to fast. Harry looked around sleepily as he was set down in the window seat. He looked up at his new guardian.

"When will we get there?" He asked softly, still scared that he might anger his Uncle.

Fujitaka smiled softly at his nephew, "A few hours at the most." He assured as he took the slightly shaking hand. "You'll like your cousins," he assured at the frightened look on his face.

"But will they like me?" Harry asked softly, frightened that his cousins will be like Dudley. Harry shivered at the thought.

Fujitaka smiled sadly down at the boy. "Would you like to see a picture?"

Harry nodded in wonder at the question; his eyes grew at the picture Fujitaka showed him. They looked nothing like Dudley!

Fujitaka pointed to the big bow that had black hair like him, "That's Toya, my oldest boy. He is about 10 soon to be 11," He pointed at the little girl who was smiling so wide it took up most of her face, and unlike Dudley's, it looked sweet and nice, "and that is Sakura, she is about your age." He spoke fondly. Harry just looked at the picture in wonder. They looked nice.

Harry looked up at his Uncle his eyes questioning, Fujitaka knew what he was worried about. "Don't worry Harry, when we get there we will put you in the same classes as Sakura," he assured with a hug, "you'll be speaking Japanese before you know it." Fujitaka didn't mention that he was sure Harry would learn it very quickly since he was speaking English so well. 'I will have to have him tested as soon as he has a good enough knowledge of Japanese,' the man planned as the plane took off.

Harry smiled up at his Uncle, only to start in shock when the plane started moving. The scared boy grabbed the man's hand in a tight grip. Fujitaka smiled down at the boy and returned the squeeze. "It's alright now Harry," He assured, "Why don't you look out the window?" Fujitaka said, smiling at the look of wonder that crossed the child's face. You could see the clouds from outside the planes window.

'It looks like a bunch of marshmallows,' harry thought as he watched the fluffy things float by. Harry spent the rest of the flight going between watching the clouds and coloring in the coloring book the nice lady had given him.

Fujitaka couldn't help but smile the whole time they were on the plane. It was interesting to watch the child. He seemed to have a firm grasp on what was going on around him; he colored inside the lines, and made the most amazing pictures when the sheets were blank, and the boy was only 4!

Soon thought, Harry fell once more into slumber. Passing the turbulence in peace, now they were about to land, Fujitaka shook the peaceful boy and smile sweetly at the sleepy look he got from still sleep glazed eyes.

"We're here Harry." He whispered smiling softly at the wide-eyed look he got as Harry turned swiftly to look out the window and sure enough they where landing in Japan. Harry couldn't wait to see his new siblings.