Chapter 4

Harry was sitting on the couch when Toya and Sakura returned home. He gave them a strange look when he noticed they were both soaked to the bone.

"What happened to you two?" He asked, giggling at the glare Toya sent him before going up stairs to dry off.

Sakura sighed and plopped down on the coach next to Harry, resting her head on his shoulder. "We got attacked by a card," she whispered with a pout. "It was attacking a helpless penguin and its trainer. Toya jumped in to help."

Harry looked at her, "and how did you get so wet yourself?" He couldn't help the chuckle that came when he saw his cousin slash sister blush. "I take it Yukito was involved." The black haired boy sighed as the blush deepened. He would never admit it but he had a crush on Yuki too, not that he would ever act on it. He knew Sakura loved him to and he wouldn't want to upset her.

"Ya," she whispered her blush getting deeper making her look like a tomato. "He took me to get something to drink and the tank we were sitting next to sort of burst, flooding most of the aquarium."

Harry stiffened and looked at his sister. "Was anyone hurt?" He asked, his voice slightly panicked, he never liked the idea of anyone getting hurt, especially because of a Clow Card. That would hurt Sakura.

"No, thank goodness, and tonight me and Tomoyo are going to capture it. I would ask you to come but I don't want you getting any sicker." Sakura said in a rush, hoping she hadn't hurt Harry's feelings. She was just worried about him.

"Its fine Sakura," Harry said with a smile, "I understand completely, I'm surprised Toya hasn't yelled at me for being out of bed yet." The two chuckled when they heard a voice yelling down the stairs.

"What are you doing out of bed anyway?" Toya yelled as he came down to join them, now in dry cloths. "You should be in bed."

Harry sighed, "I was bored so I came down to do the dishes and then this weird letter came."

Toya took the letter from the offered hand. His face grew pale as he read it. "We should show this to dad when he gets home." The letter was tucked into one of his pockets before he picked up his protesting brother and carried him up to his room. "Now stay put until dad gets home."

Harry pouted but settled into his bed knowing what his brother would do if he tried to get out of the bed. 'With my luck he probably would tie me to the bed.' Harry thought as he drifted off to sleep.

It was about two hours later when he woke up to the feeling of a familiar hand on his head. He looked up to meet the kind eyes of his father. Fujitaka smiled down at his adopted son, "would seem your fever has finally broken."

Harry smiled, "does that mean I can get out of bed now?" He asked, his voice hopeful, he really hated being stuck in bed.

Fujitaka laughed, "at least longs enough to have some dinner, I would rather stay in bed at least until tomorrow."

Harry yelped and wrapped his arms around his father's neck when he was lifted into his arms. "Am I ever going to be able to walk on my own?"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Toya said from the doorway of Harry's room. Harry groaned and buried his face in his father's neck as both of the other males laughed.

He was set down at the table where he noticed a lack of a certain smiling face. "Where is Sakura?"

Fujitaka smiled, "She was invited to eat at Tomoyo's. She wanted to stay to make sure that you were ok, but we convinced her to go since we would both be here."

Toya looked up from where he was preparing something that smelled delicious. "And Yukito was going to come over too; He was worried about his little raven." Toya smirked at the blush that crossed his brother face at the nickname. Harry jumped at the knock on the door, his blush starting to rival Sakura's from earlier that day.

"That should be him," Toya said putting down the knife he was holding. He glared as Harry made to stand up. "Don't even think about it Raven." Harry sat down with a pout and watched his brother get the door that hid his crush.

Yukito smiled when the door opened and he saw his best friend standing there. "How is our little raven?" Toya smirked at the question and the package that was in his friend's hands, he knew he would bring Harry's favorite.

"He's ok, his fever finally broke and dad brought him down to eat." Toya said as he led his friend to the kitchen where his red faced brother was staring at the table. "Hey Raven, look who's here."

Harry looked up and squeaked out a soft "H… hello Yuki."

Yukito smiled and place his package on the counter. "Hello Raven, I hear you're starting to feel better."

"Y… yes, dad says I can probably go to school tomorrow." Harry said, his voice growing a little steadier as he pulled himself together. He really didn't want Yukito to know about his crush.

"That's good to hear," Yukito said, leaning in to whisper to the blushing boy, "but something tells me your brother is going to make sure to keep a close eye on you tomorrow." Yukito chuckled at the pout that appeared on the little boys face. They both knew that Toya would probably stalk Harry through his school day tomorrow to make sure his little brother was ok.

Toya snorted not denying the fact because he knew it was true. He knew he was a tad overprotective of his brother, especially when he was sick. After all Harry still had health problems from the time he spent with the Dursleys. He needed someone to look after him.

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