(Bella's POV)

"It's a shame you'd have to die a virgin." James said, standing over me. My leg was throbbing from the pain of it being broken. I wish he would just get this over with. He closed the video camera, a smirk forming on his face.

"Well, maybe, you won't die a virgin." My eyes went wide with fear.

"N-no, just k-kill m-me." I pleaded, tears forming in my eyes,

"Oh, I will, after I…" he knealt down beside me, unzipping my coat.

"do this." his lips crashed onto mine as he ripped off my coat. As he continued to rip of the rest of my clothes, I wondered what Edward would do after he found me. James' hands were roaming all over my naked body. He bit my lip, drawing blood. His tonuge ran over it. He pulled away and looked at me. My blood was running down the corner of his mouth. I tried to cover up my body. He just laughed at me.

"You really are the most beautiful human I've killed. And your blood is the sweetest I have ever tasted." he pulled his own pants off.

"Pl-please, d-don't d-do thi-this." I cried even harder. He only smirked.

"You are such a fragile human." And he-he forced himself inside of me….

I awoke screaming Edward's name. I dreamed about James again. Edward was no where to be found in my room. I was breathing heavily, my heart beating rapidly against my chest. I started crying. I remember everything that happened that night. The worst part that happened that night besides me being raped is that James escaped. He should of died. He needs to die. So, I'm worried sick about if he'd come after me again. I looked down at the scar he left on my wrist when he had bit me. I cried even more. I am a violated, depressed, pathetic, human. I don't deserve Edward. I got up and ran into the bath room. I got on the floor, bent over the toilet, and threw up. Strange, that's the second time I've done that this week. Well, I threw up yesterday. At first, I thought I had the flu. But, I've realized something. I'm moodier, my period is late, and I've started to eat a lot. All signs of a pregnancy. So, I guess I'm pregnant and its definitely not Edward's.