Part of the totally super dooper awesome Carrie Underwood project for 'The More Boys I Meet.'

Cheap date, bad taste, another night gone to waste
Talking about nothing in so many words
It's not like I'm not trying
'Cause I'll give anyone a shot once

And, I, I close my eyes
And, I kiss that frog
Each time finding
The more boys I meet the more I love my dog

-Carrie Underwood, The More Boys I Meet

The door opened and then slammed shut. Jacob looked up from his spot on the couch.

"Can you remind me at what point in our friendship did I imply that you were allowed to walk into my house whenever you wanted?"

Leah sat down next to him. "I hate men." Jacob shot her a glance and then moved farther down the couch. She didn't seem to notice.

"Remember that guy I told you about? Well, he was a total creep."

"I told you."

"But you're never right!"

Jacob had been around Leah for too long to be offended. He simply shrugged.

"What can I say? I can spot an asshole from a mile away."

"Only because you are one."

"So what did he do?"

"First off, he spoke to my boobs. All night. I even said something, I said, 'I'm up here.' And then- oh, you'll never believe this- 'I seem to have forgotten my wallet.'"

Jacob snorted.


"Yeah. So, not only do I end up paying, but he had ordered the most expensive goddamn thing there." She paused to take the bottle of coke Jacob had passed her. "Don't you have anything stronger? I just had the worst date of my life."

Jacob looked at her. "Like something stronger is going to help."

She glared down at herself. "Sometimes I hate being a werewolf."

Jacob sat down next to her. "So, continue on."

She just shook her head. "I swear, I tried. I did. I tried to get over Sam, tried to find a new man. But I swear to God, with every new guy I meet I think I would be better off with a dog."


"If you tell me I am a dog, I will rip your throat out."

Jacob, favouring his throat over the joke, just continued to listen to her whine.


When Leah opened her bedroom door she saw a big hairy wolf sitting on her bed.

"You're shedding all over my blankets."

Jacob nudged a piece of paper forward. Raising an eyebrow, she sat beside the wolf, who lay his head on her lap. Absentmindedly, she ran a hand through his fur.

Written on the note, in Jacob's messy sprawl, was, you can have the best of both worlds with me.