It was an ordinary day at breakfast in the Great Hall. Ron was eating faster than Superman flew, Ginny was asleep against the orange juice carton, Hermione was studying for a test that was a million weeks away, and Harry just looked around at his friends.

Up at the Head's table Dumbledore was whispering something to McGonagall. She shook her head, obviously disagreeing with whatever the Headmaster had suggested. McGonagall said something and Dumbledore looked more pleased.

Harry realized he was staring and turned back to his friends. Hermione was now poking Ginny awake so that she could make it to her first class on time and Ron was just putting his fork down and was digging around for his schedule. No one was looking at the Head Table.

Since everyone was busy Dumbledore decided to scare the living daylights out of every one by standing up and making a sound that was like a cross between a beheaded chicken and a strangled goldfish with his wand. Nearly everyone in the vicinity jumped. Apparently he found this very funny as he burst out laughing. Obviously Dumbledore forgot to take his meds this morning. McGonagall sighed as she put her old, aching head in her hands.

The students went back to breakfast as they were used to this by now. It was the fifth time this year. And it was only the third day. What the students didn't know was that this was an awesomely amazing and somewhat scary plot of the Headmaster's. No one would suspect what was happening. Well Minerva would but she thought he was loopy so it all worked out in the end.

Harry looked at the clock and realized it was almost time for class. "Come on guys we have to get to potions. As they were walking to potions Everyone started to see different things with the most horrible music ever. They were all different Hannah Montana songs!! Oh the horror!!! Ron saw a dancing purple rabbit. Hermione saw Snape in a thong. Draco saw His father making out with Voldemort. And Harry you ask? Well he saw the most horrible thing ever. He saw a flood of fan girls coming after him and they were doing a weird dance to. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Then to make matters even worse Albus Dumbledore ran by in nothing but a see through toga, screaming" MY PLAN WORKED! MY PLAN WORKED! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Not long after that Healers from St. Mungo's and put him in a room right beside Gilderoy Lockhart. They really need to make a ward just for used up teachers.

The End


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