Chapter 28: The Big Scavenger Challenge

It was finally, the final challenge of the season and Chris indeed wanted to give a recap for the audience.

Chris Maclean's Commentary:

Well, we have had a wild season here on Camp Drama Mayhem. With the last to the final three it was down between Mandy, Mindy and Billy. Chef apparently overheard Mindy badmouthing his pies, and that didn't make Chef happy at all.

So Chef got the producers to literally have a pie eating contest of his disgusting pies! Billy apparently didn't seem to mind what sort of gross out flavor the pie was, he just dug right in because he liked pies in general. Mandy was struggling a bit, but was about half way full with her first pie. Mindy on the other hand wasn't even going to taste her first pie at all.

Chef obviously kept on egging her as the real loser in the contest, since she has made fun of everyone who lost the competition with that remark. Once she finally dug right in to taste her first pie, she nearly grossed out like our own good friend Jimmy Neutron who couldn't stand the sight of Zim eating Chef's disgusting pies.

This gave immunity to good old Billy, and Mandy retains still being able to get the grand five thousand dollars. Speaking of our friend Jimmy, we're going to have all twenty-two losers to come back and watch the final two see who'll win the ultimate challenge. Sadly, the Simpson kids will not be returning to our show for this season and next or ever.

But don't give a surprise away for these twenty-four campers for next season. So let's get ready for some Camp Drama Mayhem.

End of Commentary.

It was finally the day of the final challenge. The jeep which Chris was driving, with the trio of Chris, Jorgen and Chef ready for action.

"When does the fun begin?" asked Jorgen to Chris.

"Oh, it will begin soon, as soon as our twenty-two guests arrive" replied Chris, "but before that, perhaps you could give our two campers two of our first clues for their scavenger challenge."

"You heard him" said Jorgen as he turned to Chef who was preparing a bow and arrow aiming right at the tent where Billy was sleeping.

While Chef was getting ready to aim for Billy's tent, Billy was sleeping peacefully. In his typical dream, the big nosed buffoon was really using his five thousand grand to build his own fort. Mandy, likewise was also having the same dream with how she was going to use the money.

"Hey Mandy, check out my cool fort!" laughed Billy in the dream.

"Billy that's a stupid way of using your fortunes" said Mandy to which she took out a hi-tech weapon, "now this baby, since I'm not allowed to use Grim's powers I'll be using this thing here instead."

Mandy with one push of the button of her imaginary hi-tech weapon vaporized Billy's fort of hundred dollar bills.

"Rats, I was making room for a mot and some crocodiles!" cried Billy.

Yet the dream itself was obviously disrupted as Billy suddenly screamed his way out of the dream literally waking up to a sharp end of an arrow nearly poking his big nose.

"Mandy, we're being attacked by some crazy cannibals again!" cried Billy as he raced out of the tent.

"Billy" said Mandy as she got out of her tent and punched him in the nose, "Grim is miles away watching this reality show. There is no way there could cannibals running loose with your help."

"Nope, no cannibals" said Chris as he drove up which Chris himself was decked out in an Indiana Jones-style outfit.

"Well are we being attacked by that rival camp again?" asked Billy.

"No, that was Chef's wake up call for ya" laughed Chris.

"So what's our final challenge going to be?" asked Mandy.

"We've decided to work up an apatite for you with this ultimate challenge which would happen once the other twenty-two losers arrive back at the camp" replied Chris.

Suddenly the Bus of Shame drove right up to the center of the camp site.

"Alright, time to march out" ordered Chef.

"This is an outrage, Zim should be the one to get the grand prize!" cried Zim.

"I know you did your best soldier, but your best wasn't good enough" replied Chef.

"Hey, I'm the one who should be complaining, I got kicked off first!" complained Dib.

"Well, the good thing is the Delightful Dorks will not be coming with us to watch this challenge in person" said Abigail.

"Yeah, they nearly messed everything up" added Wally.

"And not to mention they were creepy" added Sheen.

"I'm still sick from Chef's pies" said Jimmy as his skin literally turned green.

"Yeah, you didn't have to scarf the yucky stupid loser pie down to loose this challenge!" roared Mindy.

"Enough!" roared Chef, "you twenty-two losers will be watching the one camper who would win the challenge and win the grand prize."

"Indeed Chef is right" added Chris, "this challenge is going to be an ultimate scavenger hunt. Both of you will search not just the camp site, but the former rival camp site to find as many clues as you can possibly find. When you are found the most clues, the winner will receive the final prize, five thousand grand."

"Now we've also added some bonus hints around the camp and former rival camp sites that only a few selected twenty-two former campers know the location of" added Jorgen, "they can decide whether or not to help you."

"Indeed" said Chris to which he took out a gun filled with blanks and aimed it up high in the air, "let the final challenge begin!"

"It's already starting, but where do I begin?" asked Billy to which he then looked at the arrow that went through his tent, "Hmm, this arrow is indeed suspicious. Oh well, must be nothing."

While Billy was being obviously stupid in not knowing one of the very first clues to the scavenger hunt was right in front of him when he woke up, Mandy went to the mess hall as she wanted to have something to eat before she went on. As she gazed upon the walls of the mess hall, she noticed some odd masks.

"There's something you don't see everyday" said Mandy, "I bet those masks are clues".

Mandy immediately took the masks off the wall and went off. Meanwhile with Billy, Billy headed to the woods and noticed there were several coconuts on the ground.

"Hey, coconuts, I'm going to crack one wide open, I'm sure hungry!" laughed Billy as he placed one of the coconuts on a rock he then grabbed a bigger rock and attempted to smash the coconut open.

Billy kept on trying, and trying to which the other former campers whom were watching him were really laughing at his idiocy.

"Doesn't he see that's obviously a fake?" asked Janet as she rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"Nuts to this, I'm going to eat it anyway!" cried Billy.

As the big nosed idiot attempted to literally chew on it, it was obvious the coconut itself was a fake.

"Hey, what gives, this coconut is a fake!" cried Billy.

"Why don't you try the other coconuts then?" asked Sissy who knew they were fakes too.

"Oh boy, good idea!" replied Billy as he went to work.

"This could indeed take some time" sighed Cindy.

Mandy was very well ahead of Billy in knowing what to look for clues for the scavenger hunt. As Mandy passed the camp fire that was used for the camp fire ceremony, she noticed an odd pineapple literally being roasted.

"There's something else you don't see everyday" said Mandy as she took the pineapple.

Even though it really wasn't a big clue, it was really Eva's pineapple to which she came back from the rest room.

"Hey, where the heck did my pineapple go?!" cried Eva.

As Mandy passed the camp fire ceremony site, she then passed an odd staff which was quite close to the sign pointing toward the rival camp's former site.

"They sure don't make scavenger hunts like they use to" said Mandy as she grabbed the strange staff.

While Mandy headed to the former camp that belonged to Cree Lincoln and her team, Billy was finally figuring out the coconuts that were placed on the ground were all fake.

"Hey, what gives, I tried everyone of them and they were all fake!" cried Billy, "This isn't a good clue!"

"Just take those clues and get out of here already, I can't stand to see your idiocy unfold anymore!" cried Cindy.

"Sessh, alright" said Billy as he took the coconuts, "but I'm not going to share my prize money with any of you."

While Billy was finally heading in Mandy's direction, Mandy was trying to find clues in the abandon main command center of the rival camp site. As she entered, she noticed an odd flower growing in the center.

"Yep, another clue" said Mandy.

Yet as Mandy was about to pick that wild jungle flower out of its clutches, Manny, Frida along with Zim and Johnny were going to pull a prank wearing some other masks that were not placed out.

"Let's scare the heck out here!" laughed Johnny as he and the others leaped down with their masks on.

"You took a cursed flower, put it back!" said Frida in a creepy manner.

"Thanks for providing me with another clue" added Mandy, "one that can't be taken as an item."

"Aw man, she's not even afraid!" cried Frida as she took off her mask.

As Mandy finally left, and the four disappointed with their attempt to frighten Mandy, they noticed Billy was approaching the area.

"I bet we can scare the likes out of him" laughed Manny as he put his mask back on.

When Billy entered the main command center that was now abandon, Frida had placed a silver spoon painted gold where the flower use to be right before. Billy then noticed it was an obvious clue.

"Ha, I managed to beat Mandy to the prize, I can add this to my fort I'm going to build" laughed Billy.

As Billy took the golden spoon from its place, all four leaped out of their hidden places. Billy thought they were obvious cannibals out to eat his brain and other body parts.

"Ah, there really are cannibals out to get me!" cried Billy as he started to run.

Poor Billy ran for his life, yet it seemed like Mandy was just about finished wrapping up her scavenger hunt. As Billy ran for his life, he tripped over a rock, and then began to tumble down a small hill ripping off his pants into a loin cloth along with his cloths.

"Yuck, this revealed too much!" cried Frida as she noticed Billy tumbling down.

Billy finally tumbled down to where Mandy and the others were waiting for them. Manny and the other three raced after Billy.

"Let's see who is going to win the five thousand grand" said Chris to which he examined the number of clues both of them had obtained.

"Well?" asked Jorgen.

"I can't decide, it appears to be a tie" said Chris.

"Wait a second, I got the most clues, you don't see a pineapple being roasted on an open flame do you?" asked Mandy.

"That's part of mine diet!" roared Eva as she grabbed the pineapple from her.

"Geeze, no wonder you're so tough" added Geoff.

"If you can name some other clues Billy, I'll be more than happy enough to give you the five thousand grand" continued Chris.

"But I got all of these coconuts, what other clues could there be?" asked Billy.

"Think Billy, I want this season to end soon, and it's all up to you" continued Chris, "think when you last woke up this morning what did you see?"

"A scary looking arrow I thought it was from a cannibal" replied Billy.

"That was your first clue" continued Chris as he added one more point to Billy's score.

"Hey, no fair!" protested Mandy.

"There's also a second clue even Mandy could have gotten notice anything different about me?" asked Chris as Billy couldn't figure out Chris' Indiana Jones get up, outfit to which Chris showed Billy a mirror, "Look, you also got your own costume part too."

"Wait a second, you're an explorer or something" replied Billy, "and I'm, I'm."

"Some idiot lost in the jungle" added Mandy.

"That's a point for Mandy and another point for Billy" continued Chris, "there is one more point to add, and it's a clue you think we're giving but we're not."

"You mean that we're going to have our next season being semi-hosted with horrible cannibals?!" cried Billy as he couldn't believe it.

"Cannibals is what we're looking for, but no, we're not going to have our semi-hosts be obvious cannibals" replied Chris, "instead, all twenty-four of you plus six more victims I'm going to add will come for next season."

"You mean I finally get to build my dream fort?!" cried Billy with joy, "Oh this is indeed one of my happiest days."

"Thanks for everything, stay tune for next season" said Chris as the camera soon faded.