This is set after Eclipse... it is from Bella's Perspective, inless otherwise stated...

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Chapter one - Tank vs. Vamp

How could I have let that moronic, overreacting, overprotective fool buy me this stupid ostentatious car! I had been yelling nothing but insults inside my head since this morning when Edward decided to surprise me with 'the before' car. I had been very aware of his strange behavior since I finally agreed to marry him, knowing that he was planning something he knew I wouldn't like but I never dreamed of this. Somehow, when I went to get into my truck yesterday it was mysteriously not working, the engine didn't even try to roar at me, not even a stutter. I had insisted for nearly two hours that we call someone to come look at it before he had finally agreed. I could see a plan building inside his head during our entire spat and when he finally gave in he tried to look beaten but I could see the victory swimming in his eyes. There was only one person I had thought of to call but my mechanic, my ray of light in the darkness, was no longer talking to me or anyone. After he had finally healed after our last battle against Victoria - I shivered just thinking about her flaming red hair that matched the blood red eyes that always glared in my direction every time she made an appearance in one of my overly vivid nightmares, perfectly matching the way she had watched me the day in the meadow - Jacob had decided that Forks was no longer the place for him. I was certain that I was the main cause of his new found hatred for this place, I had never meant to hurt him, I had even tried to tell him that I was still in love with Edward and that we wouldn't be but he just kept on fighting for me, ignoring my constant attempts to stop him. I could never stay mad at Jacob for too long, I owed him too much but since the day he took off I had wished that I would have been strong enough to leave him before I could have hurt him so bad, it didn't help every time I saw one of the Missing Person flyers Charlie had been hanging off of everything possible. No, I couldn't call on my favorite mechanic, he was no longer my mechanic, or my anything.

Eventually, Edward had agreed but with a compromise. Rosalie was the best in town, probably in the state and so I had given in, not wanting to hurt Rosalie's feelings once he had announced loudly that she should look at it. If we had been anywhere else it would have been fine but no it had to have been parked outside the Cullen's house after another one of my 'sleepovers' with just the girls. If Charlie really knew that all of the Cullen's apart from Edward had only just returned from a long night of hunting, he would definitely shoot Edward and maybe me as well. Rosalie had spent the whole of five seconds glancing at the engine, when she smirked and shook her head. She turned staring at Edward, the smirk growing larger and I knew she was privately chatting to him. How could they honestly think that I wouldn't have noticed that tiny motion of Edward raising his head slightly, confirming an answer to her question. I glared at both of them and the two of them put on their best angelic innocent expressions.

Turning now to look at me "Sorry Bells, your truck has lived a long life but its old and it just wants to rust in peace" Rose shrugged, one blink and she was gone. I turned on Edward. I knew he had something to do with this, he had been trying to talk me around to letting go of the truck for ages now, in fact it had been the only argument we had seemed to have recently.

"what?" he enquired, his innocent expression didn't fool me.

"you know what!" I sneered at him. "What did you do to it?" he looked offended and shook his head in the negative. "Edward Masen Cullen, if I find out you did something to my truck, I swear I will hurt your stupid shiny Volvo!" full of threat, pronouncing each syllable. His innocent expression turned into one of victory and he shrugged, smirking as he turned away and headed for the house. If he really wanted to play, I knew exactly the thing to threaten, his precious baby. "And that's only to begin with" I muttered, he froze, straightening up but didn't turn to look at me. "Once I'm finished with the damage I WILL inflict on your pretty Aston Martin" I said its name slowly, watching him spin and race back to me before a quarter of a single second had passed. "the dead truck will be worth more" he had lowered his head to my height and was glaring into my eyes, as I glared back into the deep onyx.

We stood like this for a long few seconds before he finally spoke, he had obviously been measuring the reality of my threat. His voice was deep and brooding, full of his own threat "You wouldn't dare."

I laughed a short huff and he pulled his head back, his glare was suddenly colored with worry. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Tell me now and I wont hurt it" by now the rest of the Cullen's were fully aware of the confrontation and had all come out to watch, Emmett's booming laugh seemed to fill the entire space around the house and he came to stand behind me, placing a hand on my left shoulder.

Jasper suddenly appeared behind Edward, glancing at me, his expression changing rapidly from one to another. "Your serious!" he stated in an unbelieving tone. I didn't take my eyes off of Edward, but a hint of a smirk touched my lips.

"Can I help?" Emmett whispered in my ear and Edward let out a huge growl in our direction. Emmett laughed and I couldn't help but join in.

I noticed Alice dancing over to us, folding her hand into Jasper's. Her eyes were cold and distant, all of a sudden Edward flinched and his expression turned to one of disgust as he looked away from me. It was clear what Alice had shown him and I was extremely impressed by the apparent damage I could cause to a vehicle. "Sledge hammer, nice!" Alice laughed as she high-five'd me. Edward flinched again before turning, pleading clear on his face.

"What did you do to my truck?" I said slowly, exaggerating each word.

"Oh fine" he let out a big sigh "Rosalie fix her damn truck" he ordered as he turned and stormed away. A few seconds passed as I watched him huffing as he walked towards the lake, sulking. Finally letting his legs bend beneath him, he began throwing small stones skimming across what I had up to now assumed was too small of a lake to do that to.

"I don't know why you would want to fix it" she said under her breath as she walked past. Seconds was all it took before she closed the hood and bounded for the door.

"Thanks Rose" I smiled at her and she barely nodded back. I looked at Jasper, watching him watch Edward, understanding painted every feature on his face. "Why did he do that?" I whispered, mainly to myself under my breath but I was hoping Jasper might enlighten me.

For the first time since he protected me in Phoenix from James, Jasper walked over to me, taking my hand. I tried to keep a calm façade but I knew Jasper could feel the shock emanating off of me. "Bella, don't you see?" he said softly. I shook my head from left to right, not really understanding what there was exactly to see. "He's worried about you" he continued "mainly about your safety. He thinks that danger haunts your every step and I have to agree with him there." I couldn't disagree and so I just shrugged and sighed. "He sees the truck as another thing he cant control to keep you safe." understanding lit my expression, I could feel it as it attacked the sour lines that had formed across my forehead. Esme was suddenly at my other side, taking my other hand, rubbing small circles into it. It was at this moment that I realized that I had missed something to do with them and Edward's worries about me.

"Please Bella, let him have a little peace of mind." her voice was gentle and I could hear the pleading as she too stared at his back. The pain on both their features was just too much to take and I found myself staring at his back as well wondering what exactly I had missed.

I sighed and slowly pulled both my hands out of theirs and started towards him. I watched as he threw a stone angrily across the water then raised his hand to his face, although I couldn't see it, I knew he was holding the bridge of his nose while his eyes were shut trying to control some emotion he didn't want me to see.

"Bella please, I don't want to argue anymore, you win." he sounded so tired, his voice was barely audible it was so low. "go kill the car" he sighed "I really don't care anymore" his hand still hidden in front of his face moved as his head fell into both of them. The defeat in his voice was heartbreaking. Closing the final gap between us as fast as possible, I threw my hands around his neck and hugged his as tightly as possible. I felt him freeze underneath me before lifting his head to look at me, resting my forehead against his I could see the pain radiating off of him.

"Are you really that worried about me?" I spoke, barely a whisper. He shrugged and his eyes dropped again. "And a new car would fix this? How?" I continued and he shrugged again, focusing on his knee.

"It doesn't solve a lot if I'm honest" I could barely hear him as he tried to explain his over-thought-about conclusion. "Carlisle sees accidents every day and people are worse off depending on the car they are driving, Bella of course I want nothing to happen to you and you know I would do whatever I could to stop it but I'm not always with you, I can't always be with you…" He stopped and began staring at his hands, hatred filled his expression and I knew he thinking the worst of himself again.

Unlocking my arms, I drew my hands to his face and pulled his face up to look at me so that I could read his eyes. From the second we locked eyes I could read how hard this was for him to admit, how much pain it caused him … and I buckled. "Fine" I said defeated.

"fine?" his voice shot up and he read every detail on my face waiting for my response.

"FINE!" I growled at him. His eyes grew large and a huge smile spread across his face. "but I mean it Edward, not too expensive." I cautioned and his happily surprised expression grew even larger. "I mean it!"

He grabbed my face suddenly, pulling me closer to him and kissed me with excessive force. He hadn't done that since the night I had agreed to marry him and I found myself not wanting to let it end like it had that night, so I tangled my fingers in his hair but as always, when he wanted it to end it did and nothing I could do could possibly stop it.

"Can I ask you for a favor?" I questioned as I watched him calculating ideas and assumed he was trying to decide on what car would be the best choice.

"Anything" he simple responded but I could hear the hesitant tone.

"Talk to me…what did I miss?" I spoke softly as I nodded my head towards the house. He grimaced and I knew it was bad. "Edward please" I pleaded.

"The other evening when I was waiting for you to finish work, we were watching this documentary about strange rare diseases and Emmett turned around and made a joke about how it was likely to happen to you" I raised my eyebrows at him and his grimace only got deeper. "Of course I told him to shut up but it brought on all my deepest fears for your kind… for you…" he looked away from me now, towards the water and I knew he was lost in thought. "Do you realize how many ways you can die that I have absolutely no control over?" he began, his voice was starting to speed up and breaking often. I nodded. "It suddenly hit me and I was a complete wreck. Everyone tried to calm me but none of them could tell me I was wrong. There are just so many things…" he trailed off and he had confirmed what I had seen on Esme's and Jasper's faces.

"Edward, I'm not going anywhere and if I do, well you can always change me just in time and then your stuck with me… or even better change me now and you don't ever have to worry!" trying to lighten his mood, I assumed a joke was the most plausible way to do it. I was wrong.

"That's not funny Bella!" he growled at me.

"Edward…" now my voice broke and I knew that I needed to be serious in order to take him out of some of his pain. "I'm not going anywhere, I wont leave you! I promise." I whispered to him and he gazed at me. The determination was clear in my voice and I knew he could see it just as clear on my face. Pulling me closer until I was sitting on his lap, curving around his body, he wrapped his arms around me and slowly stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. I took a deep breath and let out an even bigger sigh "I wont fight you anymore, if you giving me something will give you more peace of mind, then sure, I'll accept it but nothing too outrageous… please." I buried my face into his chest under his chin and his embrace grew tighter. I could feel the instant release of stress from him and I couldn't help but smile.

He couldn't just get me a stupid shiny Volvo, no he had to get me this ostentatious eye grabber! The insults continued to flow as I watched everyone stare at the car as I passed them. I needed gas but I didn't want to go in to the station so instead I contemplated driving all the way to his and making him go get it. I knew I was being childish but the rumors were already flying about me and this car - that had obviously come from the Cullen's as being the daughter of the town sheriff hardly made me a millionaire - and it was only a few hours old. The car was beautiful without a doubt but I couldn't understand the obsession the male population had with it.

Turning into the petrol station I was ecstatic to see that it was practically empty, I really couldn't be bothered to deal with people today. Yet, as always my luck ran out quickly, I was half way through filling up the tank when another car pulled in behind me and three men jumped out.

"Would you look at that!" one man called and the other wolf whistled. "Hun, what are you doing driving that car!" he called again in my direction, I just shrugged, hanging up the nozzle and heading for the counter to pay. As I walked, I pulled out the other 'need' that Edward had given me this morning. A small black rectangle piece of plastic with a shiny chip on it. Stupid bank card! I scolded in my head, Edward had convinced me that accepting the bank card was necessary as what was his, belonged to me already and legally would in a couple of weeks, he had enjoyed reminding me of the fast approaching date. I had promised to spend it as freely as I could but we both knew I was lying. I never had a lot of money and so I didn't feel like I needed it besides spending his felt like I was using him. I had decided that I would only use it for important things like petrol. So here I was using it for exactly that when I heard the other men come in behind me queuing.

"I wonder what she does? I mean you don't just drive that car in less your someone real important!"

"Or in real danger, like in the middle east or something, y'know where bombs go off and you get shot at a lot." the southern voice tried to reason "But she don't look like she has anything to be scared of."

"How did she even get it, its not available to buy let alone in this country yet!" the older of the three contributed. After typing in the pin code that Edward had set for me - telling me it was easy to remember as it was the date of our first conversation, the day he saved me from the truck - I turned and headed to the door, trying to figure out what the heck the men were on about.

I couldn't wait to get home, I needed answers. Opening the door and running up the stairs I barely called to Charlie. He came up the stairs after me, worried but I just needed to find out what exactly was so special about that damn car.

"Bells, honey… are you ok?" he said as he walked in and sat down on the end of my bed, nearly tripping on the bag I had dropped before I sat down to turn on my computer.

"Yeah dad I'm fine… its just" Charlie raised his eyebrow at me. "The car Edward bought me, its well… it gets a little too much attention but I cant understand why so I wanted to see ." I waved my hand at my laptop and he laughed as he took in what I meant. "Google truly is a Godsend!" I laughed in response.

"You got your new car already. Did he have it on special order or something" Charlie looked as confused as I was. "What make is it?" he asked and I was suddenly curious as to whether or not Charlie knew anything about cars at all.

"Edward being Edward, it wouldn't surprise me!" I mumbled but he seemed to hear me. A brief smile spread across his face before I continued in a normal tone. "it's a Mercedes Guardian" I stated. Charlie's eyes grew large and the shock spread across his face as clearly as every other male I had passed on the way here. "what is it about that damn car?" I complained as he finally found his voice.

Ten minutes later, he had managed to tell me absolutely everything, every boring fact and fascinating detail about the car. The only detail missing was the cost, as they weren't on sale just yet, he wasn't sure. I typed in the name of the vehicle and wrote price on the end. As the page loaded, my eyes nearly popped out. I had told him not too much, what was wrong with him? This was more expensive than any other car I had ever been in, including Rose's M3 and his Vanquish.

"I'm going to kill him" I screeched as Charlie backed out the door and down the stairs. Charlie wasn't happy about the engagement, he still hadn't really forgiven Edward for leaving me but after watching Edward and Carlisle care for Jacob, he had grown a small liking to him. I picked up my bag, taking my car keys out when I heard Charlie talking to someone. I rushed to the top of the stairs when I thought I heard him say Edwards name.

"Edward, what were you thinking? She just looked it up on the internet…" there was a break, I couldn't believe it, he had rung Edward to tell him my reaction…what the heck was going on? He sighed after a long moment. "well I thought I better warn you, she's fuming." he was right I was, I headed back out the door calling over my shoulder as I left. "she's on the way to kill you…" was the last of the conversation I heard before I slammed the door shut and ran towards that expensive piece of unnecessary junk.

Stupid expensive car, stupid expensive bullet proof car, stupid expensive bullet proof tank resistant car. I was yelling out loud. I was completely consumed with anger for two reasons, firstly he had agreed nothing too expensive and secondly because I was certain he and Emmett and more than likely Rosalie too, maybe Jasper had all had a good laugh over getting me a damn tank resistant car.

I sped onto their drive and started along the twisty road, as I got closer to the house I noticed Emmett standing in the middle of the road and I was tempted to hit him with this stupid car just so he could see how funny it was. I couldn't help but wonder if it was vampire proof or would I end up the one hurt while the car bent around Emmett's shape. I slammed on my breaks and came to a stop with only a few centimeters to spare, flinging the door open I jumped out and glared at him.

"Bells, little sis, don't be like that" I started stalking towards him and for the first time ever he actually backed away slightly. "I'm here to explain something to you so just hear me out ok?" I nodded. I was too afraid to talk in case I just started screaming. "Think about it, what did Edward tell you was the problem?" he wanted to protect me, so what? "Well that car behind you is the safest car on the market…" he trailed off watching the light switch flick on inside my head as it all suddenly made sense.

"You mean… that thing behind me wasn't a private joke?" I barely got out before Emmett's face was twisted in livid disgust.

"BELLA!" he growled loudly at me, his expression furious. "Your safety is not a joke. Do you really not realize how important you are to all of us." Emmett's normal care free attitude was no where to be found as he scolded me for thinking the worst of the situation. "Don't you know what it would do to all of us, especially Edward if something happened to you?" his livid expression lightened and he took a step towards me stroking my face with the palm of his hand. "Bells, you have no idea the mess he was the other day, I swear I thought he had lost it completely. Don't go too hard on him ok…" I was shocked. I waited but there was no joke, he simple turned and vanished with the wind into the trees. Where was Emmett and who was this serious imposter?

Climbing back into the car, Emmett's words repeated in my head and it took me a moment to catch my breath. I sat with my eyes closed, resting my head back when a quiet knock came from my window. I opened my eyes to see Edward standing there, confusion etching its way across his perfect features.

I opened the door and stood in front of him, he stepped back and waited for me to begin but when I didn't he took another step back.

"I was waiting for you, I heard you coming, then you stopped… I waited but when I didn't hear anything I decided to come and see what was going on." He was clearly bracing himself for what he would have received if Emmett hadn't of interjected. I stared at him, trying to figure out what my reaction should be, as I watched him puzzle over my expression and silence. "Why did you stop?" I suddenly realized that Emmett met me here for a reason, far enough away from the house for Edward not to be able to over hear, but close enough for him to return in a matter of seconds. It was clear to me then that it had been the reason he had taken off so quickly, so I guessed I wasn't meant to tell Edward, so what excuse could I use… I had nothing. "I know your mad Bella, but really the silent treatment?" that caught me off guard and it made it harder for me to think of anything to say. I watched Edward take another step back, waiting for my explosion, his expression twisted into one of regret and I could see the sadness reappear. "Do you want me to take the car back?" he finally asked.

I took a long breath. "No Edward I don't, its just…" he was truly confused now. "I'm not that damn breakable!" I complained, finally letting out some of my built up anger!

He smiled his crooked smile at me "you really are!" he said in an amused tone.

"Edward!" I drew out his name, over exaggerating it with frustration, pacing back and forth "I'm not made of glass, please stop thinking I am!" I wasn't angry anymore, I was just frustrated at him. He read this in my expression and walked towards me, taking my arms in his hands in order to hold me still.

His voice calm and quiet "You think I'm taking it too far?" I nodded a sharp yes and he nodded back. "ok… I will try to tone it down a little." As he spoke the words a huge smile split across my face and I couldn't help but throw myself into him. "I'm sorry but if it helps I love you, besides this is only the before car remember" he mocked and I suddenly re-envisioned testing out my theory about vampire vs. the tank proof car. As I thought about this his phone vibrated and he sighed as he answered it. "Yes Alice?"

"Whatever it is that your doing to annoy Bella, I would stop now!" she warned.

He looked down at me, squinting through thin slits "And why is that exactly?"

"Well she's kinda planning on running you over with her car. She's figured out that it just might be able to withstand our kind." she giggled and hung up without another word. His expression was both mortified and amused as he stared at me.

"I'd listen to her!" I glared back before bursting into laughter.