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For almost over 3 months Naruto has been working hard. He is a step closer to being the 6th Hokage for he is now under the training of the 5th hokage, Tsunade. Well as for training it isn't on how to present you're self to other people or on which papers are the right to sign and which ones are the wrongs one, no it was mostly Tsunade making Naruto do everything. Since she is now stepping down and retiring she decided to take it easy and let the newbie do everything but Naruto wasn't going to be played with that easy so he thought of a new payment method.

1st Month

"Well Naruto not bad." Tsunade said amazed that Naruto didn't even look tired. "You did it even faster than I thought and you almost seem happy to be doing it." She said joyfully.

Naruto was in the office doing Tsunade's paper work and organizing all of her files.

"Well since I am a step closer to be Hokage why wouldn't I be?" Naruto said smiling happily and not even knowing what he is in for.

"Well Tsunade-sama, guess I'll see you later. I'm gonna go get me some ramen." He said why heading to the door.

"Oh no you won't… go to your house and dress up. We're going to the Nara's house to go discuss our medicine issues." She said pointing at him with a glare.

"What!?! I had everything planned out tonight." He said whining and getting on his knees begging to have this night for free.

"No whining. This is the life of a Hokage; once you take office there is very little time to spend on your own." She said looking down on him.

"Fine then, I give in."

Naruto got up and headed out the door going to his apartment to get ready.

2nd Month

"Whew… finally I'm done with all this paper work, and here I was happy to be doing it only to find out it's a death trap slowly closing in on me." Naruto said talking to himself.

For over a month Tsunade has been working him hard every day with the same type of work day in and day out.

The door opened and in came Tsunade. She looked around the room feeling impressed that Naruto is taking at least this paper work seriously.

"Wow you did well today." She said complementing him.

"Geez you think. I did all your work and not even a broken sweat." He said even though he found this boring.

"Well as a little gift for all your hard work, I'll let you go out tonight to do whatever you want."

"Really? You're not joking?" he said questioning her if this wasn't one of her little jokes she played here and there on him.

"Nope." She answered. "Go out and have some fun."

"Thanks, Tsunade-sama."

"You've earned it."

Naruto turned around and headed for the door to go out and begin his little adventure he planned. He opened the door and stopped midway. He searched his pockets and took out his wallet counting his money to see if he can make it through the night.

He turned around and looked at Tsunade. Seeing her sit behind the desk, she probably felt very bored.


"Hmm? Naruto?"

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" he asked. Hoping she will take in this offer.

Tsunade was surprised. She looked around her and she still needed to do some file that only a Hokage can file.

"Sorry Naruto, I got my hands full tonight." She said.

"Well I guess I'll see you later than." He said heading out the door.

"Ja mate ne." she said.

"Ja ne" he said still heading down the stairs.

For over almost 5 weeks every time Tsunade gave Naruto free time he would always ask her out on a date so they can go eat together but she was always busy and turned him down every chance she can get.

Naruto was trying to at least let her get some free time too but she had more important stuff to do. But tonight she actually promised him on a date.

"Man what's the point for even asking her out." Naruto said to himself while walking through Konoha streets. "She has been giving me a lot of hard work lately and very few little free times so why am I taking pity on her? Guess I'll give it one more shot if she turns me down it won't end there for sure."

Naruto went home to get some of his stuff he needed for tonight. He got what he needed and headed out the door. Closing the door behind him he went jumping roof to roof to the hokage's tower.

He got there and decided to go through the door. He entered the room and saw her sitting behind the desk.

"So have you finished your work?" he asked

"Oh it's Naruto."She said not even knowing that he came in.

"You promised me a date tonight, so where to?" he asked

"About that… something has come up and I can't do it today." She said trying to laugh it off.

"Ehhhhhh! You're joking!" he said now up to the desk right in front of her face.

"Sorry sorry I'll make it up to you." She said.

"That's what you said last week!!"

"Geez gimme a break." She said. "I got work, so it can't be helped." She sighed; she turned him down one more.

"Well I guess I have to do it now. I guess I'll take this as a payment method for all those turn downs and paper work she put me through. Here it goes." Naruto thought to himself.

"… alright then if you're going to make it up to me let me see your tits?"

"W-What are you saying?" she said surprised by the question. "No way how dare you come and ask!" She said putting her arms in front of her breast as a barrier.

"Come on you… owe… me." He said in a serious face.

"Geez… just hold my tits alright?" Tsunade said.

She got up and took off her green coat and her shirt. "If you are satisfied with this then today I'll allow it." She said exposing her big tits to Naruto's face.

Naruto was surprised by her actions. He would've thought that at least a punch to the gut will do but this is even better. He quickly went around the table and lifted her up on the table. He grabbed one and just started to rub and pinch it slowly.

"Mm" Tsunade moaned. She actually liked how he was doing it to her. She was getting so aroused she didn't even notice that Naruto was sucking her tit already.

"AHM h-hey stop that!" she said noticing what he was doing.

But Naruto didn't stop. He turned her around so her back was up against his chest and started rubbing her tits aggressively.

"Mm… Naruto stop that!"

"Oh come on you know this is turning you on."

"Wh-who's getting turned on?" she said a crimson blush taking over her soft cheeks.

"Well then let me see how wet you are." Naruto let go of one of her tits and went down on her with his fingers going past her pants.

"Ah!" Tsunade let out one of her moans which turned on Naruto even more. She got off the table. "Alright then… I guess I'll give you a blowjob then. Take a seat." Naruto backed up until he felt the chair on his legs then took a seat. Tsunade made her way around the table and stopped right in front of Naruto. She got down on her knees and started to help Naruto open his zipper. As she unzipped his pants his vigorous rod came out and started to get bigger and thicker.

"Wow… you're really big." She said complementing him.

She wrapped one of her hands around his penis and started to stroke him slowly. Naruto's member twitched from the feeling of her cold soft hands. Now in its fullest Tsunade put the tip in her mouth as she licked him around there not leaving a single inch dry.

"It's been a long time but I think I still haven't lost my touch." She said looking up at him as she finally started to put his cock in her mouth and slowly suck on him.

Naruto chuckled as he slowly put his hand behind her head. "The Legendary Sucker. Well then let's see if you're not lying." He took her by surprise and quickly pushed her head more down on his dick.

"Ugh!!" Tsunade got startled and coughed as it went all the way back to her throat. Instead of getting mad at him for his unexpected action she saw this more as a challenge for her and started to deep throat Naruto. "Ugh ugh… ugh." Naruto was surprised, he thought she would have at least gone back a little but instead she went deeper on him. "Damn… Tsunade… mm that feels good."

She went up and down as started to go faster. The faster she went the more he heard his dick hitting the back of her head. She went for at least two minutes and stopped.

"Huh? What's wrong?" naruto asks.

"Usually you would've come before then."

"Well then, you are losing your touch." Naruto laughed a little.

"We haven't even started."

She positioned herself between his legs and grabbed his penis. She gave it a few strokes before taking it in her mouth. "This will definitely have you come in seconds." She said in a seductive manner.

She opened her mouth wide and took him in all the way back to her throat and started to hum with her mouth. Naruto felt a chill up his spine as he pulled his head back, the sensation of her humming felt greater than he expected. "Oh… I, I think I'm about to…" but Tsunade wasn't going to let him off that easy. She stopped and took his dick out of her mouth. Naruto looked down on her.

Tsunade got a little higher and grabbed her two breasts. She slowly put them closer to his throbbing member. When she had him in position she squeezed him tight so it wouldn't slip out. Slowly she moved her breast up and down on his member. "How does this feel?" she asked him.

"Oh that feels great… squeeze them harder." She did as he said and pushed her tits harder on him and moved them faster and faster up and down.

Naruto already knew she had him about to come. The sensation of her big soft tits felt just as he imagined they would feel but he still had a trick that can catch her off guard.

Tsunade looked up at Naruto and tried to think of what he was thinking. She looked down on her breast and just stared at his penis that she was giving a tity fuck to. "He would've came by now? What am I doing wrong?" She looked at his throbbing penis that was covered with her saliva. She then put the tip in her mouth as she was still getting tit fuck.

Moving her tongue all over the tip she looked up at Naruto only to see him smiling down on her, confused she looked back down only to get surprised as a sea load of cum came into her face and chest. She let go of her tits as she was still getting cum all over her chest. Some got in her mouth and some got in her hair.

As the very last drip landed on her chest she looked up at Naruto and amazed at how much he came. "Wow! That's a lot Naruto." She said licking her lips.

"Like the pearl necklace I gave ya?" he said smiling.

"Very funny, now help me clean this off. You came more than I thought." she got up off from his legs and turned around walking to her table slowly. Naruto looked at her hips and saw as it swayed every time she took a step. He got hard again and thought that a tit fuck wasn't just going to be it.

Tsunade was at her desk and grabbed a few tissues to clean all of the cum that was in her chest and neck. "Come on Naruto. Your gonna help me clean this out." She said not even looking back at him. She heard a few steps and knew that Naruto has finally gotten up.

"The tissues are right there at the corner of the desk. Make sure you clean the chair too." she said still not paying attention to him.

"Don't worry, the sweat will definitely clean your chest."

"Huh? What sweat?" she said as she stopped cleaning her chest.

"A tit fuck and a blowjob won't do you know."

"Well too bad that is all your getting for today."

"I'm still hard again."

She felt Naruto's hands go under her arm and grab a hold of her sticky big breasts as he pulled her back until she felt the tip of his member hit her tight pants trying to push its way in between her thighs.

"Oh… Naruto I said that's it!" She said.

"Doesn't sound like that to me. Sounds like you enjoy this."

"What makes you think that? I am definitely not enjoying this…mm." she lied.

"Well how about this?" Naruto pulled away and grabbed his member and pushed it in between her thighs as it rubbed her clit giving her a great sensation.

"Oh… that feels… so good." She groaned.

Naruto let go of his member and put his hand on her back as he pushed her against the table making her bend over him as she supported herself with her arms on her desk. Naruto started to take off her pants along with her panties going all the way down to the floor, Tsunade lifted one of her legs to help him remove them.

As he threw them to the side of the office Naruto looked at the great view that lay before him. Her cunt was right in front of him dripping with all the wetness she was holding in her pants.

Tsunade started to move her hips begging for him to begin fucking her.

"Someone's really excited."He got on his knees and started to lick the lower back part of her vagina and used his fingers to push in her to get her warmed up. "Uh… yes…" Tsunade moaned. Naruto just kept on repeating his same movements which drove her crazy every second.

"Naruto…mmm… stop teasing me and bang me already." She said in between her moan.

"You said it." Naruto got up and grabbed his hard member positioning it right at her entrance. He slowly put his tip at her entrance and moved it around her hole. He was toying with her and she knew it.

Tsunade knew this game. Two can play at that game, he wanted her to beg for it. Tsunade looked behind her.

"Naruto please stick it in already and bang me, fuck me till I can't take it anymore. I'm so wet and horny, just drill it in me."

Without even saying it Naruto grabbed her hip with one of his hands and his member with his other hand as he positioned himself at her entrance. Not even saying his actions he quickly pushed himself into her and not even giving her a chance to get use to his penis in her.

"Ah! Gosh Naruto tell me the next you plan on banging it in me."

"You asked for it so your gonna get it."

Now that it was in he let go of his penis and grabbed her hips with both of his hands and again started to push into her forcefully. If she asked for a hard fucking it's what she's gonna get.

He pushed in and out already had her going into an orgasm. Tsunade grabbed her desk harder as Naruto went faster and faster.

"AH AH AH you're so rough!" Tsunade yelled.

"Damn she's so tight." Naruto kept on pushing himself into her faster and harder. Banging her with all he had in him her chest swayed every time he pulled in and out of her. "AH YES YES! NARUTO FASTER! HARDER!" Naruto did what he was told as he now grabbed one of her tits and started to go faster and deeper in her.

"AH! AH! YES EYA!" In the angle they were in he kept on hitting her G-spot repeatedly making her get an orgasm. "Tsunade oh! You're so tight." "AH! KEEP ON AH! AH! GOING NARUTO! I'M ABOUT TO AH! AH! CUM!"

"Man this feels so good. The more I go in you the wetter you get."

Naruto kept on going in her slowing his movements and then speeding up again not even letting on chance for her to rest. If Tsunade was going to live up to her title then he should too.

"OH! AH! AH! I'M COMING!" Tsunade screamed from the top of her lungs as she finally came all over his penis in the inside making it wetter for Naruto and easier to move faster. Her own juice going down the side in between her legs and breathing heavily from her orgasms she felt tired as she limped her body and put most of her weight on the desk as Naruto kept pounding her from the back.

"Ahh! Man… I think…uh I'm about to cum!" he said as he grabbed on tighter and made his movements faster and deeper as he was about to finish.

"Come inside me! Fill me!" Tsunade said out loud. She wanted to feel his hot sticky cum flow through her.

Naruto kept on going, he had a load and he planned on wasting it all today.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Naruto came all over inside of Tsunade filling her up.

As he calmed down he looked down at his penis. "Wow. My dick went limp yet it still cumming." He kept his rod still in her till he finished his last drop. As he finished and pulled it out their juices flowed out of her and down her legs.

He helped Tsunade sit on the desk as she too had a workout from their session.

Seconds of silence passed. Tsunade decided to speak up.

"*sigh* Naruto." she said as she wiped her forehead with her arm wiping the sweat off. "Are you ready for round two?"

"You bet I am!" he said excitedly

"Good! Cause this time I want to be in control."

Tsunade got off her desk and threw everything to the side on the ground. "Get on the table."

Naruto got up on the table and laid down on his back. Tsunade looked at his member. "Let me get this bad boy started." She just started to stroke him trying to get him back up.

As Naruto finally got a boner Tsunade got on the desk and hovered over Naruto and his now erect member. She grabbed his penis and lined it up with her vagina. As soon as she had the very tip in her she plunged down on him.

"Oh my god! This feels so good!" she said as it went deep in her. Slowly she started to jump up and down. Naruto grabbed her by the waist to help her jump on his dick. Tsunade moved faster and faster making her big tits jump up and down getting Naruto more excited as he started to push in her everytime she went down on him.

"UH!" Tsunade started to get tighter on him already.

"He's making me cum right before him!" she thought.

She leaned forward on Naruto so she can use her arms to keep herself stable. Naruto saw her huge tits moving in front of his face getting him more excited. Naruto grabbed her ass and pushed down on his member.


But Naruto stopped. "Let's switch positions. Put your back up against me."

She got up and turned around and again slowly went down on Naruto.

"Like this?" she asked.

He nodded. As she jumped on him Naruto grabbed her arms and pulled her back as he now had the chance to plunge into her.

"OH THIS FEELS GOOD! DO ME NARUTO!" He then moved to the side as they were both lying on their sides. Naruto lifted one of her legs and started to pound her again.

He pushed himself off the table as he still had a hold of her arms and now he was the one in control. "AH! AH! NOT OH! FARE!" she said as she looked back.

"Fine then." He pulled out of her and let go of her arms. He walked over to the chair and took a seat. Tsunade saw him sitting down with his erection standing tall and covered with her juices. She walked over to him and closed his legs together as she mounted him and put his penis in her tight hole. Now she started to do the bouncing again and back in control. Naruto grabbed her huge breasts and put his face in between them enjoying their nice soft sweaty touch every time she bounced. She started to speed up her pace once again.


"Tsunade can't even handle 10 minutes without coming. I wonder if she will last our last one."

"Oh! Your tightness has me about to blow already too!"

"Let's cum together then!"

They both speeded up their movements meeting in the perfect time.



Both came at the same time with their juices meeting and flowing again out of her.

She rested her body on his. "I'm really tired. I don't think I can move." She said panting.

"Don't worry this last one you won't have to worry anything."

"Again?" she said.

"Yeah I'm gonna make you bend over the wall."

"Fine one last more but that's it!"

She got up and went up to her wall, spreading her legs and slouched over onto the wall. Naruto went up to his pants and grabbed a little pouch. He grabbed it and walked over behind Tsunade.

"What's that?"She asked

"Its lube." He said as he finally opened it up and spread some on his already erect dick.

"For what? Aren't I wet as it is?" she said

"Yeah. You're really wet but I don't plan on fucking you from that hole."

Her eyes widened. "YOUR GONNA FUCK ME IN THE ASS! But I never have been fucked in that hole."

"Then this is your first time so better hold up cause I still have one load and I'm wasting it all here."

He stroked his penis up and down so he can spread the lube all around it. Grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks, Tsunade slouched more so she can have it properly open. Now using one hand to grab his penis and the other too keep her spreaded he pushed himself in her.

"Wow even with lube your still tight." He pushed himself more in.

Now in he grabbed her ass and started to fuck her anal now.

"Damn Tsunade you're so warm! Feels like my dick is melting."

"Naruto AH! Be gentle this if my first AH! Time." He said as it hurt her the deeper he went.

"Then I promise to make this fast."

"No don't!" she screamed but it was too late. Naruto rammed his dick all the way in.


He pushed himself out and in and sped up his pace.


Even though she was having her insides spreaded out she loved how it felt. Her juices came out sliding down her legs as he kept on doing her.

"Wow you're so tight you almost have me cumming!" he said. "I'm almost done! OH! Almost done!" he came splattering all of his cum up her ass. He filled her up that some of his cum started to come out already so he pulled out of her making his cum run freely out.

Tsunade fell to the ground, she couldn't last. She turned around and lay with her back on the floor as she breathed heavily making her chest move every time she took a breath. As much as it hurt she liked the feeling of being nailed in the ass.

"We should do this again." She said lying down on the floor looking up at him.

"Oh yeah we are definitely doing that again." Naruto stared at her as she looked beautiful down on the ground naked and sweaty of all that sex they had.

"I still have a little bit left." He said.

Tsunade laughed. "Then come over here and give me another pearl necklace."

Naruto walked up to her and just started to jack off in front of her. Tsunade got up and laid her back on the wall waiting for his cum. Naruto finally came into her face getting her hair, eyes, mouth and the rest on her huge tits. "I love it when you cum on me."

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