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Naruto wakes up stretching around his bed kicking the sheets off. He stands up heading to the kitchen like a walking zombie for some breakfast. He heads for the refrigerator and opens it grabbing his close to expire milk and closes the door with his leg. He stops and notices the note he left himself attached at the door. "Crap I forgot I need to help at the Hokage's office!" He leaves the milk on the table and grabs his shoes running out his door.

Naruto made it to the building and dashed up the stairs reaching the Hokage's office. He stops before he opens the door. "Crap what do I say after such a long time?" He roamed outside the doors for a couple minutes thinking what to say. "Ah screw it I'll just…" He opened the door expecting to see Tsunade behind the desk. Instead he saw Shizune with her hands full of papers up to her chin.

Shizune turns around. "Oh hey Naruto! Haven't seen you around here lately at all, what have you been up to?" She asked not a clue that Naruto was kicked from Konoha. "Meh you know how it is these days…" He said getting a little quieter. "Where's Tsunade?" Shizune looks at his head since the papers covered his upper body. "The elders gave her a brake but, don't worry they made sure no one sells her sake." She says laughing to herself on how desperate Tsunade can be for sake.

"So you must be to help me here then right?" "Yeah pretty much, sorry for being late." "Oh no worries just fix those files on the desk I'll be back I'm going to check to see if there's any more files." Shizune left out the door. Naruto turned looking down at the files. "What the hell are these files for anyway?" he grabbed them and stacked them up properly.

The door opens "Hey Shizune you know where the key to my sake drawer is? Not a damn store in this place has sake for some bizarre reason." Tsunade froze seeing the yellow headed boy in front of her. Naruto turns around as she runs up to him and gives him a hug. To his surprise he gets pushed back she lets him go and slaps him in the face, pointing her finger "Don't we ever get caught doing that ever again." He laughs and nods.

The room gets quite and he smirks. "Get caught doing what again?" Tsunade punches him in the stomach. "ARGH! Heh I'm sorry Baa-chan I know." She grabs his shoulders making him stand tall after that punch. She gives him another hug Naruto takes his arms around her and slides down her back. He gropes her ass tight feeling her thick. Tsunade looks up at Naruto with his stupid grin on his face.

"You're so persistent aren't you?" She lets him play with her. She pulls out and says. "Why don't you play with these instead?" Tsunade slides her green jacket off and slides her shirt off her shoulders her sash kept the shirt tied around her belly as her tits where fully there for him to enjoy. Naruto starts grabbing her tits. He grabs the side and motor boats her chest. He stops and gets behind Tsunade with his raging boner.

He whispers to her ear. "But I want to play with this." He pushes his crotch against her ass. Tsunade felt his cock all right. She begins thinking of their actions before it gets out of hand. "Fuck it." She sweeps the files onto the floor and slams her hands on the table, slouching her back a bit. No needing to tell Naruto anything he quickly got behind her. She could feel his cock burying itself between her ass. He grabs her leggings and brings them down to her ankles and slowly goes back up, seeing her nail polished toes up to her hot dripping pussy.

Tsunade waited for Naruto with her back to him and her front to the window. "Imagine if someone saw Naruto fucking me from behind. My head would be up my ass I wouldn't even know if they saw us."

She hears Naruto's pants fall on the ground behind her. Naruto grabs her soft waist. "How I missed this plump ass of yours." Tsunade feels him slide up her ass getting in deeper. How she missed his huge cock in her. He starts fucking her making her big tits bounce up and down Naruto grabs one with his hand and starts squeezing it. "Tsunade this feels better than before."

She turns her head back. "And I missed you too." Naruto starts thrusting more up her ass. Tsunade takes a few steps back so she can bend over the table perfectly. Naruto felt it easier to pump faster this way.

Then an intrusion of someone these two blonde's completely forgot about, Shizune, walks in "Hey Naruto we're done here so you can…" she stops halfway seeing these two having anal sex. Both turn their heads to their right in sync. Tsunade's eyes grow wide with the realization of what they got caught doing. Naruto felt her insides tighten up as if trying to push his dick out.

Shizune looks at Naruto's penis deeply penetrating Tsunade. It looked as if her ass was sucking him in for more. She backs up on the door and locks it so no other person can catch the Hokage getting her ass fucked.

"Naruto! Why are you raping Tsunade?" She screamed out load as if that won't give any idea's what's happening in this room. Tsunade's face went from shock to a sarcastic smirk. "Hey Naruto, can you pull your cock out of my ass? Sheesh letting Shizune seeing me in a position like this is kind of embarrassing."

Naruto smiles "Not until I finish inside of you." Her face goes in shock again. Naruto pushes her so she could turn her head away from Shizune. He starts fucking her in front of her assistant, Tsunade's never felt this much anger and pleasure ever in her entire life. Shizune stays quiet seeing how easy Tsunade can take this from Naruto.

"No! Nah! Ugh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ah! Ru!" Tsunade gave up since she couldn't even say his name right.

"You know, for an ass fuck, you're pretty tight!"

She starts dripping wet from the fact her best friend was watching her get raped. She didn't know why but it excited her more, Naruto felt her ass tighten up and pushed in balls deep and stopped. He started blasting waves of loads in her ass with her still gasping after each load. Naruto pulled out of her slowly, Shizune looked at her ass pour with cum out and down her legs. "My God! What a big flow of sperm!"

She also noticed Tsunade had a quiet orgasm with her cum dripping down along her thighs. She turns her attention to Naruto. Couldn't help but stare at his limp penis covered in its own sperm.

Naruto looked at Shizune flinch, for the first time Shizune saw him as a crazy sex hound. "Jealous Shizune?" He asks with his all well known smirk.

"What! Are you crazy? Me… jealous?" She said out loud nervously looking down from his cock to his eyes. Her face begins to blush at what inspired Naruto to say such things to her and she couldn't help but stare at his junk with amazement. He starts walking closer to her each step he took toward she took back until eventually she reached the door. She looked around desperately but didn't notice he was already in front of her.

Naruto grabs her with one arm behind her back and brings her closer to him. She didn't know why her body couldn't resist him, a good kick to the nuts could've stopped him in his tracks but it drew her closer to him. Naruto moves his hand around her waist "Wow she actually has a curvy body, petite I'd say." He caresses her waist sliding his hand down and grabbing her perfect butt. "Another surprise here! Her butt isn't big like Tsunade's but it's perfect in its own shape."

"Hehe you've been hiding this secret package haven't you Shizune?" She nodded slowly couldn't believe he was doing this to her.

Naruto grabs her lavender slash from the back and unties it a bit letting it unravel itself. He has her now, Shizune is under his powerful addictive lust. She grabs her slash letting it completely loose, opening her chest out a bit. She gently slid both sides off her shoulders letting her kimono drop and grabs her fishnet shirt from the bottom pulling it up. Naruto gazed at her perfectly round B-cup breast size "She's a petite at its fullest!"

Naruto nodded his head in a quick fashion using his eyes to point down. Shizune looked at him and slowly got on her knees touching the cold stone hard floor. "Why am I doing this? Ugh! Naruto your penis carries a strong stench but, I can't help it, I want it." She grabs his penis from the base where it wasn't that humid and lifts it up so it was pointing at her gaping mouth. She could see between his legs Tsunade undressing herself.

She looks back at his cock slowly entering it in her mouth. Her tongue savor his own cum still clenching onto his penis after anal with the Hokage. Naruto grabs her head and pushes her down going in more deep. She could feel his girth push up against her cheeks, and her tongue getting hotter. She began to swallow the sperm on his penis sucking it in down her throat.

She eventually took little brakes so she could swallow it properly, with his penis in her mouth it was making it harder. She could feel her tongue humid but dry to her. She opens her mouth again and Naruto sticks it in pushing down her tongue. She closed her eyes and began bobbing her head slowly. Grabbing his penis by the base she starts making a cyclone with her hand twisting up and down his shaft and her mouth twirling around the head of his penis. She stops and pulls out her lips still attached to his shaft as he slides up her mouth making a round pop.

Shizune sucked his juice leaving his cock heavily covered in her saliva. She gets up and wipes remnants of saliva from her lips with her fingers and licks that that in too. She walks around Naruto with him following closely behind her. She puts her hands on the table and bends slightly over it a bit. Naruto makes his clone for Tsunade's enjoyment as he gets ready for Shizune. "You please Tsunade I'll break Shizune here on this table."

Naruto grabs her small waist good and shoves his cock between her legs leading up to her vagina's entry. He enters her slowly Shizune has her eyes close ready for her first time having sex. She can feel him entering her inch after inch till he stopped. Naruto begins thrusting at a good hard pace.

"I can feel your inside's grabbing me tightly Shizune. I didn't know you wanted this badly."

Shizune felt guilty for such pleasure she was getting. She wants to reject but her body feels to be grabbing onto Naruto.

"Oh Naruto! Ah! Agh! Uh! Uh! Naruto please… Faster!" She moaned.

Naruto starts pounding her petite body. He slouch her over like he did to Tsunade so he can go faster with little restraint. Shizune felt her body go light from the legs. "Ah ah aaah! Naruto keep going! Make me cum for you! I want my juices all over your cock!" Naruto grabs the desk from the edges pushing balls deep in her pussy. Shizune was left gasping as if she was drowning in water hoping for air. She felt an intense shock wave tingle in her body especially when Naruto would be wholly inside of her.

"MNPH! GAH! AH! AH! AAAH!" Shizune shot up her chest with her head pointing up high. She felt it for the first time in her life, her first orgasm. She rested her body on the table breathing heavily still feeling Naruto inside of her. She was feeling very sensitive inside that particular area any move he made sends small shocks through her.

Naruto looks down seeing his cock pour with her cum dripping down on the floor. He enters her pussy again and starts plowing her onto the desk. His balls hitting her thighs Shizune was still gasping for air after her orgasm. Naruto wouldn't stop till he finished inside of her, he begins feeling his penis swell as did Shizune.

"Shizune you're going to like this!" She felt her insides grown intensely hot again. Nothing alike her orgasm but she can feel her insides fill up of his hot substance.

She rests her body on the table and Naruto still kept inside of her feeling bits pouring out. "Oh no! I did here with Naruto, it was my first time having sex and in a public place! Where my boss works who's next to me getting her brains fucked out by the same guy! What irony but, still that orgasm was over whelming I wouldn't mind doing this again."

Naruto pulls out of Shizune and she gets up turning around. "Get on your knees Shizune."She does and grabs his penis beginning to suck him clean. "I didn't even tell you and you sucking it anyways." He smirks loving how caring Shizune is.

She looks up at him with a raised eyebrow and bites down a little bit giving a warning to Naruto. His smirk goes away a little hurt from that nibble but moves on. Shizune grabs his penis by the base again pointing it directly up. Her saliva with both their cum came spewing down lying over her fingers enlaced around his cock. She licks from the bottom going up to the head and sucking on that for a couple minutes.

Now finish, Naruto looks over at Tsunade and makes the clone disappear. Her pussy was left moist by the clone toying with her while he had sex with Shizune. He walks over to her and tells her to lay flat on her stomach, she follows along and crosses her arms in front of her so she can lay her head down. Naruto hovers over her with her between his legs and his 8-inch limp penis pointing down. He falls to his knees and already can Tsunade feel the head of his cock poking her cheeks.

Naruto stretches his feet back and puts his elbows next to her as if he was doing push-ups on top of Tsunade. He puts his head on her shoulder and she turns. "Do it Naruto, don't hesitate to fuck the life out of me, I want it, I want your cock inside of me." Naruto uses his legs to open her legs and grabs his cock looking for her opening. He finds it moist and warm ready for him and goes in. She closes her eyes feeling him keep going in, her hands were in fist and her toes were scrunch up.

Naruto starts thrusting downwards pounding her against the floor.

"Ah! Aww! Mn mn mn! Keep going! Don't stop till you finish inside of me!" She said. Shizune looks at her with amazement at how Naruto can get the Hokage to say such words. Naruto is still pounding her feeling himself full with more energy hearing her say that to him. He begins going balls deep making her loose her breath or words.

"GU! UUH! UH! UH! A-A-A-A-!" Naruto knew what was coming next as he feels himself ready. "I'm coming soon." He said groaning it out, she turns her head. "I…" Naruto slams his pelvis on her plump butt ejecting semen into her vagina. Tsunade felt her bowels go lose releasing a big amount of her cum overpowering Naruto's sending their juices pouring out onto the floor.

He drops his body on her, both resting feeling each other's hearts beat in sync.

Naruto pushes himself up and helps Tsunade getting up also. He looks at Shizune sitting on the desk with her leg over the other. She gives him a seductive look trying to get her turn with him. "I got an idea!" Naruto says out of nowhere.

"Yes Naruto give it to me here on the Hokage's desk!" "What? No later. Get off I got an idea."

Shizune jumps off and Naruto gets on the side of the table and takes a seat. He lays himself down with his back on the ground and summons a clone mirroring him on the other side of the desk. "Shizune come with me, Tsunade get the clone again." The girls both get on top of the desk each on top of Naruto cowgirl style facing each other. Naruto grabs his penis entering it inside Shizune as the clone mirrors his moves and enters Tsunade. The girls start bouncing on their dicks each seeing each other's bodies giving into Naruto.

Naruto grabs Shizune's waist leaning her more toward him as does the clone now both girls are face to face hearing themselves moan his name. Naruto starts pumping up to Shizune getting her by surprise she puts her hands up and so does the clone. Tsunade's hands were up against Shizune's palms both holding onto each other for support on not to fall forward.

The view was good from where Naruto was, seeing both of the girls tits bounce in harmony. Tsunade starts blushing feeling herself about to cum before Shizune, and she feels herself close too. Both girls stare at each other wondering who would be the first. Tsunade couldn't hold much of her ground feeling the urge to burst and Shizune was closing her eyes tight hoping to prevent it before her master did.

In beautiful sync, Naruto, now became the only man to make two girls orgasm in harmony facing each other in the Hokage's office. Both girls let out their screams they were holding in, each one pouring of their juices that Naruto ejected in them. The girls rest having it rough for a while.

Everyone gets up and the clone disappears. Feeling his job done Naruto decided to take leave now but Tsunade grabs his arm. "Wait… I want to ask you, which one of us did you think were better?" She said. Shizune who was half dressed also came into the question. "Yeah Naruto which one did you think was better?"

Naruto was dressing and thinking at the same time, he wasn't even thinking an answer just how to escape with a question to their question or escape it in general. Everyone was all ready dress up Naruto couldn't think another way around. He looks at Shizune. "I like you, your body is petite and tight." She smiles feeling glad she can satisfy a man's pleasures. Then he looks at Tsunade. "You… your body drives me crazy! Like I haven't had enough of it and I keep wanting more." She smirks feeling better than Shizune. She spots it and gives her the mean eye and Tsunade gives it back.

Naruto felt the tension between them and decides it was time to leave. He jumps out the window for a quick escape. The girls didn't even notice him leave. "He obviously loved my body the most." Shizune said with pride. "Hmph… we'll see about that."

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