Legend of Naruto: the Kitsune Monster

Chapter 1 – Yokai Academy. . .


(Our hero is telling you this)

A young man around the age of 17. He was 5'10" and lean, well muscled. He had shoulder length blonde hair and ocean blue eyes that sparkled with life. He was tan and very strange whisker like markings on each of his face cheeks; he was not shy about flashing his pearly whites. He was the monster of a village and had to go away for a while after he became a ninja. Recently he has become a hero of a destroyed village, which is in reconstruction. His skills are very well known across the Elemental countries, but that is only one reason why our dear adolescent is in this predicament. You see, after he came back from his training trip with Jiraiya-sama, his name spread quickly throughout the world. After he defeated Pein, the leader of Akatsuki, he became a little bit too known for his abilities, his amazing abilities! One, The Yondaime Hokage AKA Namikaze Minato, only matches his speed. His strength is unmatchable! His looks are incomparable! His mind levels are off the charts! His name is the one, the only….

Uzumaki Naruto-sama!

Naruto smirked to himself as he stepped off the bus that led him to this . . . dump. After he defeated the Leader of Akatsuki, the now destroyed village of Konohagakure no Sato had decided to appoint a new Hokage, as Tsunade-sama was in a coma from the battle. The new Hokage was Danzo, a man who would do whatever it takes to keep Konoha safe. He originally thought that Naruto-sama was a threat to Konoha, but after many years of dedicated, and loyal service Naruto-sama proved that he was indeed a good shinobi of Leaf. However, Danzo still did not quite believe that, but after Naruto-sama defeated Pein, he couldn't just kill Naruto! For the majority of Konoha had fell in love with the boy, and had proclaimed him as their "Hero"!

Therefore, Danzo had to do something to get rid of that annoyance, and that led to a thought by Danzo. A thought that would 'kill two birds with one stone.' Create an alliance with a group of beings who were strong and very loyal, and get rid of Uzumaki Naruto. . .

Sending this young genius away to a low-class private school . . . called Yokai Academy.

Oh, Naruto wasn't happy about this at all, not only did his self-proclaimed 'enemy' separate him from his precious people in a desperate time, he even forced him to go alone! Naruto sighed and frowned just thinking about his life so far. Danzo was definitely not one of his favorite people that he had met. Nevertheless, what can you do? Shit Happens. Moreover, people get over it, that the way life goes. Naruto shrugged.


The bus pulled up to a sign by the side of a cliff, with an ocean beneath the cliff . . . an ocean of red water. Naruto got off the bus and looked around, a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head was standing next to a creepy looking tree that was dead. The dirt road even felt creepy. Everything about this place was creepy.

Naruto turned around when the (creepy) bus driver said, "Welcome to your new school….son. You take care now… he he…."

Naruto blinked then grinned. "He he, don't worry Oji-san, I'm always careful." Naruto pointed at his chest when he said this. Then a lightning bolt struck behind the supposedly "School" and Naruto nervously looked at it.

The bus driver looked at him and chuckled, closed the bus doors and left, but said to himself as he was doing this, "I hope you are boy, because you need to be here in this school."

Naruto watched him leave and couldn't help but feel slightly lonely. He turned to the direction of the school and sighed, "Really now, me being careful? What type of bullshit is that." Naruto said to himself as he dreaded staying here.

Naruto shouldered his belongings and shrugged, "Guess I can't just stand here all day, gotta do this no matter what." Thus, Naruto headed off towards the direction of the school. Naruto then smelled a female scent, but it wasn't a human scent. He then heard something coming towards him fast and then a shout.


Naruto turned around and saw a girl on a bicycle coming toward him, "Outta the way!" She yelled, but she was too close and the tire rammed straight into Naruto's face. "Gah!" Naruto managed to cough out, while he was skidding away.

Naruto sat up, holding his head, "Owwwie. That hurt, you douchbag watch where you're going…" Naruto stopped talking when he saw who ran into him. He blinked and raised an eyebrow, "A girl?" she slowly got up and put a hand on her head. Naruto crawled over to her.

"Hey, hey nee-chan? Are you alright?" Naruto asked with concern.

She didn't look at him, but muttered under her breath, "…Oh…I'm sorry… I am anemic… I get a little dizzy sometimes. Are y-you okay?"

Naruto finally noticed how beautiful she was. She had bubble-gum pink hair and beautiful green eyes. Naruto sweat dropped, "What is it with the pink haired girls, huh?"

Naruto shook his head, "Yeah I'm okay, what about you?" she looked up at him and saw that Naruto had a cut on his forehead and it was bleeding. She looked concerned for a minute.

"Oh! You're bleeding!" she leaned in with a napkin of somekind in her hand as Naruto felt his fore head and chuckled, "Oh it's nothing really, I don't even feel it."

She didn't take her eyes off it as she handed him the napkin, "h-here..."

Suddenly she got a faraway look in her eyes as she stared at the blood; Naruto cocked his head in confusion. "Your blood…I can…smell it…"

Naruto blinked and was about to say something when she collapsed in his arms. She breathed heavily, "Oh n-no…it's happening again…" Naruto blushed and flinched making a high pitched squeaking noise, "Eeeeh?!!" in his head Naruto thought, "What the hell is going on?!"

The pink haired beauty leaned in very close to him and Naruto couldn't take his eyes off her eyes. He heard her whisper, "I'm sorry…but…you see…"

Then in a blink of an eye, she was biting his neck, and whatever she was doing, it sure did feel strange, but Naruto managed to catch the last part of her sentence.

"I'm a Vampire."

While the girl was still obviously sucking Naruto's blood, he decided to take a more…normal…approach to the situation.

"A VAMPRIE!!!!????"

When she let go Naruto scooted away from her in a rush and was holding his neck giving her the weirdest and most scared expression ever. "Nani?! Y-you just sucked my blood!"

The girl truly looked apologetic as she put her hand to her chest. "Oh! I'm so sorry! My name is Akashiya Moka! I would never dream of doing anything like that…if I weren't…"

Naruto cut her off, "A Vampire?! Like afraid of crosses and garlic? That kind of vampire?" the girl, now known as Moka had hearts in her eyes.

"Uh-huh! And I have to say, you have really delicious blood!" she sighed dreamily. Naruto blinked and grinned, "Do I? Well I guess you know since-"

Naruto stopped what he was saying and shook his head, "Get a hold of yourself Uzumaki! She just sucked your blood! Okay let's look at the situation."

His thoughts were interrupted by Moka, who looked very nervous for some reason, "So…um...Do you not like Vampires?" Naruto looked at her from the corner of his eye and grinned at her confidently.

"Well of course I don't hate vampires! I don't even know one until now so why would I judge so quickly?"

Moka smiled happily while getting right up next to him as they helped each other up, "Oh I'm so glad! Then we can be friends right? I was worried because I'm new here!" Naruto smiled and shook his head, thinking, "With your beauty it wouldn't take long for you to actually make friends."

Naruto put his hand out for her to shake, "Of course we can be friends, Moka-chan! My name is Uzumaki Naruto!"

Moka looked really happy, almost as happy as Naruto when Iruka told him that he thought of him as a little brother. Moka shook Naruto's hand, blushing from Naruto's name for her, "Nice to meet you, Naruto! Let's talk again after the commencement ceremony!" Naruto nodded and as Moka left Naruto watched her leave.

Just as Naruto was about to pick up his bags and leave, Naruto heard the bus again, he turned around and saw the creepy bus driver waving at him as another boy got off the bus. There was nothing special about him. Wearing the schools uniform already. A deep brown, black hair color. Brown eyes. About 5'7". Not to muscular but defiantly not fat. The boy looked kinda scared after, once again a lightning bolt struck behind the school. Naruto looked at him sympathetically.

Naruto waved at him, and the boy looked at him strangely. And Naruto called, "Oooooooiiiiiiiiii!"

Aono Tsukune got off the bus and looked around nervously. The bus driver said something creepy and scary to him and left leaving Tsukune all alone. At least he thought he was. Another boy, around his age waved at him. He had shoulder long, wild blonde hair with the brightest bluest eyes Tsukune has ever seen. He was a little taller than he was and was athletic looking. The boy was tan and had three strange whiskers like markings on each facial cheek. He had on a pair of dark blue jeans on, a white button up shirt with the school tie, tied loosely around his neck. The green jacked you were supposed to wear was on the ground. He had his t-shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and on his right wrist were many different bracelets of different colors and styles. The boy, walked over to him.

Tsukune nervously smiled at him, "Ohayo."

The other boy smiled warmly at him, "Ohayo, are you new here?"

Tsukune nodded shyly. The boy's smile widened, showing perfectly straight and sparkling white teeth. They looked different than most teeth though, almost like were . . . sharpened. Or just naturally more pointy. Tsukune held out his hand for the other boy to shake.

The other boy took his hand and shook firmly, "The name's Uzumaki Naruto, you?"

Tsukune smiled, "Aono Tsukune. Nice to meet you, Naruto-san."

Naruto laughed, "Please Tsukune. Just call me Naruto or whatever. Just not dobe, got it?"

Tsukune smiled and nodded. He looked around, "So, um this is the school? It's kinda scary."

Naruto nodded looking around too. "Yeah, I thought so too about 10 minutes ago, but then I met this girl, her name is Moka. She's…interesting, but really cool and is very different from you or me… For some reason I have a feeling that this isn't going to be a normal school… want to walk to the school together Tsukune?"

Tsukune smiled, "Hai, Naruto-kun."


Tsukune and Naruto soon found out that they had the same homeroom class together. This was awesome in Naruto's eyes. Tsukune was just relieved he knew someone in his class. They sat down in the back right of the room. An empty seat was open behind Naruto and Tsukune sat in front of Naruto. Then a teacher walked in.

Naruto raised his eyebrows; the teacher was pretty…hot. She had on a brown skirt that ended about mid thigh. And orange shirt, and a white jacket to go over it. Her dirty blonde hair was shoulder length and had two bands that looked almost like…cat ears… her eyes were squinting even though she had on glasses.

She walked to the front of the class and started her announcement. "Welcome, Everyone, to Yokai Academy! I'll be your homeroom teacher, Ms. Shizuka Nekonome." Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You'd think she'd be married with those looks, but I guess not."

She started again, "As I'm sure you all know…Yokai is a school for monsters!"

Naruto nodded thoughtfully, then like glass breaking his eyes widened and his mouth dropped. A school…for MONSTERS????!!!! He looked at Tsukune and thought "Is Tsukune a monster? No, he can't be…he doesn't smell like one at all…"

Ms. Nekonome continued, "Now! Like it or not, human beings run the world! For us monsters to survive we must learn to coexist peacefully with them! And that's the mission of the academy! Living peacefully in a human world!"

Tsukune and Naruto were both, kinda, freaking out. Naruto, in a more controlled manner. "What the hell? They all look like humans but defiantly don't smell like one. What's going on?" Naruto tried to look bored as he stared at the wall in front of him.

Tsukune on the other hand…

"Monsters?!! What's she saying?!! What's the Joke?!!"

Ms. Nekonome again continued on, "Which brings up rule #1! You will retain your human appearance! Does everyone understand? The first key to survival among humans is to be able to disguise yourself as one of them! To practice the art of disguise, please don't reveal your true nature even to your fellow students!"

"But Ma'am." Naruto looked over at the student who spoke, along with the majority of the class, except for Tsukune who was still freaking out. The boy had messy, platinum blonde hair and a mean looking face. He had a lip piercing in. Overall Naruto didn't him already, just had one of those feelings.

The boy continued on, "Can't we just eat all the humans? I could start with the cute girls." Naruto's eyes widened and he turned to the cocky bastard with a hell of a lot of anger in his eyes. Tsukune once again however…

"NONONONONONO! What have I gotten myself into?!" he thought back to the bus driver… and gulped.

Ms. Nekonome looked at him in interest and smiled, "Silly…! But don't worry about running into any humans here! All the faculty and staff are monsters just like you! And since the academy is located inside the secret 'borderlands'… no human has ever even seen it. At least – not seen it and LIVED!"

Naruto flinched and looked down at his desk, "Shit! But why was I invited here by the headmaster if I'm a human and not welcome!? I don't understand. Am I the only human here? What about Tsukune?" Naruto looked at Tsukune and saw that he was sweating and obviously fearing for his life and for good reason too. Naruto could feel cold sweat form on his head. He didn't like this one bit.

Naruto and Tsukune's thoughts were broken by the door to the classroom opening.

"Oh…! I'm s-sorry! I got lost in the halls after the ceremony and… Sorry I'm late!"

Ms. Nekonome smiled at her, "it's all right. Just take any empty seat." "What a polite girl!!"

Naruto looked up and let his jaw relax. It was Moka-chan! Moka looked like she was glowing. Naruto could hear all the boys saying stuff about her. And he didn't like it one bit.

"Wh-Who is that?! That silky hair…! Those huge eyes…!"

"So…pretty… it can't be a disguise…she's just too…too…"


"My entire life is suddenly worthwhile!!!"

Naruto smiled at her and waved, "Ohayo, Moka-chan!" Tsukune looked at Naruto with the look in his eyes that said it all, "This is Akashiya Moka? She's the one Naruto-kun was talking about!?"

Moka looked over at whoever said her name, and saw Naruto. She smiled with glee and clomped him…in the middle of class while squealing, "It's you, Naruto!! Oh, I'm so happy we're in the same class!!"

Naruto chuckled nervously while he tried to pry Moka off him. Many guys weren't happy about this though.

"Hey!! Who's he?!"

"How does he know her?!"

"How can we even rate?!"

The dickhead from before looked at Moka with a thoughtful look, "…hmm." And licked his lips.


The bell rang and before Naruto could tell what happened he was dragged out the door, but before he was pulled away he managed to get a hold of Tsukune. Naruto smiled as he looked down at Moka who was clinging to his arm. Tsukune was walking next to him staring at Moka the whole time.

Moka was going on and on about the silliest things ever. Naruto just laughed and agreed to whatever she was saying then Naruto felt someone nudge his side and Tsukune was looking at him with an agitated look. Naruto blinked.

"Oh, gomen Tsukune, I forgot hehe. Oi, Moka-chan?"

Moka turned to him with a happy smile on her face, "Hmm?"

Naruto stopped walking and turned towards Tsukune, "This is Aono Tsukune, he's a friend of mine. Tsukune, this is Akashiya Moka."

Moka shook hands with Tsukune and then looked at Naruto thoughtfully; Naruto stared lazily down at her, "What is it?"

Moka fidgeted, "If Tsukune is a friend of Naruto, does that make Tsukune my friend?"

Tsukune blinked in surprise and smiled while scratching his cheek. Naruto laughed and scratched the back of his neck nervously. Naruto nudged Tsukune in the side so he would say something.

Tsukune jumped and looked at Naruto, who smiled and indicated to him to say something. Tsukune looked at her and laughed, "Of course Moka! We're friends!"

Moka looked up, smiled happily, and hugged both Naruto and Tsukune. "Yay!" she said, "Two friends in one day!"

Naruto smiled and said, "Yeah…"

Just then Naruto heard a voice, "They're right you know…"

Naruto turned around, along with Tsukune and Moka. The guy in Ms. Nekonome's classroom was standing there in front of them. The one who asked why he just couldn't eat the humans. Naruto narrowed his eyes with suspicion.

He continued to speak, "You are cute. Moka isn't it? My name's Komiya Saizo. Remember it."

Naruto snorted, "You aren't worth my time to remember your name."

Saizo ignored him, and picked up Tsukune by the shirt with one hand. Probably because he was closer to Moka then Naruto was but it doesn't matter. Saizo smirked, "What I want to know is… what's a girl like you doing with trash like these two?"

Tsukune looked down at Saizo with fear in his eyes, "This is the guy who…"

Naruto stepped between Saizo and Moka, a hand on the hand that has Tsukune in the air. "You better put Tsukune down, teme."

Saizo raised an eyebrow. "Oh, and I suppose you think you are the one who is going to make me."

Naruto smirked angrily, "haha. Oh no, you're going to do it because it was me who told you to…"

Saizo threw Tsukune down, and growled getting up into Naruto's face. Their height was about even, but Naruto was a bit taller. "You think you're all that don't you, bitch? Do you really want to mess with me?"

Naruto's eyes went slitted for a second, but remained blue. "Oh no douchbag. I'm just having a friendly conversation, something that you obviously lack in having with people. That and maybe some intellectual power…"

Saizo was about to retort when he was interrupted by Moka stepping between them and effectively stopping Naruto from doing anything to Saizo. Moka turned to Naruto, with pleading eyes, "Please, stop it, Naruto. I don't want anything bad to happen the first day of school…"

Naruto didn't stop glaring at Saizo but continued to walk away with Moka connected to his arm again, "Alright Moka-chan. . . for you."

The trio turned a corner and stopped. Then Moka broke the silence, "Whoo! That was kinda scary, huh?" she turned to Tsukune, "Are you all right Tsukune?"

Tsukune looked at her and smiled softly, "Uh…yeah! I'm fine!" but then he got a very embarrassed and nervous expression on his face.

"But…why are you guys being so friendly to me? I mean…I'm just an average guy…""One who's never had a real conversation with a girl before"

Naruto laughed aloud. Tsukune thought he was making fun of him so he looked down at the floor, but what Naruto said made him look at Naruto in a completely new light.

Naruto smiled at Tsukune, "Average? Tsukune, for some reason I have a feeling it's you and me who aren't the normal ones at this school. 'sides, we're friends aren't we? And I don't leave my friends behind or let anything bad happen to them. I protect my precious people with everything I got. No matter what the situation is. That's my promise of a lifetime, and I always keep my promises…" Naruto smiled down at the two of them, giving them his patented Foxy Smile.

Moka blushed at what he said, and smiled dreamily at Naruto, while Tsukune looked at Naruto, his first true friend, with touched eyes and then he looked down again. His bangs covering his eyes. Naruto looked at Tsukune and put his hands on his shoulders.

"We're in it together buddy."

All of a sudden Naruto was hugged fiercely by Tsukune making them fall out into the hallway. Tsukune was lying on top of Naruto, bawling into his chest. Naruto looked around embarrassed.

"Tsukune I know you feel all happy, but do you mind getting off me? It's kind of an embarrassing situation…Tsukune!"

Nearby walkers looked at the two males and started whispering to each other, all of them having a disgusted look on their face. One girl looked at Naruto and sighed whispered loud enough for Naruto to hear what she said, "It's a shame about that blonde guy. I would have really like to date him. He was soooo cute…to bad he's gay."

Naruto…stared. Then looked down at Tsukune. He twitched his eyebrow and called out after them, "Wait, it's not what it looks like! I just said some nice stuff and he's just very emotional! Hey, come one you have to believe me! He tackled me to the ground! He's molesting me!!! Come on!!!! Im not gay!!!!! I love girls he's just a creepy guy that I don't even know!!!! Oi, seriously!!! OOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!"


Naruto spent the rest of the day with Tsukune and Moka all grumpy like, Tsukune who was thoroughly embarrassed by what he did kept apologizing to Naruto, who every time Tsukune apologized too, was hit on the head by Naruto. While all throughout the day Naruto kept having some gay guys giving him some very…..interesting…..looks and even some brave ones game him their room number….

Naruto hated that day with a passion.

The Trio ended up walking to their dorm building. Which they all coincidently had the same one? Naruto and Moka ended up being closer than Tsukune was to…anyone really. Tsukune looked at the building nervously, "They can't really make us spend three years in that, that…"

Moka looked at the building like she was in love with it, "It's dreamy… have you ever seen a building with such personality?"

Tsukune looked at her flabbergasted and as if she were crazy, "Are we looking at the same dump??!!"

Moka looked at him like he was silly, "Huh? But this place is a monster's dream! By the way what type of monsters are you guys?"

Naruto and Tsukune was taken back and Naruto thought, "gotta think of something fast! Uhhhhhh….." Tsukune however….

"She thinks I'm a monster…crap!!!!"

Tsukune scratched his cheek, "Uh…well…um…"

Naruto appeared next to her and gave the 'I'm too happy' attitude, "We aren't supposed to give away our true identity, Moka-chan!"

Moka looked up then smiled softly, "Oh that's right, Naruto-kun! Thank-you for reminding me!"

Naruto sighed in relief then noticed the suffix to his name that she added. He blinked but shrugged. They started to walk towards their dorm but Naruto was studying Moka, "Ne, Moka-chan you said you were a vampire right?"

Tsukune looked at Naruto with a shocked expression, Neither Naruto or Moka noticed him. Moka smiled and nodded. Naruto stopped and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Um… well why is it that you look totally human from every angle?" Naruto avoided her eye contact in innocent behavior.

Moka smiled, "I may look like a human now, but… when I take off this 'Rosario'…I get reeeeeeally scary!!"

Naruto looked at Moka confused, "Rosario?"

Moka got into teaching mode, with a smile on her face. "It's a cross with a bead in the middle. It locks up vampiric powers. I don't like causing trouble anyway… so I'm happy to wear the Rosario and keep my powers in check!"

Naruto looked at Moka, She is so serious, cute…, and nice… she is different from me! But is she really… not human? Naruto's thoughts were interrupted when Moka got a little too close to Naruto; Tsukune looked at the two with a bewildered expression.

"Of course, even with her powers locked up, a girl still needs blood!" Moka smiled at Naruto while putting her hand on his chest.

Naruto looked at her nervously, "uh…Moka…chan?"

Moka then chomped down on Naruto's neck, "gotcha!"

Tsukune put his arms in front of his face, while looking utterly grossed out and flabbergasted. So instead of Naruto doing something, Tsukune decided to do something.



Tsukune looked at the letter in his hand. It was a letter of withdrawal. Tsukune sighed depressingly. Naruto, who was walking next to Tsukune, looked over at him.

"You're still worried about that?" Naruto inquired.

Tsukune once again sighed, "It's a new day…I wrote a letter of withdrawal to the principal…but…I just can't bring myself to deliver it. I don't want to be separated from you or Moka…"

Naruto shrugged, "Well, it's okay if you want to leave you know, but Moka and I will miss you a lot, you know. You're one of my few friends here." Naruto looked over at Tsukune. "but no one is making you stay here…I would understand if you left."

Tsukune looked at Naruto, "What about you? You're a human too in this school for monsters? Aren't you scared?"

Naruto looked forward again. "Na. This school is different, I have to admit but it's basically just like my old village, only with demons and fictional characters…'sides even If I wanted to leave I couldn't."

"Why?" Tsukune asked.

"Because," Naruto said, "Staying at this school is a mission I have to do from my village leader. If I don't do it then I'm considered a traitor."

Tsukune looked shocked. Naruto looked at the shorter boy and smiled, "I don't really mind though. As long as I have some friends here I should be fine. But I gotta do something quick. I'll see you in a minute." With that Naruto disappeared. Tsukune couldn't help but wonder how Naruto did that if he really was a human.

As he walked some more, Tsukune heard a voice, "Yo. Wait up, lady-killer."

Tsukune turned around and was grabbed by his tie by Saizo. Saizo lifted him up and slammed him into the wall right next to the dirt path. The blonde haired jerk smirked, "I hear you and Moka spent a lot of time together yesterday. Along with that Uzumaki guy. What's your true nature anyway?!"

Tsukune thought desperately in his head, "If he finds out I'm human, I'm dead!" "N-Nature?! I-I'm a…a…vampire…or something." Tsukune flinched when he said that. "Really now?! A vampire? Good idea, Aono!"

Saizo looked at him with utter hatred and anger. Without a second's notice Saizo punched the wall right behind Tsukune, making it crumble to the ground because of his power. Saizo dropped Tsukune, and with a demonic claw looked like Saizo was going to squeeze his head until it was crushed.

Saizo glared venomously at Tsukune, "A vampire?! The vampire is an immortal! Said to be the most powerful monster of them all! You. A vampire?! Don't make me laugh."

Saizo turned around and walked away, "Don't let me catch you or Uzumaki near Moka gain. Even if you two speak to her, you're dust. Make sure that blonde punk gets the message."

Tsukune watched him leave and started to hyperventilate. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped ten feet in the air. Tsukune whirled around to see Naruto standing there with an ice cream cone in his hand. He had another one in his other hand. Naruto gave him a strange look and handed him the ice cream cone.

"Ice cream?"

Tsukune looked at the ice cream, sighed and accepted it. Naruto and Tsukune sat down underneath a tree, enjoying their ice cream. Naruto looked over at the destroyed wall. "Ano…why is that wall destroyed? It wasn't like that when I left. Did something happen?"

Naruto looked over at Tsukune who wasn't eating his ice cream. "Naruto-kun…Saizo doesn't believe I'm a monster…and he said that if we get near Moka, he'll turn us both into dust…"

Naruto blinked, and then glared at Tsukune, "Saizo did that? Did he hurt you or anything? That bastard! I'll destroy his face next time I see him!"

"No! Naruto-kun don't you get it? He thinks I'm human and he said he'll kill us both if we get next to Moka again!" Tsukune pleaded.

Naruto smiled reassuringly at Tsukune, "I'd like to see him try to kill me. Moka-chan is our friend. And I'll be damned if I don't talk to her again just because some jerk thinks he's better than us."

Tsukune's head dropped, "I wouldn't be surprised if he was better than us."

Naruto took another lick of his ice cream. "Besides, no matter what I won't give up on you guys 'cause we're friends, Tsukune."

Tsukune sighed in a hopeless attempt at convincing Naruto to at least think logically.

"Naruto! Tsukune! Is that you?"

Naruto and Tsukune turned around and were both tackled to the ground by a very excited Moka. "We better hurry or we'll be late to class! Com on you two!"

Tsukune gasped, "M-Moka…!"

He gave her a sad, pathetic look. Moka then noticed he was carrying his bags. "Tsukune…? You're carrying your luggage…?"

Tsukune turned away from her. "I don't know what to do, Moka. This school is too scary! I want to go to a…human school!"

Moka blinked in shock as Naruto licked his ice cream patiently, watching the two's conversation. "to…a…?" Moka stuttered out.

She then turned her now angry eyes on Tsukune, "No! you can't go to a human school! I HATE humans!"

Naruto licked his ice cream and suddenly dropped it with shock. Tsukune looked at Moka, appalled. "What?!"

Moka fidgeted with her feet and looked down, "I…I went to middle school with humans… and I was so lonely. They all said, 'monsters don't exist, except in stories!' I felt like a freak! I started to think it might be better… if I really didn't exist. I thought it would never be any different…that is…until I met Naruto! And you too! Now for the first time, I know I'm not really alone!"

Naruto stared sadly at Moka, knowing the feeling of being alone all too well. He sighed, he was pretty sure no one knew it better than he did. Naruto imagined the first time Iruka asked him to go to eat ramen together; it was the best feeling in the world. Naruto imagined how he would feel if the next day Iruka said he had to go away because he hated Konoha. It didn't turn out to be a good feeling, and Naruto understood how Moka felt.

Moka looked at him with pleading eyes, "you can't go Tsukune! We'll help you get through this together!"

Tsukune looked down so that his bangs covered his eyes. "What if…" he gulped, "What if I were one of those humans you hate? Would you still stop me?"

Moka looked shocked. To the point of not being able to speak, "What?" she asked quietly."

Tsukune closed his eyes, "Moka…I am." He steeled his resolve. "I'm a human. I got into this school by mistake! I'm different from you, Moka."

Naruto closed his eyes in sadness. So he was a human? No wonder he really was scared. Naruto looked at Moka's reaction and wasn't surprised to see disbelief. "but that's impossible! No human could possibly…"

Moka looked at him with fear and a little bit of hatred, but mostly sadness. Tsukune turned away from her, "So. Now that youknow I'm a human that's how you look at me." Moka looked surprised.

"I was right, this isn't the place for me."

Moka grabbed his shoulder trying to stop him, "…! Wait! Tsukune…is it really true? I –"

Tsukune cut her off, "You hate humans remember?! Well maybe I don't like monsters, either!" with that said Tsukune turned and ran away with his luggage.

Moka tried calling out to him, "Tsukune!"

Naruto watched him leave and felt somewhat sorry. His second day and the perfect first day was ruined, by this dispute. Moka kept her head down as she let some of her tears fall. Naruto felt compelled to stay where he was at, not saying a word.

Moka didn't turn to him, "So what are you then…? Are you a human too?"

Naruto didn't answer right away. He closed his eyes and looked down, "…Yeah."

Moka whirled around, facing him. She had tears rolling down her face. "Well then why don't you leave too? You probably hate monsters too now after I said that stuff."

Naruto watched as she fell to the ground, covering her face with her hands. He walked up to her and knelt in front of her. She looked meekly up at him. Naruto smiled warmly at her, "Every human kinda has this fear and hatred of monsters, but to me Moka-chan, you're not just a monster…"

Moka looked at him. Naruto used his thumbs to wipe a few tears off her cheeks, Moka blushed at the contact. "To me, Moka, you're my dearest friend and I won't ever leave you."

Moka sniffled and hugged him, crying softly into his neck. Naruto hugged her back and ran a hand through her hair. Making soothing noises. Soon Moka let go of him, and Naruto stared her in the eyes. "Moka, I'll have to leave you for a bit. Please don't get into trouble? I promise you I'll be back, and I always keep my promises."

Moka sniffled again and nodded, but she held out her pinky on her hand. "Pinky promise?" she asked softly

Naruto grinned at her, "Pinky promise." He entwined his pinky with hers and with that he disappeared.


Tsukune looked across the red ocean and at this very strange cliff. He heard the bus pull up and sighed, "Now I can go back…to my totally average life….but…is this what I really want…?"

He saw the bus pull up to him. The door opened and the bus driver from before was smoking his cigar again. He looked at Tsukune and smiled, "hehehe… I knew you'd run away."

Tsukune looked surprised, the driver continued, "I could see it in your face." He opened the door to the bus, "No regrets boy? The climb aboard."

Tsukune looked down and was about to take a step on the bus when a voice stopped him.

"You sure, you really want to do that?"

Tsukune whipped around and saw Naruto leaning on a tree staring coolly at him. He pushed off the tree and walked to Tsukune. He stopped only when he was in front of Tsukune. Naruto waved at the bus driver.

"Ohayo, Oji-san." The bus driver tipped his hat to Naruto, "Ohayo, Naruto-kun." Tsukune blinked. Naruto looked back at the shorter boy.

"We would really miss you if you left Tsukune…remember I made a promise to always protect you…and I always keep my promises." Naruto said seriously.

Tsukune hesitated.


Moka walked around thinking about what Naruto and Tsukune said. She sighed and kicked a rock on the ground, "I finally make some friends…and I push them away…"

She then felt someone grab her wrist and her waist, she heard a slimy voice from behind her, "…and what brings you here…all alone?"

She turned to the voice and saw shaggy blonde hair…and a lip piercing. "S-Saizo!!!!"

He smacked his lips and grinned insanely, "If you're lonely…I can take care of that!"

Moka broke free of his grip and put some space between the two of them. She screamed, afraid of this monster. Saizo threw off his school jacket and chuckled, "I'm serious. Your beauty is on a completely different level from the humans I played with! I want you to be my girl, Akashiya Moka!"

Saizo's tongue grew and his hand transformed into claws, the veins poking out sickeningly from under his skin. Moka flinched when she saw his hand, "S-Saizo?"

Saizo started transforming into a very grotesque…thing. He chuckled darkly, "Whoops. When I get nervous, my body starts to change. Then I just can't stay in human form."

Moka looked horrified, "N…No…" She said weakly, "Someone help…" She felt the fear well up inside her like gushing water and she did only what came natural to her.


Saizo laughed evilly, "it's kinda breaking the school rules but let's make out! Wanna kiss?" his tongue was dangling somewhere around his chest while he said this. Then his tongue reached out and was going to rub her cheek but right before it touched her, a voice called out to her.


Saizo looked towards the voice and saw the blonde hair punk, from before; in mid air with some sort of blue sphere thing in his hands…he didn't look happy at all. Saizo grinned and said "Uzumaki! I've waited for this!"

Moka shouted to Naruto, "Be careful Naruto! This is Saizo's true form!"

Naruto growled, "Well I've waited to do this! Rasengan!"

The blue sphere hit Saizo's chest. Saizo wasn't expecting it to hurt so he let it hit him, but what he got instead was a world of pain. Saizo couldn't help but scream as he was hurdled into the air and through a tree. Naruto landed lightly on the ground and turned towards Moka.

Moka saw Naruto hit Saizo square in the chest with…whatever that was. Then after he landed she saw Tsukune running toward her. She smiled and called out to him, "Tsukune! You came back!"

Tsukune grinned, "Of course, Moka! After all, we're friends right?"

Moka got all teary and nodded her head in enthusiasm. She saw Naruto and grinned at him but then her eyes widened and she pointed to something behind Naruto.

"Watch out, Naruto-kun!"

Naruto whipped around just in time to meet a fist to his face. He flew far back and was stopped roughly by another dead tree. Naruto slid down the tree and sat at the base of the trunk, his face contorted in pain. Moka and Tsukune shouted to him!

They two of them looked back at Saizo with fear. No grin was on Saizo's face anymore, only that of pure hatred. He had a huge purple bleeding spot on his chest. The blood dripped down from it like water from a facet, the wound itself was smoking. Moka and Tsukune couldn't take their eyes off him.

Saizo roared as he brought his hand back and smoked Tsukune right in the chest with it. Tsukune was sent flying back and rolled. Moka cried to him and got to his side in a second to see if he was alright.

Saizo laughed maliciously, "What's the matter little 'vampire'? I've always wanted to test my strength against one of you! Too bad you're just trash!"

Moka sat by Tsukune's side and made sure he was all right. She felt tears well up in her eyes, "N-no! this is awful. You both came back for me!" Moka felt the tears run down her cheeks, "I'm so sorry…I used to…used to want to believe… that I could really have a human friend. But…I'm a vampire. I suck the blood of humans. I hurt them. I wanted to think that the right person and I…could overcome that…"

Moka looked at Tsukune's face and then at Naruto who was over by the tree attempting to stand up. I trail of blood flowed down the right side of his face. He was staring at Moka. She then turned back to Tsukune. "But I guess it's impossible. I'd only end up hurting you both too!"

Tsukune moved and coughed, "It's true."

Moka cried, "Tsukune?!"

Tsukune used her shoulder for support, "I'm weak and ordinary. But…I realized I can't just run away like this…and leave you and Naruto-san."

Naruto growled when he said his name like that. But let Tsukune finish, "Moka…I want to be your friend."

Moka looked shocked beyond words she then felt another hand on her other shoulder and turned to see Naruto, grinning foxily at her. "I also wish to stay your friend Moka…chan."

Saizo reared back his fist and yelled angrily at Naruto and Tsukune, "Are you deaf?! I told you both – stay away from her!!"

Moka and Tsukune both watched in horror as his fist came closer to them. If it hit either of them, they would most likely die. They closed their eyes waiting for the pain…and waited. Soon they both peeked through their eyelids and saw with shock and awe…

Naruto stood facing them, his hands were perfectly horizontal, blocking the blow for them. Naruto's eyes were facing towards the ground, so you couldn't see them. Saizo looked pissed off and slightly scared that Naruto was able to stop his punch. Naruto chuckled.

"Didn't you hear what I said to you guys? I told you…I will protect you with my life. It's a promise."

Naruto looked at them and they saw his eyes were slitted blue and he was grinning. His already pointed and long canines were even pointier and longer. Now they looked like fangs. Saizo drew his hand back. And Naruto got scarily serious. He pointed at Saizo.

"This fight is between you and me, Teme!"

Saizo chuckled and said, "That's only what I would wish for, Uzumaki!"

Once again Saizo threw a punch, but Naruto jumped over it. Saizo looked up at the blond haired boy and instead was met with a foot in his face. Saizo tumbled to the ground in a heap. Naruto landed gracefully but then his face contorted in pain. He started to hop around on one foot, holding the one he just kicked Saizo with.

"Ouch, what is he made out of? Rock?"

Saizo got up again and this time threw a punch, Naruto didn't have time to dodge so he tried lessening the blow, but that still didn't help much.


"Naruto!" Moka and Tsukune cried as he was hit into the ground. As small crater was there and in the middle of the dust and smoke Naruto was standing…barely. He looked at Saizo angrily and spit out a tiny bit of blood. Naruto wiped his mouth. He growled at Saizo.

"Okay teme…it's now time to get serious."

Naruto started to do handseals fast. Moka, Tsukune, and Saizo all looked interested and confused by what he was doing. Soon when Naruto was done, he spread his legs shoulder width apart. 45 degree bend in each one. He grabbed his right hand with he held low by his knees and somewhat in front of him. Naruto grinned.

"Compliments to Kakashi-sensei for teaching me this technique."

After he said that blue lightening started to form in his hand, it also started to circle around his body. The lightening gave off an eerie blue glow, showing Naruto face in a different and very intimidating light. Soon the lightening started to take form in Naruto's right hand, creating a sound that was somewhat familiar to the other three monsters (minus one).

Moka looked around confusedly, "Why is that sound familiar?"

Tsukune squinted his eyes in confusion and realization, "…Birds..? And lots of them."

Naruto grinned darkly at Saizo but was thinking, "Where should I hit him? Maybe his head?" All of a sudden Naruto disappeared and reappeared right behind Saizo's head, his arm was cocked back ready to strike him. Saizo heard the sound and instead of turning around just decided to lean to the side to dodge. But alas the strange huge monster was too slow. Naruto struck Saizo in the neck letting the air around them be in an explosion of blood. Everyone there heard the strange word Naruto was able to shout before he destroyed Saizo's neck.


The blood fell down upon Saizo and Naruto, showering them in the red juice. Saizo gave a deafening scream of pain. The gurgling sound in his voice suggested that there was blood in his mouth too. Naruto dangled from Saizo's body trying to get his arm free of the neck. Saizo in extreme rage and pain grabbed Naruto, and threw him. But with Naruto's arm still stuck in Saizo's neck the only way to get him off him was to break Naruto's arm at the elbow.

A sickening pop, then a crack was heard, sort of like when a tree branch breaks off the tree only imagine it with a wetter sound. It was more of a SPLACK then a crack. Naruto screamed in pain, and was thrown into the same tree he was earlier on the fight. Naruto lay there fighting tears and curses that would defiantly stream out of his mouth. Trying to stay conscious from the pain was difficult already. For Naruto knew, the place on the human body with the most nerves in a place was the groin, and the elbows and kneecaps. Breaking those limits on you would make any normal person pass out almost instantly, but Naruto was very different.

"Naruto-kun!" Moka shouted threw her dazed faze.

Moka and Tsukune looked disgusted. Tsukune was green from the amount of blood, and the sound of Naruto breaking his elbow. Moka was having a hard time concentrating because the smell of blood was so strong. Tsukune knew he and Moka needed to do something fast. He turned to Moka and looked in her eye. Above Saizo's line of curses and screaming Moka hardly heard him, but was glad she did.

"Moka, show me the Rosario."

Moka lifted her neck up and Tsukune grabbed the Rosario and ripped it off with one mighty pull. A bright light was seen and a devilish pink-red glowed off Moka. She disappeared in the light and Saizo's attention was finally on her. Naruto watched in extreme pain as the transformation occurred.

Naruto and Tsukune remembered her words, "When I take off this 'Rosario'…I get reeeeeeally scary!!"

Naruto watched as her hands turned into pale, claws. Her breasts size got drastically bigger, she gained more 'junk in the trunk' but it was still beautifully round. Her teeth turned into fangs, and from where Naruto saw her hair had turned silver too.

Saizo looked fearfully at this transformed 'Moka'. "What is this? This radiating power? It's not her anymore. It's something else!!"

Moka slowly opened her eyes and everyone saw the same thing as the next guy there. Moka's eyes were blood red and were slitted just like Naruto's foxy eyes were.

Naruto, Tsukune, and Saizo all had the same thoughts, "Her eyes are red! Are these the eyes of a vampire?"

However they all had different thoughts after that, Tsukune's was "This is the vampire!?"

Saizo thought in total fear, "Red eyes…and unearthly power! So the legends are true! The most fearsome of Monsters – the Vampire!"

Naruto however had an entirely different reaction to the situation, "So this is the vampire…it's like an older Moka but way more beautiful."

Vampire Moka was giving Saizo a sexy look, almost sarcastically. "What's the matter…little boy? I thought you wanted to snuggle. So why not show us how strong you are… and…"

She held out her hand to Saizo, an evil glint in her eyes. "…Gimme a hug?

Saizo reached out to grab the new Moka with pure hatred and anger. Tsukune looked shocked and yelled out to her, "No! Moka!"

Moka didn't move as he grabbed her everyone was shocked that she didn't even try to move or duck or…anything at all. But what she said next was simply amazing. "Is that all you've got?"

Naruto watched as she moved at his kind of speeds with his weights on and appeared in front of Saizo's face ready to give him a brutal kick. She gave him a scary look and said with venom, "Know…your…PLACE!!"

She gave Saizo a kick that rocked his world…forever. He went crashing through several trees and finally rolled on the ground until he stopped. Moka put her hand out in front of her, almost as if she was challenging him to get up again. She smirked sexily.

"Typical monster. All size. I said, know your place."

Naruto watched in interest as she walked towards him and knelt down to be eyelevel to Naruto. She touched his elbow and Naruto flinched in pain. She then smirked coldly back at his face.

"You are very strong for a human…Naruto…Are you afraid of me…?"

Naruto looked at Vampire Moka and said in a strong voice, "What's the matter with you? I couldn't be afraid of a friend." The Vampire Moka smirked and leaned in close to Naruto. Oh so dangerously close. She whispered in his ear. "That's good. I wouldn't want you to be afraid of me…you are very interesting…Uzumaki Naruto. And your blood tastes oh so delicious…stay well, Naruto. The other Moka wouldn't want you to go anywhere."

Naruto watched as she pulled away. He could swear he felt her lick his neck as she spoke. He narrowed her eyes as she got up and left, walking over to Tsukune. She snatched the Rosario from Tsukune. She turned towards him, and smirked. "Don't be so jittery. It's been a while since I've been awakened…I'm still drowsy. But I won't hurt you because you seem to be a precious friend to the real me. And to that delectable boy over there. Till we meet again. You two just keep babysitting Moka…'kay?"

Naruto watched as Vampire Moka put back on the Rosario and fall into Tsukune's arms. Naruto couldn't help but smile then he flinched as the pain of his body finally decided to make itself known to him. Apparently, he took a big beating…the same as always. Naruto looked over at the two and decided now was the best time just to go to sleep…yeah sleep is good.


The bus driver watched from the cliff where the bus was located at. He was smoking again and said in an interested voice, "…You two are awfully young for this place. Especially you Tsukune…I have a feeling that Naruto-kun will be able to keep up with this school. But Good luck to the two of you now…you're going to need it."


Tsukune was standing outside with Naruto, who had bandages wrapped around his head and had a crutch for the slightly fractured left leg, when he kicked Saizo in the face. His right arm was bandaged and in a sling. Tsukune had a simple band-aid on his right eyebrow. Nothing too serious. They both were looking at Tsukune's Withdrawal letter. Naruto smiled at Tsukune and the brunette nodded. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and mentally counted to three in his head.

Naruto watched as he did this but then something hugged his back fiercely causing pain to go up his entire right arm. Naruto's eyes widened comically as he yelped very loudly.

"G'morning, Naruto! Good to see you feeling better!" she kissed Naruto on the cheek but he didn't noticed as he tried to say something back but all that came out of his mouth was, "…Gyah…"

Moka blinked then blushed beat red and jumped off him. "Oops! I'm sorry Naruto!" She scratched her cheek in embarrassment. Naruto smiled at her, "A-ah. It's okay, Moka-chan." she smiled then turned to Tsukune to say the same thing but saw that he had a ripped piece of paper in his hands, comical tears were flowing down his face. Moka looked sheepish.

Naruto laughed at Tsukune as did Moka. Soon Tsukune started to join in laughing, all the while Naruto thought in his head.

"and so my truly bizarre student life begins…"

Moka turned towards Naruto and fidgeted. "Naruto…Th-Th-Thanks f-f-for…" Naruto turned towards her and saw her dangerously close to his face. He sweat dropped.

Moka blushed, "Geez! I get so nervous around you!" Naruto blinked in surprise, "Really…?"

"…But I've found someone special here that I wouldn't find anywhere else."

Moka bit his neck, "Yeah! 'cause I keep wanting to suck your blood!"

Naruto sweat dropped, "See what I mean!?"

Tsukune pulled Moka off Naruto, "Moka-san, I think Naruto-san needs all the blood he can get right now…"

"but I also have Tsukune…the only other human in this school and a very good friend of mine."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched as Moka looked sheepish. "Tsukune! How many times do I have to tell you! Just call me Naruto or I will beat you to a pulp!"

Tsukune flinched, "A-ah! Gomen, Naruto-san! I m-mean Naruto!"

Naruto smirked in victory and laughed again, this time the other two joining in with him.

"But maybe being away from home for a while will do me some good…and these to crack heads also."


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