Legend of Naruto: The Kitsune Monster

Chapter 3 – Club Activities.

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Naruto panted as he looked at his opponent. He growled at the duplicate of the foxy boy. They were having a standoff, in a clearing far from the school. Naruto found this the second day of school and decided to make it his personal training grounds. Today, or should I say, this early morning, Naruto was wearing a pair of loose black Basketball shorts, and a plain white t-shirt on. His headband was back on his forehead, and the many bracelets around Naruto's wrists were bandaged down so they wouldn't get in the way of his training. Naruto wiped his brow as he got into an offensive taijutsu stance. His hands were relaxed and not clenched, while his arms were a little parted from his body at a 90 degree bend at the elbow. He legs were shoulder length apart, a slight bend in his legs.

The taijutsu stance he was in was something Gai's brother…Doode… another taijutsu monster, minus the green spandex, had taught him while he was on the training trip with Ero-sennin. Naruto unconsciously flinched, thinking about Jiraiya was still too hard to do. He relaxed his face into a battle hard face, one that had seen things no one wants to see. This taijutsu style concentrated on very fast movements, jabs, elbows and harsh knees and kicks. It was called, "Rising Phoenix"

Suddenly the original Naruto disappeared. And reappeared to the side of the clone who was in a standard Hyuuga defensive taijutsu stance. Doode-san had been trained by a Hyuuga for a Jonin-sensei when he was a genin and he had learned so much from the man. Doode had figured out that even though you don't have the Byakugan you can still do their taijutsu style, misusing the fact that you can't use tenketsu to render your opponent useless, but instead Doode decided to use pressure points or nerve points in replace of the tenketsu.

And though it took Naruto almost an unlimited amount of practice and training, Naruto was able to master this type of Taijutsu along with several others. You may think that three years isn't enough to master many taijutsu styles, Jiraiya taught Naruto the true abilities of the Kagebunshin, which in turn allowed Naruto to master several taijutsu styles, several sword battling styles and many powerful jutsu, in that short amount of time. And while Naruto's clones were practicing all this Naruto, the real Naruto, had only been conditioning his body for three years. Intense training and hard work allowed to catch up to Lee, in terms of speed and power. Both without their weights on, in Naruto's case gravity seal, Lee and Naruto were about the same speed as each other.

But what gave Naruto an advantage over Lee in speed was a technique he had used and completed. Jiraiya had thought it was ridiculous to let Naruto try to experiment on this very famous technique so that Naruto could use the Technique with absolutely no setbacks what so ever. The last year of Naruto's training consisted of him training physically, having battle strategies taught to him by Jiraiya and learning about seals excessively and then finally experimenting on a jutsu Jiraiya thought was impossible for Naruto to use.

The Hirashin no Jutsu.

While Naruto had a very difficult time using the Hirashin due to the amount of chakra it took and chakra control it took, he still was able to use it with the specially made kunai. Naruto was trying so very hard to be able to get the Hirashin to work without any seals on a kunai.

So all in all…Naruto was trying to create a technique that allowed him to travel through space and time to get to a spot anywhere in the world instantly.

Jiraiya himself was doubtful that Naruto could do it, but Naruto never gave up and is still to this day working on that technique. But enough of that, let's get back to the match…

Naruto had appeared next to the clone who was in a standard Hyuuga defensive taijutsu stance, ready to kick him viscously in the face. The clone dodged the attack by taking a step back, then while Naruto was still in the air attacked him using a palm strike to his thigh. Naruto used his hand to push the clones hand away and right when Naruto's foot touched the ground, he disappeared again. The clone dodged an uppercut from Naruto as he used his middle and pointer finger to jab at a seemingly random part on his leg. Naruto disappeared again.

Naruto stood again, a little bit of a distance away. He narrowed his eyes at his clone who smirked. Naruto could feel part of his leg numb up in pain from his clone using chakra to pinch a nerve closed. Naruto disappeared and snuck up behind the clone sending a rough round house kick to the back of the clone. The clone dissipated into a puff of smoke. Naruto sighed as he created another clone and had him do the same thing that the first clone did.

This went on for about an hour before one of the clones Naruto was fighting, decided to take the battle just a tad bit too far. Naruto was exhausted, tired, hungry, and in pain. Several of his muscles were stinging in pain as the clones continued to assault the inside of his body with their chakra palm strikes. Many places on his body were numb from those stupid finger jabs they kept doing. Naruto sprinted at the clone fast, ready to give him a hard elbow to the chest, attempting to end this fight right then and there.

The clone grinned stupidly at Naruto, then made a one handed Ram seal. Naruto didn't notice the seal until it was too late. The clone grinned and yelled, "Boom!"

And the clone did go boom. Naruto grimaced as pain flooded his body. The explosion the clone created sent him flying back, skidding across the ground. Naruto felt himself hit his head on something very hard, then a wet splack sound was made, and Naruto's world went black.


Naruto groaned as he felt himself awake to the world of the living. He flinched as his head felt like someone was pounding dull nails into his brain. Naruto felt around his head. He touched a sensitive wet spot on the back of his head. He felt around then flinched bringing his hand to his face to see what the wet substance was…it was blood. Naruto knew that even though there was blood on his head he most likely didn't have any injuries. Naruto got up. His body complaining from the stiffness and soreness. He started walking back to his dorm room to get ready for the day.

Naruto arrived at his room and sighed. Closing the door behind him. He trudged slowly to the bathroom, undressing whatever remained of his clothes. Naruto turned on the water, and checked the temperature. He withdrew his hand, as it was too cold for his liking. As Naruto waited for the water to warm up he looked at himself in the mirror. Naruto had to admit to himself…he had a nice body. He flexed a couple times and then smiled sexily at himself. Before he flinched in pain as his head still was quite tender. Naruto sighed and looked at his body, this time at the scars on his body.

There were too many scars to count, but one grayish pinkish one stood out the most. It was in a roundish type shape. About the size of a fist… Naruto closed his eyes, feeling the scar with his fingers. One of the many that was not only on his body, but on his heart. Naruto looked at the mirror again and felt anger well up inside. Just thinking about that bastard made him angry.

Naruto slammed his fists on the sink counter. He looked at his image and wasn't surprised to see red eyes staring back at him. Naruto took a deep breath to calm down and felt the Kyuubi's chakra leave him. Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his neck, "God I hate this school."

…and then he got into the shower…


Naruto gave Moka a dead panned look. Moka was giving Naruto a shocked, unsure and almost pleading look. She put her hand on her chest. "Its …its really alright, Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged, "Yeah…it is. For like the fourth time."

Moka blushed and leaned in dramatically, "Oh…I'm so happy, Naruto…"

Naruto smiled nervously and laughed, "Moka-chan…?"

She leaned even closer, "Its…it's the first time…you know…"

Naruto leaned his head to the left as she grabbed onto his neck with her fangs, "…That you let me suck your blood…"

Even though Tsukune had seen Naruto get his blood sucked by Moka many times…this time…it just felt so wrong. Tsukune shivered, "Oh! I wish I was Naruto!"

Naruto always felt so weird when she sucks his blood. Like his life source was slowly draining away…

A girlie scream went through the air as Naruto fell to the ground. Moka held her face tenderly and day-dreamed. "Oh! Naruto's blood is always so yummy!"

Naruto lay on the ground, a little cloud over his head as he saw the stars in the middle of day. "Thanks to her I'm always on the ground… But Moka-chan's never gonna know that will she…"

Naruto, Moka, and Tsukune all heard the bell ring for morning classes to start. They all left to go to their respective classes.

As they arrived in the same classroom, they chatted for a while but then the bell rung again. Nekonome-sensei walked in, as perky as ever. She smiled at the class, "As you all know…this academy's goal is to train monsters to adapt to human way of life…just as I have been saying all along…"

She perked up even more, "So that means…starting today you're all going to take up club activities!"

Several groans went through the classroom, Naruto looked out the window, uninterested in what she was saying. Tsukune blinked slightly confused…Moka looked…excited…like always.

Nekonome-sensei pointed to the black board. On the black board was a rectangle with the words 'club activities.' On it. An arrow was pointing away from the box and a list was set up all of it saying 'human sports, human arts, human values.' On it. Nekonome-sensei smiled, "We'll get a deeper understanding of humans by experiencing with human-made activities through some sweat in a club! To transform into humans perfectly, you must have a clear understanding of humans!"

A boy, either brave or stupid, stood up, "Uh…ummmmm…sensei?" he asked raising his hand. Naruto looked at him, uninterested.

The boy pointed to Nekonome-sensei's tail, "Wouldn't that give you an 'F' in transformation?" whispers went around the room about sensei having a tail. Naruto raised an eyebrow in slight shock but then shrugged, "if Kurumu-chan can have a tail and creepy bat wings, Nekonome-sensei can have a tail."

Nekonome-sensei just squinted at her tail then at the boy…it was quiet.

…then she mauled his face, scratching at it without mercy. The boy cried comically as blood flowed from his wounds. Nekonome-sensei continued as if nothing happened. "Understand?! Everyone will participate in club activities!" it was quite obvious that she was trying to hide her tail behind a book that she somehow obtained.

She continued, "Everyone! Please visit many groups and decide which one you want to enter! Be sure to visit the Newspaper club that I'm advisor for, okay?!"


Naruto, Tsukune and Moka were all very excited to pick out a club activity they can all do together… Moka turned towards the two boys. One was looking around in awe and excitement, the other was just looking around with his hands behind his head. Tsukune smiled, "Isn't it awesome! I bet every club has someone advertising it here!"

Moka giggled, "What group should we enter?"

Naruto stopped walking, "I don't really care as long as it something…not boring. And as long as I'm with you two!"

Tsukune thought a swimming suit pooped up in his head, "How about the swimming club?"

Naruto nodded thoughtfully, "Yeah, swimming is fun and active, and I get to spend my time with you two. I like it!" Naruto leaned in close to Tsukune nudging him, "'Sides, I know you wouldn't mind seeing Moka-chan in a two piece, would you?"

Tsukune blushed and thought, "Well, that's exactly what I was thinking…"

Moka looked away from them, stuttering, "But…err…I…" she looked back at the two of them and smiled excitedly, "Anyway it's still way too early to decide, let's go visit a lot of clubs since they went through all of this trouble!"

Moka, Tsukune, and Naruto all walked around getting many different ideas and strange people asking them to be in their club. Moka first had a creepy guy offer her a spot in the modeling club with nude pictures…then after that was a geeky guy holding a basket of bugs, he was with the chemistry club…then after that there was an acupuncture club, a mummy club and even a creepy club…

Naruto himself was asked to be in many clubs with the female student body like a cheerleading club with many different, beautiful girls giving him a sexy look. Naruto asked, "Isn't cheerleading just for girls?"

One blonde-haired girl nodded, "Normally, yes. But for you we can make an exception. You don't even have to do anything! You could just watch us!"

Naruto's interest was captured but before he could answer he was pushed away by Moka who gave the slutty girls a very harsh death glare. Naruto waved good-bye with a goofy grin on his face. Another club that offered was a massage club, where the club members took turns each session giving each other a massage. The girls in that group practically dragged Naruto over to them, while Moka grabbed Naruto's wrist and dragged him away…again. And Naruto waved goodbye…again. And Tsukune was thinking about the power of Uzumaki Naruto and his abilities that he holds over women…again…

Tsukune sighed, "Don't they have any normal clubs at this school?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah like basketball…"

Tsukune nodded agreeing before he realized what Naruto was saying. In a corner was a basketball hoop and a couple of older students who looked over at anyone who dared try to shoot the ball. Naruto watched as several students attempted to make the ball to in the hoop but after many tries no one was able to do it. Tsukune looked at Naruto like he was crazy, "Why, basketball! Moka can't do it! It's only for guys!"

Naruto nodded again not paying attention, "…I'll be back…"

Naruto went over to the boys. Tsukune sighed and looked at Moka and shrugged, "Well, I guess we don't have a club to join…"

The two heard a voice behind them and they looked at the source. A beautiful girl was standing there in nothing but a bikini and a towel on, she had brown wavy hair. Two girls were standing behind her. She looked at Tsukune, "I'm the swimming club captain, Ichinose Tamao. Why don't we swim together?"

She gave Tsukune a smile, "The swimming club is all female, and we'll give special attention to the boy who joins our club…"

Tsukune could hear all the boys asking Tamao if they could join the club, while he thought in his head, "Whew, thank goodness…it seems like the swimming club is still normal…"

They all followed the club to an outdoor swimming pool. They simmers all threw off their clothes and were all in nothing but a bikini. Several of the males that followed also looked at the scene with hearts in their eyes and bloody noses. They were very excited about being there obviously. One of the girls waved everyone over, "Let's all swim together! We have spare swim-suits!"

As everyone changed and got into the pool, enjoying themselves one thought went through each of their minds, "The swimming club rocks!"

Tsukune looked towards the water and was grinning happily, imagining him and Moka swimming together. He chuckled, "At least Naruto decided to join that basketball club…now it's just me and Moka-san!"

He pumped his fists as fire appeared in his eyes, imagining him and Moka swimming, and having a great time. Moka, however, was looking at the water fearfully and nervously. She turned towards Tsukune, "Ummmm…Tsukune? I…don't really like swimming…"

Tsukune's world went crashing down on him.

Tsukune and Moka were sitting by the pool side, watching everyone else enjoy playing in the water. Tsukune sighed, "I guess it's true…Moka-san doesn't understand my feelings at all…my dream of seeing Moka-san in a swimsuit…"

They both heard a voice, "Oh, what are you doing over here?"

Tsukune felt the Captain Tamao's arms wrap around his torso. Tsukune blushed, he felt the barely covered up assets of the swimming club captain rub on his back. Moka looked surprised at the captain being so…forward but other than that had no other visible reaction.

The captain looked at Moka, "Hm…so you're the rumored Akashiya Moka…the rumors say that you're a vampire, I wonder if it's true. Well…anyway…this is a swimming club." She gave Moka a hard, cold look, "If you have no intention to swim, why don't you leave?"

Moka was slightly surprised by her rudeness. And quietly answered, "Tsukune's a friend. I have nowhere else to go to…"

….ten minutes later…..

Moka sat in the same spot, watching the two in the water flirt and have a good time with each other. Moka was bored and slightly lonely. She really wanted to swim but since she was a vampire…

Moka's thoughts drifted to Naruto. Was he really going to join that basketball club? "He'd be good at it", Moka thought sadly, thinking about how they would be separated if he did join…and with Tsukune joining the swimming club she would be all alone…again. Moka saw Tsukune look at him, she waved at him, trying to cover up her loneliness. It seemed to work as Tsukune smiled back and continued laughing and swimming with Tamao.

"Well he looks like he's having fun."

Moka jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice, she turned around to see Naruto…eating an ice cream cone…he had another one in his hand. Moka's face brightened when she saw him. Naruto handed her the extra ice cream cone. She started licking it, now happy. She smiled at Naruto, "He's been flirting with her for a little while now. They seem to be having a lot of fun."

Naruto nodded taking a lick, "Yeah, it's about time someone noticed Tsukune…"

Tsukune looked over at Moka again, having a slightly guilty conscious at leaving her alone, and saw that she was laughing and talking with Naruto. Both of them had Ice cream in their hands. Tsukune smiled, somewhat happy that Moka wasn't alone over there anymore but didn't like that it had to be Naruto. The girl Tsukune was crushing on was crushing on Naruto… Not helping…plus Tsukune couldn't help but wonder how Naruto always got those ice cream cones.

A couple of the girls noticed Naruto and looked at each other and grinned. They walked up behind Naruto and both hugged him. Naruto dropped his ice cream he looked on sadly as he heard the girls that made him drop his ice cream say, "What's this? Why aren't you in the pool?"

Naruto looked at them slightly angered, "Well I don't have swimming trunks and I'm not a big fan of swimming…"

They smiled, "Oh, don't worry we have extras!"

Naruto shook his head, now annoyed, "Please I said no, 'sides I don't want to leave Moka-chan here alone…"

Moka blush however the girls looked at each, then they looked at Naruto, "Oh but you could just stay on the side of the pool near her, swimming club is about swimming you know…"

Naruto this time glared at them, "Look I told you already I don't like swimming, it's not my thing... I don't care to much for undressing in public anyway."

The girls just looked at each other then grabbed Naruto, yelling "Oh don't be stupid! You probably look great in trunks!"

Naruto yelled, confused as to what was going on. Everyone watched as the girls stripped Naruto and forced him into a pair of swimming trunks.

Everything stopped when Naruto stood up. Moka blushed, but gave Naruto a shocked stare. The girls looked just plain shocked. Tsukune stared at Naruto an almost apologetic look on his face. Naruto was not looking too happy at the girls. His blue eyes were slowly turning red.

On Naruto's well-toned body, the six-pack and Moka couldn't help but blush, was too many scars to count. The dull grey of the scars were littered all over his torso. Moka looked at all of them. Many were almost faded completely but there was still a lot that were either pink still or a very noticeable pink gray. A scar, on the right side of his chest, looked like some just punched a hole through his chest, another one started at his left shoulder and near his belly button. His back wasn't any better. However, what really caught their attention was the black swirly tattoo on his naval area. Some parts look extremely faded, but it was…pulsing…a red tint was seeping out of the tattoo.

The pool was dead quiet. As Naruto turned away from them and put his shirt back on for going buttoning up the white t-shirt and left with his tie, pants, socks and shoes in his hand. Without any words Naruto was leaving the pool, walking right past Moka who was too shocked to move. The pool remained quiet until Moka turned towards the girls who did this.

"How could you!? How could you just invade someone's respects and wishes like that?"

They shrugged, "Well, he's hot and how was I supposed to know that he had a scary looking chest?"

Moka felt the anger well up inside her, "That still doesn't give you the right!"

Tsukune swam up to the side of the pool and looked at her, "But they didn't mean any harm to him, Moka-san. They did the same to me as well…"

Moka turned towards him, in slight shock, "Tsukune, how could you defend them! We're friends!"

Tsukune was taken back, "They didn't mean any harm, Moka-san. They just want to have fun."

Moka felt tears in her eyes, "Oh so this is what this is about? Fun? Just like you having fun with all these girls in the water!"

Tsukune could feel himself getting angry, "But you could have joined me, Moka-san! I really only wanted to swim with you!"

Moka clenched her fists, "Even if I wanted to swim I couldn't! You…you just don't understand…You see…"

Moka was about to continue before a splash soaked her in water. Moka looked shocked as Tsukune looked to see who did it. Tamao was staring at the two of them with a hard, disappointed look on her face, "Though you're free to visit…fighting is such an ugly sight! And it looks so childish… whether you understand each other or not…how petty! Between a man and a woman, the important thing is to see if your heart has been stolen or vice versa!"

Moka looked at her wet hands in shock. She whispered, "No…water…" and with that she turned away, running. Tsukune called out to her.


Moka didn't stop running, "No Tsukune! You stay there!"

Tamao whispered to herself, "So…the rumors are true."

Moka ran until she was well out of sight of anyone. She leaned against the wall but felt her strength leaving her, so she slid down the wall until she was resting on the ground. Moka heard a voice, "You fool! How could you be so close to something like a pool! I, too inhabit this body so put an end to such reckless behavior! Don't let the likes of idiots make you do such things!"

Moka whispered weakly, "N-No…"

The rosary responded, "What?"

Moka crossed her arms on her legs, "I'm sick of this body…why can't I be like everyone else? I'm weird…I want to swim with Tsukune…and Naruto-kun too…"

The rosary was quiet as it listened. Moka cried as she looked hopelessly down at her feet, "I want to be with Naruto too…"

Little did Moka know, a pair of blue eyes was staring sadly at her, from above...


Tsukune watched as many people played in the pool, enjoying each other's company as well as having fun. However, Tsukune wasn't having that much fun, it just wasn't that great without Moka-san…

He turned towards the captain of the swimming club, "Um…Tamao-sempai, I…" he gave a little bow to show his respect, "I'm sorry but I don't want to stay in the swimming club…" "It won't be the same without Moka-san…"

Tamao smiled at him, "Oh, what are you talking about? And just when I finally chased off that Moka…! Isn't the fun beginning?" She held out her hand to Tsukune, only it was different. It was claws, deformed and…webbed. "Didn't you hear me? Either have your heart stolen or you steal their's!"

Tsukune heard a scream behind him, and he whirled around. His eyes widened in shock, a boy was getting chased down in the water by two girls. He yelled at them, "Stop it, why are you suddenly coming after me, sempai?!"

The two girls caught up to the swimming away boy and bit onto his arms. Slowly the life and energy of the boy was drained to the point where he looked like an old, dusty man. Tsukune was shocked, he turned towards Tamao, looking for an explanation, but all he say was a giant fin emerge itself into the water, however Tsukune could still hear Tamao's voice, "Don't think badly of us. Luring men into water and sucking their life energy this is simply our natural way of life…"

Tsukune watched, shocked as the fin jumped out of the water. Apparently that 'fin' was Tamao, who looked just like an evil…mermaid…for better words. She smiled at Tsukune again, "Isn't it wonderful?"

Tsukune was shocked and slightly afraid. "Mer-Mermaids?"

He watched as other girls chased after other boys and sucked out their life energy, he had a very uneasy feeling in his gut, and not to mention the fear he could feel in his heart. So at this moment Tsukune did the only thing he felt was necessary…he freak out.

"What's going on…Mer-Mermaids! Are Mermaids really this scary!? We're being attacked, We're gonna be killed!" he held out his hands running around in a circle. Then Tsukune felt arms wrap around his neck and stiffened. A shiver went down his back as his eyes widened. He heard Tamao whisper in his ear.

"No need to panic, its fine…you're special Tsukune-kun…" she gently cupped his cheek and made sure he looked at her face, she continued to whisper, "The truth is…I've had my eyes set on you since the entrance ceremony…ever since then, I've spent all my time dreaming about you…it's just, you see," She grinned, her mouth now…scaly and grotesque. Tsukune's eyes widened, Tamao continued. "you have a very yummy scent, just like a human Tsukune-kun…"

Then she opened her mouth, it looked like a turtle mouth only with many rows of sharp pointy teeth…Tsukune was scared. The now freaky looking Tamao yelled at him with a gurgly voice, "I've always wanted to eat you up!"

Before she could bite Tsukune a voice rang through the air, "Tsukune!!!" then Tsukune heard another voice, "Tsukune-usui!" his eyebrow twitched as he knew who that was without even turning around. However, for the sake of seeing Moka-san he did turn around. Moka ran up to the side of the pool, "Tsukune! What's going on?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Tsukune's predicament. Tamao yelled angrily over to Moka, "What?! Are you back again! Don't get in my way! Not that you could, you're nothing but a worthless monster that can't even swim!"

Tsukune and Naruto looked at Moka, who steeled her resolve, and wondered, "Can't swim?" Tamao laughed, "I'm right aren't I? it's a well known story! There's nothing you can do! Water hater! Pitiful…at least watch from over there!"

Naruto watched in horror as Moka dived in, he didn't know exactly what water could do to a vampire, but still if you can't swim why go in? Naruto narrowed his eyes, he then proceeded to dive in after her. Immediately after Moka and Naruto dove in a huge spurt of lightning was sent up everywhere. Tsukune watched in worry over the two.

Just then Tsukune heard a voice, "Tsukune!"

He turned and looked in the direction the voice came. He yelled, "Kurumu-san!"

Kurumu looked at Tsukune with worry in her eyes, "If we don't hurry and save Moka she's gonna die! Don't you know! Vampires can't go near water! Because water drains a vampire's powers…is she nuts? Jumping into water like that!"

Tsukune and Kurumu looked to where Moka dove in at, he was just about to go after her when water shot straight up into the air. Tsukune's eyes widened wide, not believing his eyes as he saw the most incredible thing ever…Kurumu looked shocked as well.

Naruto was standing…on top of the water holding an unconscious Moka in his arms, bridal style. Her head was resting on his chest. Besides the fact that Naruto was standing on the water, the look in his eyes was scary enough. No longer were the heart warming, kind blue eyes of Uzumaki Naruto, but in their place were the crimson blood chilling, fiery eyes of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. . . however they didn't know that. They just saw really scary red eyes.

Naruto was glaring at Tamao with utmost hate. Without taking his eyes off her, a clone appeared by his side, taking Moka from Naruto and setting her down on the side of the pool near Kurumu. Tsukune watched with awe and slight fear as the Naruto clone appeared next to him and pulled him out of the water, setting him down next to Moka.

Naruto watched as Tamao glared at him, and shouted, "Doesn't matter! I'll take your life energy instead of Tsukune's!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes and growled dangerously, "Shut up or I'll kill you."

Tamao bared her pointy teeth. Naruto lowered his head so the top half of his face was shadowed, but his red eyes were glowing through the shadows, making incredibly intimidating. The wind was blowing very hard around Naruto causing his clothes to flick and move crazily, also making the water in the pool create huge waves. An eerie blue seeped out of Naruto's skin, layering him slightly. The blue radiated a bright light, making him even more intimidating.

Tamao looked shocked and whispered to herself, "This overwhelming feeling…is this Uzumaki Naruto's true form?"

Kurumu watched in fascination, "Naruto-kun…"

Tsukune was staring intently at Naruto, partly in shock, the other part in curiosity.

Tamao glared at Naruto, "Oh come on, I had my eyes set on Tsukune-kun and I'm not gonna let this moment be ruined by the likes of you!" Several more mermaids surrounded Naruto who didn't even flinch, Tamao smirked, "I don't know how strong you are but in our territory, a mermaid is always victorious! If you're going to beg for your life, now's the time!"

Naruto smirked at her, "I don't beg, missy. And for a shinobi…any terrain is OUR territory… and we are never defeated…"

Tamao joined in with her as they jumped at Naruto. Naruto looked at them and scowled, "Really now? How unnecessarily stupid…"

Right before they could bite Naruto, he jumped high up into the air staring down at all of them. He smirked, and started to do handseals. Tamao grinned devilishly, "You're too slow! Though you talk tough, it seems your totally weak! You're a great target in midair! Die!"

Tsukune shouted at Naruto, "Naruto-damu!"

Kurumu hit him on the head, "Shhhh! Now isn't the time to insult him!"

Naruto finished his handseals and smirked, he whispered, "Ninpou: Chakra Bakufuu no Jutsu…"

Naruto set his palms out in front of him, exactly where all the mermaids would meet. He had one hand on top of the other. A small blue orb formed about three inches away from the skin of the palm. Then suddenly the orb got bigger and a blinding flash of blue bursted from the orb as a beam of hot, pure energy shot towards the spot where the mermaids were going to meet. The beam of energy was about as wide as Naruto is tall and just as round.

Kurumu and Tsukune looked on with shock and awe as the heavenly blue light completely hid the mermaid, however their screams were still heard. The light gave Naruto an eerie kickass look. Kurumu smiled dreamily as Naruto stopped the technique and back flipped into a landing right on the edge of the pool while the mermaids fell into the boiling hot pool of water, not dead but injured pretty badly.

Naruto smirked, "Obviously…a midair attack is not a mermaid's territory…"

Tsukune waved Naruto over, "Naruto-damu…Moka-san is still knocked out! I'm worried about her."

Naruto stared at Tsukune for a bit then smiled, "Hai, Tsukune-usui…" Naruto put his hand on Tsukune's head as Tsukune looked at Naruto in confusion. Naruto didn't say anything as he kept his hand on Tsukune's head but walked past him towards Moka. Naruto kneeled next to Moka and got into a thinking position… he then proceeded to concentrate chakra very intensely towards his hands. A green light flickered on his hands, then it surrounded his hands confidently. Naruto put the green chakra on Moka's head and heart, filling her with energy and healing any wounds she received from this encounter.

Tsukune and Kurumu watched with interest as the tired, pained look on Moka's face slowly relaxed into a peaceful one. Naruto sat back and wiped his forehead from the amount of concentration that it took for him to do that. He turned towards Tsukune, "She should be fine with a day's rest. But for now I think I'm going to go back to my dorm…you two want to come with me?"

Kurumu and Tsukune looked at each other then nodded.


Naruto, Tsukune, and Kurumu all walked to Naruto's dorm. Moka was asleep in Naruto's arms, head leaning against his chest. Naruto was walking cheerfully. Tsukune looked at Naruto questionably, Naruto knew this for Tsukune has been looking like he was wanting to ask Naruto something for quite awhile already.

Naruto looked at Tsukune out of the corner of his eye, "What is it you want to ask, Tsukune-usui?"

Tsukune's eye twitched at the slight tease but he sighed, "Naruto…how did you and Moka meet up with each other after she left?"

Naruto blinked but furrowed his eyebrows…that wasn't the question he wanted to ask…Naruto shrugged still walking, "Oh? I forgot I haven't told you yet…."


Moka sat there crying at the side of the building, her inner side quiet. She saw a shadow at her feet and her head snapped up to look at who got so close to her without her noticing. Naruto was kneeling in front of her smiling. His eyes showed sympathy and understanding… no pity was held in those blue depths he call eyes.

Moka felt herself almost get lost in them, for once noticing how Naruto made her feel. Naruto smiled sadly, "I know how you feel, Moka-chan… the pain of being alone, wanting to be something entirely different from what you really are… wanting to hide your pain behind a mask so others can't see it. You don't need to hide anymore Moka-chan…I'm here for you."

Moka sniffed, then felt fresh tears pour out of her eyes as she lunged herself towards Naruto, hugging him. She buried her head into the crook of his neck as she sobbed. Naruto sat back letting Moka fall into his lap as he said soothing words to her and held her tightly to him. He brushed his hands through her long pink hair as he held her almost protectively.

Moka was holding onto his shirt with clenched fist, almost like her life depended on it as she cried. Naruto didn't say move an inch until he felt her crying lessen slightly. He looked down at her as he stopped talking soothingly. His hands however continued to stroke her hair and back. Naruto leaned her back slightly so he can look at her face with his.

Naruto smiled softly at her as she saw him and couldn't help but smile a slight hiccup escaped from her mouth. Naruto reached for something in his pocket, his tongue sticking out. Moka giggled. Naruto pulled out a small can and handed it to Moka. "I bought some before I came down here…I thought you would like it…"

Moka looked at the can of tomato juice. She smiled at Naruto but furrowed her eyebrows as there was no way to open it. Naruto blinked and chuckled sheepishly.

"Oops…I guess I forgot one of those opener thingys, right? Well let me see it for a second."

Moka handed it back to Naruto, who put one end up to one of his longer sharper canines. He used his tooth to poke a hole on each side so Moka could drink to juice. Naruto handed it back to her a smile on his face. Moka looked at Naruto. Her eyes meeting his, Moka then took a sip and leaned against him, whispering, "Thank you…Naruto-kun."

Naruto laughed and scratched the back of his neck, "Ah, you know it was no big deal…I would have done it for any friend. I mean that's what friends do, right?"

Naruto then felt something warm and soft kiss his cheek slightly. Naruto looked at Moka confused, who was blushing madly, but other than that was smiling and drinking her tomato juice. Naruto then laughed as she finished her juice. He scooped her up into his arms, making Moka squeal in surprise. Naruto smiled at her, "Well, are we going to save Tsukune or what?"

Moka, still blushing, smiled at Naruto and laughed, "Of course! But first…could you put me down?"

Naruto looked at her and laughed setting her down. He scratched behind his neck again. He opened his eyes and saw that Moka was a few feet away waving at him to hurry up. Naruto grinned and ran to catch up to her.

--Flashback End—

Moka felt herself wake up as Naruto finished telling the other two his 'story'. She listened to who she presumed to be Naruto's heartbeat. It was slow and controlled. She took a deep breath, smelling the human scent on him, but this time she could smell something other things as well. Like ramen and the smell of fresh air. She also noticed that Naruto seemed to smell very faintly of a Kitsune type monster…

Then she heard Tsukune ask a question that was on her mind for a while.

"Naruto…I want to know…how did you get all of those scars on your body…?"

Naruto stopped walking as Moka was quietly listening, making sure to still pretend she was asleep. Naruto looked down, he tightened his grip on Moka, who could hear his heart speed up, slow down then speed up again. Naruto took a deep breath. Kurumu and Tsukune listened intently. Kurumu was just curious to hear about Naruto's scars which she didn't have a clue about but Tsukune was really interested in the story behind all of it.

Naruto looked up at the sky, "Where I live… there is a person in the village who is the strongest of all. He or she is called the Hokage. Their duties to the village are to protect it with their life as well as do what they deem best for the village. At the time a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes," Tsukune and Kurumu looked at him oddly, Naruto chuckled, "No, not me. But a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes was just promoted into Hokage. He was very proud and a happy man. His newly wedded wife was about to give birth to their first born son.

"That Hokage couldn't have been any more happier than he was at that point in time. He was the strongest, his beautiful wife was about to give birth to a beautiful child and he had the love of his village. His name was Namikaze Minato… but all good things must come to an end as the saying goes… on the night of October 10th, the wife of Minato went into labor, ready to give birth to their son. However, that same night, a demon Kitsune had attacked their village.

"Minato didn't know what to do as the demon slaughtered much of their forces destroying half of the village. He had only one choice…he had to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune into a baby." At this Kurumu gasped recognizing the name of the demon lord…the strongest monster to have existed. Naruto continued, "Minato had to seal it into a newborn baby, not even a day old for because he needed someone that hasn't even begun to form their chakra pathways yet. There were very few babies born on that night… but many of them died.

"Minato knew he had to seal the Kyuubi into his newborn child, because not only was he the only child left alive…but because Minato couldn't ask anyone else to give up their child for a disastrous future ahead of them. So Minato sealed the demon into his son…killing himself in the process. Minato had lived a righteous life and even though he sealed the worst demon in existence into his own son…he did it with the best intentions… Minato's last wish for all the world to see…was to have his son be seen as a hero instead of a demon…

"However, his wishes were in vain as the village grew to hate and despise the young boy. His mother died giving birth to him, so he grew up alone, hated. He had lost count of all the times he watched other kids play with their brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers… he had lost count of how many times he was beaten in dark alleyways by drunk men and some brave men. The boy…the hero…grew up alone. Hated for something he had no control over. He had no one, no friends, no family…but the only thing that kept him from going insane was an old man. He was the Hokage at this time who always was there for the boy.

"I remember once the Old Hokage had given the young boy a teddy bear once for a gift for being good…that bear was his only friend. And even though some of the older kids thought it was the stupidest thing ever…they deemed it necessary to pelt him with rocks…and while the boy was on the ground in pain…they took his only friend away from him. Burning it to ashes before his eyes."

Naruto looked at them, a deep sadness in his eyes, "He lived like this for 13 years… hiding in shadows, and trying to cover up the pain that he felt in his heart by fake laughs and smiles. He had comforted so many people in his life…yet no one thought he was worthy enough to even try to find out what he truly thought…but then, one day it all ended when he made friends with another young boy who was all alone. They were rivals and best friends. They ended up being on a team together. That team ended up being precious to him. Then he kept meeting new people and they became precious to him and so on. After a while of being a ninja for his village just like his father…people began to see him for who he really was. Slowly the amount of precious people grew and grew until his loneliness finally had disappeared. He wasn't alone anymore."

Naruto looked down again, Tsukune stared at Naruto in shock, adding two and two together. Kurumu had tears falling down her face as she held her hand in front of her mouth. Moka though she desperately tried to hide it, she too was crying. Naruto then smiled at them, "Then one day that boy had defeated a man who was virtually unbeatable…he was rewarded for it of course…he became the hero of his village…like his father wanted him to be and what he wanted to be ever since he was a young boy…

"But then the Hokage at this moment, thought it was necessary to rip all of this away from the boy, no…from the man. He had sent him to a school far away. A school filled with monsters where he and another man became very good friends almost as good as that young man's first true friend. And that pain had went away again."

Naruto looked at the two of them and smiled sadly, "I hope that answers your questions well enough, Tsukune-kun. Now if you please. Lets continue on to my dorm…"

Naruto started walking again, leaving behind Tsukune and Kurumu who watched him leave. Both had different thoughts but they both were leading up to the same thing…

"I promise you…I will always be there for you…"


Naruto stopped in front of his door, trying to find the keys in his pockets. He stuck his tongue out, trying to desperately find his keys. Then with a cry of triumph, he pulled them from his pocket, Tsukune and Kurumu finally catching up to him. Naruto unlocked his door and walked inside. Tsukune and Kurumu waited outside the door. Naruto turned towards them with an annoyed look.

"Well are you going to come in?"

Tsukune and Kurumu blushed a bit, and then went inside closing the door behind them. They looked around, as Naruto set Moka down on his futon and shut the door behind him, letting Moka sleep. Naruto went to the small kitchen, calling out to them, "Do you guys want anything to eat…I don't really have much of an option…mainly it's all just ramen…"

Kurumu looked at a picture frame. She bent over to look at it while she called back, "No, I'm good." Tsukune politely declined also, Naruto shrugged, "Suit yourself. More for me then…"

Kurumu inspected the picture a little bit more. She looked at the people in the frame. One of them was apparently the tallest one; he had gloved hands on top of two boys heads. He had silver hair that was all matted down to one side almost as if he slept on his head, but she couldn't really identify him anymore than that because he had a mask on and a weird headband that covered one eye. The one eye that was showing was closed and in an upside down 'U' almost like, he was smiling. He had a dark green vest on with a navy sweatshirt underneath it…at least Kurumu thought it was a sweatshirt…

One of the boys he had his hands on was very…angry looking. His dark hair was set differently that an average boy's hair while he had his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with a high collar. He had what seemed to be white arm warmers on. The same strange headband was on his forehead too. He had an angry pout on his face as his dark eyes looked away from the camera.

In the middle of the three kids, was a pink haired girl. Kurumu blinked immediately thinking of Moka, but then noticed how similar she is from Moka, but she wasn't Moka. Her eyes were closed as she grinned at the camera leaning into the picture. Her pink hair was obviously cared for and the same weird headband was on top of her head like it was a hair ornament. She had a red dress or shirt or whatever on. Over all, Kurumu thought she was quite pretty.

The last person in the group looked very familiar to Kurumu. Spiky blonde hair, deep ocean blue eyes, and those adorable whisker marks. However, the boy who she guessed was Naruto had his arms crossed over his chest also, he was growling it seemed at the other dark haired boy who didn't really want to make eye contact with Naruto. He had on a black loose t-shirt on with the same headband on his head only, it was turned slightly sideways so the metal part wasn't visible on the camera. He had bandages wrapped around his hands and all the way up to his elbows. On his left shoulder was a metal covering what would be the heart area protecting him from any damage there.

Kurumu smiled at the picture, they were obviously good friends. She jumped when she heard Naruto's voice behind her, "That's my team."

She whirled around to face him, her breath hitched in her throat from him scaring her like that. Naruto had a soft smile on his face. He then pointed to the man with the silver hair. "That's my sensei. Hatake Kakashi. He was like a father to me. He taught some really cool stuff, but no matter what happened he was always there for me."

Naruto smiled happily, he pointed to the girl with pink hair, "That's Haruno Sakura. She's a really close friend of mine, and was my first crush. I don't really know where I would be without her…she's a little aggressive but I don't really mind."

He then pointed to the blonde haired one chuckling, "That's me the trouble maker in the group."

He then pointed to the dark haired boy, a stern look on his face, "And that's Uchiha Sasuke…he used to be my best friend and my rival. The one I told you about earlier."

Kurumu looked at him questionably, "Used to be…?"

Naruto sighed, "He turned traitor to get more power from a creepy guy…he wanted to kill his brother so much…I chased after him when he left and for that I had almost died."

Naruto unconsciously rubbed the scar Sasuke had given him.

Naruto turned towards them and said, "Well, guys I'm pretty tired so I think I'm going to have to go to bed! If you want me to I can walk you guys home…"

Kurumu and Tsukune both shook their heads indicating that they didn't need to be walked home and they left Naruto alone with his thoughts…


Three days passed and still Moka didn't show up to class. Currently, Naruto and Tsukune were walking down the hallways, slightly depressed because they haven't found a club to join yet. They turned around when they heard a voice behind them.

Nekonome-sensei was smiled/squinting at them. She stopped in front of the two boys, "Just the two people I wanted to see. Have you decided what club you are going to join yet? You two and Moka are the only ones who haven't decided yet…"

Naruto sighed, "Nekonome-sensei, no…we haven't decided yet-"

Before Naruto could continue, Nekonome-sensei interrupted him, "Splendid! But I wonder if you both wouldn't mind if you joined my club then…the newspaper club! Nobody has joined and we might get shut down!"

Naruto laughed, scratching the back of his neck laughing awkwardly, feeling slightly sorry for Nekonome-sensei for not having anyone in her club…damn his soft heart. "Ah…the newspaper club? Well, that certainly sounds like a nice club…I'll join."

Nekonome-sensei purred as she hugged Naruto gleefully rubbing her head against his…quite oddly…she jumped back as if nothing happened and waited for Tsukune to reply. Tsukune looked down, unsure if he wanted to or not…without Moka-san…

"That's great! I'll join that club!"

They all turned towards the voice and saw none other than a fully recovered Moka, she waved at the two of them a bright smile on her face, "Good morning Naruto! Good morning Tsukune!"

Naruto grinned, "Glad you're feeling better, Moka-chan!"

Tsukune smiled happily, "It's good to see you again. For a while I thought you disappeared and left me here with Naruto-damu!"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched, "Baka! Who are you calling dumb! Tsukune-usui!

Tsukune frowned and looked at Naruto, "Who are you calling weak! Baka!"

"I used Baka already, Baka!"

"But you just used it again!"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the future Hokage of Konohagakure! I can do whatever I want!"

"That's what you think! I'm Aono Tsukune! I'm going to beat you on the test scores!"

"Ha! You can't beat me! I'm too good for that!"

"You have some of the lowest grades in our class!"


"Don't you want a good job one day!"

"I already have one! It's called, the Hokage! Ha! Eat that!"

"I'm not hungry!"

"Then just chew on it!"

"It has an ugly taste!"

"GAH! You're so dumb!"

"You're the one failing, Naruto-damu!"

Nekonome-sensei looked between the two arguing boys and then at Moka who smiled at her, "Just sign all of us for the newspaper club, Nekonome-sensei!"

Nekonome-sensei smiled brightly, then flashed a poster that said, 'Welcome to Newspaper Club!'

Kurumu popped up behind Moka and yelled, "Sign me up tool, Nekonome-sensei!"

The cat teacher grinned, "Wonderful! This year's Newspaper club is going to be amazing!"

Tsukune looked at Naruto, "By the way…why didn't you ever join the basketball club?"

Naruto shrugged, "Well…I dunked the ball a little too hard…and I ruined the basketball hoop…I broke the backboard so they had to kick me out of the club…"

Everyone laughed, including Naruto.


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