Peter Pan and Wendy: A Love Story

This is the first story I publish, so I would appreciatte comments! The story takes place at the end of the 2003 version of the Peter Pan movie.

Chapter 1

It's been 1 month exactly since Wendy and the boys have returned from Neverland, and things have not been going well. Wendy is depressed. Seriously depressed. She doesn't eat much, spends a lot of time alone, and has red, puffy eyes since she spends so much time crying. Her parents, worried at first that she was seriously hurt, called a doctor, who told them it was well time she had her own room. He said she probably yearned some privacy and told them to separate her from all the boys they now had. Mr. and Mrs. Darling gave Wendy a new bedroom with a closet, a dresser with a mirror and a lovely new bed. They told her she was welcome to keep telling the boys stories and visit them whenever she liked. They didn't know, however, that Wendy no longer had stories for the boys. She stopped telling them because they reminded her of the boy she loved; her hidden kiss: Peter Pan.

Back in Neverland, Peter has similar problems. He doesn't eat much, spends a lot of time alone in his room and rarely ever speaks. Tinker bell has become worried for him and walks into his bedroom many times a day, but Peter never speaks, or acknowledges that she is there, just stares at the wall and thinks. Until One Day, Tinker Bell could take it no more. She flew outside for the first time since their return, having been caring for Peter, she hadn't had time and noticed it was snowing, hard. It was more than a simple snow storm, it was a blizzard. The snow level was so high it looked like it had been snowing for a whole winter! With trouble, Tink went to find the fairy wizard.

"What can I do for you Tinker bell?" He asked when he saw her come in to his mushroom home. "I assume it has got to do with Peter" he said nodding towards the small window, where the snow continued.

"You assume correctly, as usual" Tink answered, looking somewhat sad, worried and annoyed. "He won't eat, or speak. He spends all his time in his room. He can't fly anymore. He..."

The Fairy Wizard stopped her.

"I think I know what's wrong with him. I had a guess before, when the snow started to fall. Tell me Tink, did he start acting this way when you returned from taking Wendy to her home?

"Actually, yeah." Tink realized all of a sudden. "And now that I think about it, every time I said something about Wendy he would turn and leave. Now he won't come out of his room at all!"

"Aha! So he is in love! Interesting…" The Fairy Wizard said, more to himself that to Tink.

"Excuse me, did you say love?!?" Tink said shocked. She was no longer a jealous fairy, but it was still hard to imagine that brave and bold Peter could ever possibly be in love. The Fairy Wizard had turned around; he was making a potion of some kind.

"Yes, I believe so, but the only way to be absolutely positive is to ask him directly." He answered, not turning around.

"But he won't…"

"He won't speak, yes I know. That's why I'm making a truth potion for him to tell you what is going on exactly. You will be able to have a decent conversation with him, and who knows' maybe it will be good for him to talk to someone. You can ask him anything and he will answer truthfully until the effect wears off." He handed Tink a jar that has a bit much too heavy, though it was till smaller than her.

"How will I make him take the potion if he won't even turn around?" Tink asked trying to keep the potion from falling to the floor.

The Fairy Wizard put a small bag around her neck.

"Sprinkle this over his head; he will float in a standing position facing you. The, open his mouth and drop the entire potion in."

"How will I know when the effect is over?"

"You'll know" He said, smiling. Then he turned around and covered tink in fairy dust and she disappeared.

"Good Luck, Tink."