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Tiva included!!!

Ziva didn't know what had happened. Maybe they had stood between the elevator doors for too long and they had just closed, or maybe someone was playing a joke on them. Either way, her current predicament was less then desirable. Well... she told the little voice inside her head to shut up and tried to focus on what had happened.


"Tony! I do not understand what the attraction to 'chick flicks' is! There is nothing interesting in them!" Ziva said. She was NOT watching any of those types of movies with Tony.

"Because Ziva they-" He was interrupted from his sentence by the doors to the elevator closing- quickly. They were forced together, the doors stopping just in time to keep them from being squished.

"Oof!" Tony let out a surprised noise as the wind was momentarily forced out of him.

"McGEE!" they screamed simultaneously.

/end flashback/

McGee came running from where he had been working at his desk. He visibly stifled a snicker at the sight of them. They had been forced together completely, Ziva's head was currently occupying the crook of Tony's neck.

"Probie! What the hell is going on?" Was it just him or did Tony's voice sound...strained?

"Tony? Are you ok?" Ziva said. So he had heard something!

"Don't do that." He looked like he was struggling with something now.

"Do what?" she questioned.


"Wh- oh." He nodded and closed his eyes, only for them to shoot open a moment later.

"Tony?" Ziva said warningly.

"Well I'm sorry! I can't exactly help it can I?"

Ziva squirmed uncomfortably, and he gave a very audible gasp.

Cold showers, cold showers, cold showers... It wasn't working! Why did she have to have this effect on him? He gritted his teeth and thought of dead bodies down in autopsy. It was working fine, until she spoke again.

"McGee, what is the problem?" Tony wasn't listening to McGee's explanation though. He was struggling to control his ...problem.

"Are you having trouble with something Tony?" Ziva said sweetly, feigning innocence.

"No, no. I'm perfectly fine." he lied. If Gibbs found out... he always seemed to be just around the corner.

"Then you won't mind if I try to jiggle out of this?" Ziva whispered against his skin. He closed his eyes and tried not to show what effect that had on him.

Any other time Dinozzo would have laughed at her mistake, but it would only make things worse.

"Its wiggle Ziva, and...i would mind." he said equally as quiet. He forced his head back as far as he could, allowing her to lift her head to look at his face.

She smiled up at him and he smiled back. He stared into her eyes. He could get lost in those brown depths. He knew it wasn't wise to look into her eyes in this sort of situation. He couldn't afford to lose himself, especially in front of Gibbs. He was broken from his trance by the flash of a camera. No one was in the office at this hour except Gibbs team. They both whipped their heads around to see Abby looking triumphantly into the screen of a silver colored digital camera. She jumped up and down excitedly and ran over to them to show them the picture. The cramped space they were in had made it so their heads were closer then usual. The picture showed them staring into each others eyes, anyone could have seen they were completely transfixed. Abby had zoomed in enough so the doors that had forced them together could not be seen. It looked like the were about to kiss.

"Abby.." Ziva warned. Abby smiled without saying a word and walked over to where McGee was working on the panel for the elevator. The strain of holding her neck in this uncomfortable position was taking its toll and Ziva leaned her head forward and rested it on Tony's chest, closing her eyes. This caused Dinozzo's nose to be forced into her hair (not that he was complaining), and he leaned his head against hers to relieve his equally strained neck. Abby snapped another picture of them and Tony closed his eyes. Of course Gibbs is going to see those. He would kill him! How was he supposed to know the elevator had forced them together when Abby had craftily made sure the doors were not in the picture? At least his... problem, was going away. Despite the fact that he was trapped between two elevator doors, he felt calm. He inhaled the smell of Ziva's shampoo, and relaxed completely. Suddenly, being stuck didn't seem so bad.

"Got it!" McGee called standing up and walking towards them. Unexpectedly the doors released them and they fell down in a heap inside the elevator. Tony had landed on top of her, his hands trapped under her. They didn't even move because they could finally take a deep breath, rather then the unsatisfying shallow ones they'd been forced to do for the past 10 minutes. They didn't notice that McGee had evilly pushed the button to the lobby until they felt the elevator movie.

"Probie is so dead!" Tony told Ziva as he realized what McGee had done. He was about to climb off her when the doors opened...

"Dinozzo! You and David better not have broken rule number 12 or your ass will be fired so fast you won't know what happened!" Gibbs got into the elevator.

"Boss, its not what it looks like!"

"We got stuck between the elevator doors and- ow! Tony!" Tony had sat up and was now straddling her. He grinned down at her and raised a challenging eyebrow. She flipped him so that their positions were reversed. She smiled down at him before patting his cheek and standing. He lay there for a moment, missing the feeling of her near him already. He then stood and Gibbs promptly head slapped them both.

"We didn't enjoy it one bit." Tony lied. Ziva nodded in agreement, even though they both knew what the other had said wasn't true.

They got off at the lobby, bidding goodnight to Gibbs.

/the bullpen next morning

"Timmy! Look at these!" Abby cried excitedly, crossing the bullpen quickly and hooking her camera up to McGee's computer. The two images of Tony and Ziva from last night appeared on the screen and McGee smiled broadly, thinking of everything he could get them to do for him with these. He noticed how both of them actually looked...content and happy in the second picture. The first had their emotions written all over it, but only to one who was a friend.

"We better not let Gibbs see these." McGee said.

"Not let me see what, McGee?" Gibbs peered over his shoulder to look at the monitor screen. He smirked knowingly as he said,

"Didn't enjoy it my ass."