This is the classic corny epilogue I imagined! This is set 9 years later

Tony Dinozzo reached for the handle of his front door, pulling it open to reveal none other then Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his very pregnant wife Jenny Gibbs.

"Hey Dinozzo. How are the kids?" Gibbs asked, stepping into the house after Jenny. In response, Tony turned towards the landing of the stairs and called.

"Hey kids! Uncle Jethro and Aunt Jenny are here!" There was a clattering noise from above as the two children dropped what they were doing and ran down the stairs. His 6 year old son Andrew, followed closely by three year old Adam dashed into the room, enveloping them in a hug. Ziva came down not even a minute later, holding Eli and Gabriella the 6 month old twins. She handed Gabby to Tony and greeted the Gibbs before turning back to her husband.

"Abby and McGee said they would be bringing Talia and Amanda back from the sleep over with Samantha." She told him, looking down at Eli as he giggled quietly.

"They also said they were going to bring Ashley and Kate." Jenny said, remembering how excited her daughters had been the night before. At that moment there was a knock on the door and the recognizable grunt of someone having a child jump unexpectedly into their arms. They opened the door, revealing McGee with all the children crowded around him along with his 4 year old daughter Emma in his arms. 8 year olds Talia and Amanda came inside the house and began telling their father and mother enthusiastically about last nights events. Ashley and Kate did the same. McGee and Abby came in, closely followed by 8 year old Samantha and 6 year old Adrien.

After about two minutes of talking, the children got bored and dashed off to the backyard, leaving the adults to talk amongst themselves. Abby turned excitedly to Jenny.

"So what is it?"

"What is what?"

"The baby! What gender!"

"Oh," Jenny smiled, "We decided to be surprised." Gibbs subconsciously stroked his mustache.

"Nice stash, Boss." Tony said with a smirk.

"So, Dinozzo. Got any coffee?" Gibbs said, ignoring his comment. Tony pointed him in the right direction. They went to sit in the living room, Gibbs joining them shortly after. Tony and Ziva were busy giving attention to the twins, so they didn't pay attention to much of the conversation. Until Gibbs said something.

"So, Dinozzo's. Planning on having anymore kids?" Tony's head shot up, and he nodded enthusiastically. Ziva rolled her eyes.

"You can have the next one, Tony." She said with a smile. Gibbs smirked and Jenny smiled knowingly. Abby and McGee watched their friends in silence, looking as if they were about to speak when suddenly there was a great crash from outside. All the children ran inside the house, skidding to a halt in front of their parents.

"Andrew did it! He said he could catch a squirrel by climbing onto the roof and jumping onto a branch but he knocked over the ladder!" Kate said.

"Now there are two ladders!" Adam said seriously. Ziva and Tony handed off the twins to Abby and McGee and rushed outside, the other four adults followed. Andrew was propping the ladder against the wall so it looked like it wasn't broken.

"Oh hey Mom, Dad. Just... making sure the ladder isn't rusty know." he leaned against it, jumping back as it clattered to the ground.

"Oh, wow! What a surprise! I..uh.. its a good thing I tested it because...well someone could havegotten hurt..." he stood there awkwardly, before looking up at his parents. Ziva looked at Tony and rolled her eyes.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"He is just like you."

"Except cuter!" Andrew interjected, his mouth pulling into a smile.

"Oh really?" Tony said playfully. Andrew nodded then took off running across the yard as his father chased after him. Ziva rolled her eyes again. They could deal with the ladder incident later. Adrien charged across the grass, declaring he must free Andrew from where he was now being tickled to death by Tony. The other children followed, and they jumped on Tony, laughing.

"Oof!" Came the shocked noise from Tony as the kids tackled him.

"Boss! I need back up! AH!" He screamed as Adrien and Andrew pulled off his shoes and tickled his feet, the others holding him down. The bystanders stood laughing. Gibbs nodded in approval and turned to step in the house, but not before yelling, "Thats what you get for making fun of my mustache!"

Ok its done!! I know the last line was SO not Gibbs but I just had to have it there!! tell me what you think overall!!