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EPOV(seven years old)

I know what I had to do, I really did. It was what Mother and Father has set out for me after all. Somehow, I just couldn't get it right, and my frustration was killing me. I looked out my window, knowing exactly what to expect: slaves in their daily activities. Carlisle, my father and Esme, my mother made sure they were all well fed, but still working hard as they could. I don't know why they bother; slaves are simply objects that could be replaced. My parents have tried their best to breed that thought out of me, but something like that cannot simply erase the truth of the world we live in.

Smiling, I looked away from the scene in front of me, the wide glass window letting the sun in. 'only a few more days until I would get my own personal slaves, and I could treat them any way I please.' I knew what I was going to do though, all the boys my age have told me about it. I was going to have my slaves be doing impossible chores, which were sure to put me on the good books of all my classmates. Laws were put into place for the age of gaining a slave however, and I am almost at that stage. Eight years old, of all the ages that were possible to be chosen, they chose eight! I sighed, knowing that the excitement of getting a slave would not allow me to finish my arithmetic for a long time yet. Mr. Clapp would just have to deal with it tomorrow.

Mother promised me three slaves, because she always thought of it as her lucky number. She had three children, my father owned three mansions and three and ten of smaller houses. Looking out, thinking maybe I could select a few slaves beforehand, I started an I-spy game with myself. Then I saw her; she was perfect, soft and young, she was learning chores that was far too difficult for her age. While she was working, the girl's mahogany hair blew out of her face. I gasped when I saw her deep chocolate brown eyes, framed with thick lashes. She took a quick glace my way, and she glanced down almost instantly. A beautiful blossoming blush spread against her porcelain cheeks, like a china doll that one would keep on top of the fireplace. Yes, she would be mine… forever.

BPOV(five years old)

I was in the court yard along with Renée, my mother, learning how to do certain jobs, such as pumping the water despite my small size. I am almost of age, and thus may be given as a slave. I have heard who might be my master; he is the younger son of the lord and lady of this mansion, Edward. Oh, just the thought has me hanging on the cliff of nervousness. I truly hope he will be kind and gentle, for Momma have these horrible tales of mean masters. Throwing back my brown hair, I glanced up, and looked upon a window that was beautiful, but lonely. My muddy eyes clashed with his emerald green ones which he had gotten from lady Esme, and his bronze hair, a beautiful color this was the cousin of the elegant caramel of his mother. I blushed and looked down quickly, blush was an embarrassing habit that I had since I was really little. I took one last peek at the window minutes later, and he was gone… again.

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