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BPOV(12 years old)

Work. That is what my life is all about now, work. I do not mind the work because it keeps my mind away from the strange feelings master provokes in me. Master is so wonderful and he is so amazingly kind. I can still remember him coming behind me to blow on my ear a few days ago; my heart thumped loudly in my chest, and I jumped right into him.

He chuckled behind me. "Are you alright, Bella?"

Nodding rapidly I scurried away from him.

"You're so jumpy lately," his smile grew. "I think you need to be punished…"

The rock that settled in my stomach was quickly destroyed when he placed his hands on my belly and started tickling like crazy.

Giggling like crazy that day, I dropped the sheets I was supposed to deliver to Lady Tanya, gotten it dirty. I gotten whipped for the first time, and the blisters were still there, but I don't regret it. Every moment spent with Master was worth whatever the price.

"Master," I stated from behind the doors, the doors that blocked me from the view of him. "It's dinner time; Master Carlisle made it very clear that you were to attend this evening."

A pained sigh ripped through his throat. "Bella… come here for a minute…" he whispered from behind the door as I hesitated. A good slave never goes into a master's bedroom, yet I was possessed into opening the door and stepping inside.

"Master." His arms encased me in a tightening hug. "What's wrong Master?"

"What feels like everything. I can't marry that bitch, Isabella, I just can't." I bit my lip to prevent myself from gasping at such a horrible word. All of us female slaves were called that often enough, but I never expected it to be applied to a high born lady. "Tonight is the night when father will bind us together. I can't be rid of her after this; please Bella, help me get free."

"W-what can I do?" I asked, worried about the answer. I was little more than a mere slave; owned properties don't get to choose. "Master, you need to talk to your father yourself."

"I will then. Please Bella, come with me tonight, and give me the strength."

I closed my eyes and nodded, my heart thumping loudly at the thought of being Master's rock as he was mine. My breaths were light, and shallow; my voice quivered with unknown emotions. "Yes Master, I will definitely come with you tonight."

EPOV(15 years old)

Bella's steps were quick and light, like a little lamb jumping around a field. Yes, that's exactly what I believe she is, an innocent little lamb that have a human body.

"Bella," I called to her, "if I was an animal, what would I be?"

She swung around, surprised. "Why do you ask Master?"

"Just merely curious, You seem like a lamb to me, so what would I be?"

"You would be a human, of course. You are strong, and wise, and intelligent. And you always take care of me, just like how Will the shepherd takes care of his lambs." Buy now a soft blush tainted her face.

"But we're not really animals. Come on Bella, surely you can think of a better one."

"What about a lion Master? You are so very strong and powerful and everything." Her eyes lit up at the idea of the new animal.

I stopped to admire the chocolate brown that lit with happiness. "Bella…" I sigh, remembering my highly inappropriate dream from last night.

"Master, master," her voice, so sweet and innocent, pleaded, "please wake up master."

When my eyes opened, she looked up at me with a dark, wanton look. Her little hands already settled upon my trousers, touching the swelling erection. I moaned when she freed the pulsing member from the confinements, and blew lightly on the dark pink head. "Master… there's a little bead of moisture here," she cooed, stocking the drop of precum, "may I try it?" He little pink tongue darted out to lick her soft lips. She didn't wait for my answer, but simply bend down and took the tip with the slit into her mouth. I groaned loudly, she was so tiny, and so hot that I pulled out and she looked up with me through dark eyes. "Master…"


"Master, are you alright? We have to get down to the dining hall." Bella asked from behind me.

I smiled as we walked down, my hand finding hers. Yes, I felt guilty to think of my little doll like I did, but I cannot control myself anymore. Then I took a deep breath in front of the dining hall door; Bella left me to help serve the dinner, and I prepared myself to break off my engagement.

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