Where The Endings Are Beginnings


Esme returned home the next morning.

I awoke from the couch, along with Jasper and Alice. The three of us went into the kitchen and made ourselves breakfast. I was surprised to see Rosalie joining us.

That's when we my mother arrived back to the house with a U-Haul, thousands of cardboard boxes, and Jacob Black.

We were moving.

Apparently Esme was sick of this house, of this town, and of the deaths that kept coming and coming.

"Edward, Alice, go to your rooms and start packing."

Alice and I immediately dropped our forks and spoons. We grabbed a handful of brown, flattened down boxes and disappeared upstairs. We didn't dare look at her.

The house was packed and in the U-Haul before twilight. Rosalie and Jasper helped, even though they shouldn't have.

It was painful to see Alice and Jasper together.

I was aware of their relationship and how it wasn't some teenage infatuation that was destined to fail. No, it was much more than that. They were in love – but love didn't even seem like the right word. They were soul mates, two people meant to be together.

And that was all ruined.

I wanted to blame Jacob, but in the end it was never his fault. It was his ancestor's fault, the person who made these awful creatures what they really were.

Esme was ready to leave; we couldn't even say a rightful goodbye. As soon as the last box was in the back of the large vehicle, she demanded that we get in. Alice gave Rosalie a hug before moving onto Jasper. They didn't hug. They didn't kiss or cry. They held each other's hands and just stared at each other. It was as if they were reading each other's minds.

I made my way to Rose, she smiled awkwardly at me.

"I'll miss you, Rose," I sighed.

"I'll miss you more," she replied, a larger yet sadder grin on her face.

I pulled her into my arms then, letting her warmth and love surround me. I would truly miss Rosalie. She had been my best friend for years and even though I could never feel the same way, I would always be there for her.

I let go of her and walked over to her brother.

In a way Jasper was also my brother. He had always been my everything. I could always talk to him; I could always count on him. Jasper was loyal. It was a shame that I was losing a wonderful friend.

"Take care of Alice," he said in a stern tone.

"She's my little sister," I declared in a harsh voice.

He smiled and nodded. "I know."

I couldn't help but to grin back. We hugged for a short moment before I went to my Volvo.

According to Esme, Jacob was coming with us.

"He's lost everyone. He has nowhere to go. I can't just let him live on the streets, I'm not that type of person."

When Esme found Jacob in her bedroom last night, she had asked him for a ride home. He agreed and on the drive, he somehow opened up about how he didn't have a home anymore. Esme was always a kind soul; she couldn't allow a boy to be on his own.

I didn't mind.

But I didn't like the fact that a werewolf was coming with us.

But there was this odd moment a few minutes before we went outside. Jacob stepped in front of me and said, "Nothing bad will ever happen to your family while I'm around."

He walked away then, so I couldn't even ask him what he was talking about. But I felt sudden relief that Jacob was coming with us. The darkness and anger that seemed to glow around him had faded. It was like he was a normal human again.

Alice and Esme rode in the U-Haul as I took my car and Jacob took my mother's. We followed each other in a perfect line that it was almost eerie. I was in the back. Driving at a snail's pace, I watched as Jasper and Rosalie became smaller and smaller.

I felt my eyes water as I realize that I was leaving my home, my friends, and my life.

Everything good in my life was gone.

And then a howl was heard – signaling the demons that would always be in my life, no matter where I ran.

I would never be safe.

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