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Just so you know, some of the story I wrote the same things from both Chad and Sonny's POV, but otherwise Chad's POV. Bold is specific thoughts. I know it isn't that good, but I'm proud of it. I wrote most of it one night when I was really bored but review please!!

In the episode "With a Chance of Dating" everything is exactly the same, but it changes at the arcade place. Tawni and Chad never show up, and James and Sonny have a wonderful evening. =]


Sonny's POV:

Wow, what an amazing night that was! I, Sonny Munroe, just went on a date with James Conroy!!! He even kissed me when he dropped me off! I cannot wait to tell Tawni. I wonder why she doesn't like him. She keeps going on about how she doesn't want me to get hurt and how James is such a jerk. He seems like a perfect gentleman to me…