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"No! No, Dean no! Don't do it!" Sam cried with desperation in his voice.

"I have to Sammy. It's the only way to save you and Bobby. The bitch said we only have until midnight or both ropes will be let go!" cried Dean, holding his hunters knife up.

"But you can't give in now! Not after everything we've been through to try and save you!" Getting ourselves caught in the process Sam choked out.

"That's the key word here Sam. Try. You tried to save me. But you know what? It's ok. I figure, the hell with it. As long as you two are safe right?" Dean let his eyes rest on Sam's face, then to Bobby's, and slowly back again. "As long as you're safe…" he repeated in a whisper, so quietly Bobby and Sam almost missed it.

"Dean, think about this for a second. She's a witch. Witches can lie as much as demons do! We can get through this. All three of us! It doesn't have to end like this!" Bobby plead, desperately trying to reach the Winchester somehow.

"I'm sorry. I really am sorry" whispered Dean as a single tear escaped from the corner of his eye.

This tear did not go unnoticed by the men tied to the wall opposite to Dean.

"Love you" Dean whispered. His eyes seemed glued to Sam, looking so deep into his younger brother's hazel eyes that it was like he was looking into his soul, while Sam stared right back, tears flowing freely down his face.

And with that, Dean cut the rope that held Sam and Bobby against the wall, letting them fall to the ground relatively unharmed.

"No!!" Sam's heartbreaking cry rang throughout the small barn they were being held in.

It was too late. As the rope was released, so was the wooden stake that was hanging in the air above the men. It flew through the air, to fast to stop, until it was deeply imbedded in the middle of Dean's chest. Blood sprayed from all sides of the wound as the stake went in, and then turned sluggish and seeped around the intruding object.

Dean let out a gasp of pain that slowly turned into a quiet gurgling noise as blood began to flow from his mouth. His eyes closed and his head slumped forward against his chest.

Sam cried out, stumbling forwards as fast as he could to reach his brother on the opposite wall, while Bobby hung back, in complete shock at what the oldest Winchester had just done to safe his and Sam's life.

Sam finally made it to his brother's side, crying and screaming Dean's name, but already knowing what he was stumbling to. With a shaking hand Sam reached up to his brother's pale neck, placed his fingers on the major artery there and waited. He felt nothing underneath his fingertips. Letting out a cry of anguish Sam fell to his knees and threw up his breakfast, lunch, and whatever else he had consumed that day onto the dirt floor of the small barn.

Bobby finally stumbled up to Sam's side and drew soothing circles in his back to ease some of the tension in Sam's muscles. Nothing, though, could take away the pain that was now firmly embedded in both the men's hearts. That pain was almost overwhelming and there was nothing ether man could do but kneel on the floor, tears streaming down both their faces, and slowly prepare for the task of getting Dean's broken body off the wall.

The mere thought of wrenching that stake out of Dean's chest caused Sam more pain. He needed to take things a little more slowly but of course they had not been given the luxury of time.

Dean's gone. Dean's dead and there's nothing you can do to change that. A voice kept mocking in Sam's head.

No. There is a way. There has to be a way to get him back.

That was 3 years ago.


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