(Nick, Stella, Joe and Kevin are sitting in front of TV there's a little girl hugging a little boy)

Joe: Yea our cousin Kelsey is pretty amazing

Nick: That's only cause she always gave you a popsicle every single time we went to her house…everyone knows I'm her favorite cousin

Stella: Yea most of these videos she's playing with you

Nick: Yea when I was little Joe and Kevin were always mean to me so every time I got up set I would run over to her house she could always make me feel better

Stella: She sounds nice I can't wait to meet her

Nick: I can't wait till Thursday I haven't seen her since we left New Jersey

(scene changes to the door opening about 7:00 in the morning the boys dad walks in)

Dad: Well here we are kels

( a girl about Joe's age comes in the door with a rolling suit case a blue jean backpack)

Kelsey: Thanks for picking me up Uncle Tom

Dad: No problem for my favorite niece

Kelsey: Awww…(gives him a hug) So where's my favorite cousin's

Dad: Their probley still asleep go on up their the first door to the right

Kelsey: (going up the stairs) thanks

(she walks into the boys bedroom where their still sleeping she walks over to Joe's bed)

Kelsey: Joe (no response so she leans in closer) Jooooeeee…

Joe: (half asleep) 5 more minutes mom

Kelsey: JOE !!

Joe: What…woooo…(he rolls of the side off the bed)

Kelsey: Hey (leans over the side of the bed)

Joe: KELSEY !! (as they stand up he gives her a hug) I haven't seen you in forever

Kelsey: I know I've missed ya'll so much (looks around) nice place

Joe: Thanks

Kelsey: So I need your help with a little mission

Joe: Ewww…I love our mission's

Kelsey: So here's what were going to do (whispers in his ear)

Joe: Sweet

(scene changes to Joe and Kelsey standing on either side of Nicks bed)

Kelsey: (puts a pan of water beside nicks head) ok go

Joe: (starts tickling Nick under the chin with a feather) this is going to be sweet

Kelsey: (laughing) Yea it's always fun playing tricks on my favorite little cousin Nicky it's even funnier playing them on you

(Joe gives her a look)

Kelsey: Jus keep tickling the boy

Joe: fine (starts to tickle him even more)

Nick: (tilts his head to the side)(half asleep) go away (rolls over into the water and wakes up suddenly) Woo…what was that ??

(Joe and Kelsey just start laughing)

Nick: hahaha…very funny (looks over at Kelsey) KELS !!!

Kelsey: HEY NICKY !!! (gives him a hug)

Kevin: (walks across the room) hey what's all the yelling for

Kelsey: Hey Kevin

Kevin: Hey little cuz (she gets up and gives him a hug)

Joe: We'll we better be getting ready if were going to meet Stella and Macy at the mall

Kelsey: What…who ??

Joe: You can come with us

Kelsey: Ok