(Scene changes to Nick sliding down fire pole and into the kitchen were his parents, Joe and Kevin are at)

Nick: Hey has anyone seen Kelsey

Joe: Nope

Kevin: Hey what's that on your head (reach's up and pulls a sticky note of Nick's head) guy's I have gone to see land of the lost with Stella and Macy

Nick: (frustrated) she's been hanging out with Stella and Macy every second since she got here

Joe: Somebody's jealous

Nick: I am not

Kevin: ok Mr. Jealous Mc Jealous

(nick gives him a look)

(Scene changes to Stella, Macy and Kelsey come walking in the front door)

Kelsey: That was the best movie ever !!

Stella: Yea it was !!

Macy: Loved it

(they walk upstairs and into the boys room were they are recording)

Nick: (singing into the microphone) When you look me in the eyes I catch a glimpse of heaven I find my paradise when you look me in the eyes woooooo….yea

Joe: Ok that's a wrap

Kelsey: woooooo… that was awesome you guys (gives them a group hug)

Kevin: thanks we try to be awesome

Macy: I can't believe I'm actually in the Jonas brothers room ahhhh…(falls to the floor)

Kelsey: Dose she do that a lot

Stella: Almost every day

Kelsey: Hummm…cool

Nick: So how was the movie

Kelsey: Amazing

Nick: Nice so did you want to go see the dodgers game with me tonight

Kelsey: Well actually Stella, Macy and I were going to go ice skating tonight

Nick: (upset) well of course you where cause since you got here all it's been is Stella, Macy and I are doing this Stella, Macy and I are doing that where dose Nick come in (storms of across the room)

Kevin: Hey I'll go with you

(they all stare at him)

Kelsey: (concerned) Stella, Macy I think ya'll should go Kevin, Joe can we have a minute alone

Joe: Sure

Kevin: yea Kels

Stella: We'll talk to you later come on Macy

(they all start walking back down stairs)

Kelsey: (walks over were nick is sitting on his bed she sits down next to him) what's wrong Nicky

Nick: It's just ever since you got here you've been spending all this time with Stella and Macy I thought I used to be your favorite

Kelsey: (upset) NICHOLES JERRY LUCAS !! You still are my favorite

Nick: Well it sure hasn't felt like it this week

Kelsey: (leaning back on Nicks bed nick lays his head on her shoulder) It's just I've grown up and I need to hang around more girls my age listen how about tonight you, me, Joe and Kevin have a huge sleepover just like we used to

Nick: I'm feeling a little better

Kelsey: We could eat popcorn and all the candy we can until we puck

Nick: I like the sound off that

Kelsey: We could even invite Stella and Macy

( Nick gives her a look)

Kelsey: (looks down at her cousin now resting on her chest) That is if it's ok with you (running her fingers through his hair)

Nick: That sounds great

Kelsey: Awesome

(they give each other a hug)

(the scene changes to Nick and Kelsey sitting on the floor with Joe and Kevin on either side of them and Stella and Macy in the chairs)

(the scene on the TV is a little girl hovering over a little boy and a birthday cake)

Kelsey: (age 5) come on Nicky you can do it blow out the candles

(3 year old Nick looks at the camera)

Kelsey: Come on Nicky

Nick: You realize I had just started getting teeth in and you were telling me to blow out my candles out

Kelsey: Hey I had a lot of faith in you

(Joe runs up and blows out the candles)

Kelsey: Well I did until Joe got there

Stella: So Kelsey do you want to go ice skating

Kelsey: No I think I'm gonna spend the day with my favorite little cousin

Nick: Awesome