Thunder boomed through the archaic mansion, causing the adults in the room to silence themselves in mid-sentence. The old walls shook and glass ornaments rattled in protest. The room was dark except for a few lit candles - the storm was a bad one, portraying the general feelings in the room. A preview of what was to come.

"I can't believe it has come to this." A man broke the thundering silence. He ran his wiry fingers through his dark locks, his Italian tanned skinned looked darker than normal in the dim light. Lightning flashed its fiery self and the adults waited once again for the thunder to finish roaring.

"It's not fair." A blonde haired woman replied through thick sobs. Another woman sitting near to her passed her a handkerchief. Sighs could be heard echoing from around the long table. "It's not our fault, and not our children's fault either."

"Somebody has to pay." A stark blonde haired man spoke with malice and distaste, clearly practiced through his many years. His lips formed a thin line with a hiss. "We've all been a part of it in one way or another."

"But our children? What role did they play in everything?" The blonde haired woman spoke again as she wiped the tears off her porcelain cheeks. The adults scattered around the long table were prim and proper - clearly manicured and of the best species. Pureblooded.

"They're only infants." Another woman spoke up, earning a grim look from the dark skinned Italian man. She gently lowered her eyes and silenced herself.

"We have no choice." The Italian's voice was as stern as the thunder outside. "We need to call upon them. It's the only way they'll survive."

"There has to be another way." The blonde haired man shook his head furiously, his silver eyes darkening with anger. The other adults at the table knew better than to speak up - even if their children were in danger as well. Let the two leading men figure it out.

"There isn't." The Italian challenged, clearly aggravated with the situation as well. "Let's just do this and get it done with. There's no other way. They'll all die."

"I knew it was too coincidental that we all had children at the same time." The silver-eyed man hissed, earning nods from the adults seated around the table. "And then this."

"Enough sulking. Let's call upon them and find a way to move on with our lives - find a way for our children to live as normal as they can. When they're old enough, we'll tell them."

"Tell them what, exactly?" The blonde man raised his voice, and lightning streaked across the sky to match his fury.

Everybody locked their lips together, waiting for someone else to answer. Silence stretched for far too long - everyone afraid to admit what was going to happen.

Finally, a thin blonde woman stood up elegantly with a dangerous look in her eye. A look that spoke of a life full of casting love out of her heart - a look that showed just how hardened she had become.

"We'll tell them that they're no longer human." She paused as she scanned the crowd of adults sitting before her, "We'll tell them that they're demons."


He had heard about Hogwarts since he was a little boy - but the thought of attending such a school at his age was ridiculous. He kept the curses under his breath as his mother repeatedly kissed the top of his head with tears in her eyes. His father stood to the side with his arms crossed, a look on his face that showed mild concern. It was then that Scorpius knew something was wrong - his father was hardly ever concerned about anything.

"You've gotten so big." Scorpius' mother ran her fingers through his hair, messing it up even more as she sniffled. "I don't want you to go."

"Mom, seriously, I'll be fine.' Scorpius leaned forward and planted a light kiss on her cheek, hoping that the strangers around him didn't notice. All the other students were very practiced in the art of heading off to Hogwarts for yet another school year - their bags were packed just so, and quick hugs and waves filled the air. Except for Scorpius' family - his mother was sobbing as if this was his first year at Hogwarts. Well, it was, but he was no first year.

Hell, he had witnessed and experienced more in his life than most elders.

He was 17 and going to a new school. Well, new to him. He had been home-schooled with his other pureblooded friends until now. The Zabini boy, Goyle, and Nott.

Home-schooling for the Pureblooded boys was vigorous and taxing. They not only learned whatever book-work was common for other students their age, but they had to endure many challenges to learn how to control themselves. They were advanced in magical skills and trained as warriors - warriors with a dark secret tucked deep away in their souls. Nobody would ever find out what challenges they had to face to learn to control themselves, and those who did know would take it to their graves.

Before attending this upcoming school year, the Pureblooded boys (who have earned the reputation of being called Blood Brothers) were called in to be interviewed. The Headmaster was only allowing them to attend their 7th year so they could take their N.E.W.T.S. and pass, and be able to work normal jobs like the rest of the wizarding community.

The stipulations, however, were that the cursed boys lived in their own living quarters - away from the general population of students. They could attend classes with the rest of the students but sleeping in the same houses was prohibited, due to the boys' unique curses.

However, one boy was to be placed as Head Boy, living in the Head dormitories with the Head girl.

And that boy just so happened to be Scorpius Malfoy.

"You know you need to practice control. Especially here." Scorpius' father finally spoke, his voice low and firm. Scorpius met eyes with the famous Draco Malfoy - his father.

"I know, father." Scorpius' eyes were made of stone. "Why couldn't we come when everyone else did, at age 11?"

"You know the answer to that, Scorpius." Draco hissed, his voice still low and firm. "Don't make me answer that."

"Right. Sorry." Scorpius apologized as his eyes raced towards the train. His mother hugged him tightly and let out a thick sob.

"Be careful, darling." She whispered to him before she kissed his cheek and backed away. "Owl us as often as you can."

"Sure thing, mom." Scorpius mumbled as he glanced at his hardened father. The two nodded at each other - the closest thing to a hug that they ever shared. His mother was the cuddly, ooey-gooey one.

"Go. Zabini and the others are already waiting aboard the train." Draco nodded towards the train and took his wife's hand in his own, to keep her from sobbing all over Scorpius' new robes. Scorpius passed one last fleeting look at his parents before he boarded the train.

He had no idea what this year would hold in store for him, but he was desperate to find out.


"Ah, there's the aptly named 'Head' boy." Anthony Zabini grinned wide as Scorpius entered the compartment that had been reserved for the 'Blood Brothers'. Anthony Zabini, Vincent Goyle, and Jonathan Nott were scattered throughout the small room, clearly waiting for Scorpius to arrive.

He didn't miss the underlying jab that Anthony had passed his way with the joke he said.

Their families had no choice but to seek out Vampires and ask that their children be spared, by killing them and bringing them back to life. As Vampires. Blood suckers. Nightwalkers.


Yeah, the four of them were something to be marvelled at. Their bodies comparible to those of modern-day body builders. Except theirs were naturally strong - full of hardened, chisled muscle that stretched taut over their tall, thick frames. Yeah, they were definitely something to be looked at. Most people watched them in fear as they strolled down the street - and most women would eye-rape the foursome till they nearly convulsed. Stares, gawks, and people running away from them was something they were used to by now. Very few people chose to interact with the four Blood Brothers - and almost all of the Wizarding world had heard of them at some time or another.

They had been kept a secret for most of their life - practicing self-control, patience, calculating every move, and most of all, keeping their true identities a secret.

Who the hell would believe they were the walking dead? Cursed to survive off of sex and blood. And not necessarily in that order.

Yeah. What great Wizards they turned out to be. Sure, they could still practice magic. They were almost more magical than most because of their enhanced abilities that being a Vampire brought along with them.

Vampire was such a cliche term. People always pictured Vampires turning into bats, flying off into the night in search of their next victim. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Upon joining the Vampire society, the Brothers learned a great many things. One of them was to never be spotted feeding on a human, and to always erase their memory afterwards.

Scorpius especially hated doing that. The blank look in their eyes after he did so always irked him. Made him feel even less human than he already was. The power he held within him (not just his magical powers, but his Vampire powers as well), made him feel pressured. Pressured to protect both the Vampire race, and the Wizarding one as well.

The gift of being immortal wasn't one they were used to yet. They got scratched - it healed nearly immediately. They were forced to cover themselves in layers of clothing if they dared to venture out during the day - and they could all kiss Quidditch goodbye. And eventually, as sad as it would be, they would have to watch their loved ones die before them. They would be forced to live on, grieving for as long as they still walked the earth. They could never fall in love. To what, watch their potential wife and potential children die before them? Yeah, fuck that.

Instead, they took on the duties that were required of them, having become Vampires. It was one of the stipulations upon turning them. The Vampire who turned them was a warrior for the Vampires. He walked with a Warriors walk - and most definitely looked the part. His blood that he gave to the four boys turned them into mammoths of men. Muscles spread across their bodies once they hit puberty in gut-wrenching force. Vincent remembered being stuck in a tiny storage unit for days, until he was finished growing.

In just three days time, the boys went from, well, boys - to overwhelmingly huge men. None of them were sure how their bodies were able to transform so fast - but they all remember the sounds of bones breaking, tissue ripping, and muscles spasming. The process was less than desirable - and with their warrior status, they were required to help save the Vampire race.

The Vampires had their own war going on between them, and the Hunters.

Fucking Hunters. Stalked them through the streets at night, smelling of cinnamon. Scorpius used to enjoy that smell - especially around the holidays. Now, the scent of cinnamon geared him up to fuck someone up.

For the last 4 years, the Brothers lived in an archaic mansion with the Warrior that turned them. The Warriors name is Darick, and he became their protector, teacher, pseudo-father. They learned and honed all of their skills by his direction. They hunted Hunters together - learning to become Warriors and fight like one. Sadly, the Vampire race used to pride themselves on the number of Warriors they had. But through the years, the Hunters advanced in numbers and the vast number of Warriors dwindled down to one.


He was the only ancient Warrior that remained. Until the Brothers came along. Not every Vampire bitten turns into a Warrior - there has to be Warrior blood in you. And even then, if you were to be bitten by a Warrior Vampire, that doesn't assure that you will become one yourself. Your blood has to be pure - has to have a hint of a trace of Warrior blood within your veins.

All four boys carried that within them, much to their parents' surprise. Apparently, Vampires were much more common in the Wizarding world than anybody knew. But that was nearly the ancient past. Everyone more than likely carried a hint of Vampire blood in them. But instead of honing on Vampire skills and embracing the Vampire life, ancestors focused more on Magic and Wizardry - thus wheedling down the numbers of modern day Vampires that walked the earth.

The Civilian Vampires that lived were immersed in Muggle culture. Involving yourself in the Wizarding world while you were a Vampire was just too risky. You became too much of an outcast - shunned from the Wizarding Society for being different.

For being cursed.

The Wizarding world was terrified of another uprising like the Great War had been with Voldemort - how easy would it be to take over the Wizarding world with a bunch of immortal warriors?

Yeah, that was everyone's fear. So through the years, talk of Vampires in the Wizarding world was almost non-existant. It was a tall-tale of the past. Nothing but rumor and speculation, for it could never be proved that Vampires lived, once they died. They turned into ash and disappeared, since their bodies were dead anyway.

Yep. Vampires were nothing but myth and legend nowadays. But Darick had faith in the four Brothers - he knew that the Vampire race would one day be as strong as it had been in ancient days.

The four brothers were turning into Great Warriors and their potential was endless. Vampires coupled with Wizarding skills were unprecedented. There was no stopping the process now.

Darick had planted the seed, kept them a secret, and prepared them for war against the Hunters. And now, now they were planted within the Wizarding society - in none other than Hogwarts.

Darick dreamed of a Vampire army.


Scorpius shook his head. How did it come to this? Sure, the four of them were physically advanced, with rippling muscles and of tall stature. Scorpius stood around six feet tall, as did the rest of his brothers. Though not technically brothers, they all treated each other as if they were. They all suffered the same curse. They all had an understanding of each other, and stuck by each other through thick and thin.

The four of them also carried a large tribal tattoo on their body - thanks to the Warrior blood within. When they transformed into Warriors, large markings were scrawled onto their bodies to mark them as such. To the untrained eye, it was nothing more than a large tribal tattoo, each in the shape of wings. Scorpius' tattoo was adorned across his right arm, stretching the length of his arm all the way up to the base of his neck, where the markings lightly crawled across his right shoulder blade. Anthony's markings were similar, just on the left side of his body. Vincent wore his across his back, and Jonathan across his chest.

"Get yourself in check, Scor." Anthony broke the silence again, this time he held no smile. Scorpius didn't realize that he was sitting in a seat next to Anthony, scouring the women as they walked by the compartment. No, not walked, ran past the compartment. Rumors had obviously gotten out about the Blood Brothers' attending Hogwarts this year. They were nothing more than a museum exhibit to the students at Hogwarts - most were enthralled and curious to know more about them.

"I'm in check. You're the one who's itching to fuck something up." Scorpius spoke with malice as he forced his eyes to shut. Problem was, Anthony was right. Sex satiated a Vampire with the same satisfaction that drinking fresh blood brought. Most of the time, sex was coupled with feeding; and wasn't that the ultimate high.

Though each of them were Vampire Warriors - they were all very different. Anthony was the darkest of the four Brothers. He was always looking for a fight. Fighting for him was equivalent to sex for Scorpius. It was a craving that neededto be satiated often. When the Brothers fought the Hunters, Anthony always went overboard. Not just killing the poor soul, but mutilating it. He chose to fight with Daggers instead of lead and wands. Guns were just too easy. Anthony could be found at any given time with at least 6 daggers hidden on him, in varying sizes. Try to touch one of them and you more than likely got your fingers cut off with nothing but a smile for a warning.

Jonathan was ever the bookworm. He studied the Vampire history and completely immersed himself in the culture of Vampires and Wizarding. When there was a question about anything, Jonathan was the one to go to for answers. He often wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and had his chocolate hair spiked in a faux-hawk. He favored tight skinny jeans with a studded belt and a band tee that hugged his oversized body. He was probably the studdliest nerd that had ever walked the planet. He was definitely handsome, as were all the Brothers. His skin was the palest of the four of them, but in flawless condition. His thin lips spread into a faultless smile, an impressive array of sparkling white teeth. His voice was low and smooth, but what caught the attention of everyone around him was his infectious smile. His warm laugh, and caramel voice. Jonathan was always the crowd favorite because he was the least intimidating of the four.

Vincent was the fashionable one. Yes, strange, we all thought so too. He always made sure he was dressed to the nines. He often donned a pair of immaculate khaki pants, with expensive leather kicks and a perfectly tailored button down shirt. He lost the tie most days, but that didn't take away from his sexual attraction. His dark hair always had expensive products in it, falling in the perfect places to look absolutely...well, perfect. Even though his outer appearance was nearly flawless, his inward demons were strong. Due to his loss of control with women in the past (having drained a few of them completely during sex), he took a vow of celibacy. The rest of the Brothers thought he was entirely insane, but Vincent was strong and steadfast with that vow, and was always the first one to offer help or advice. It got annoying to the other Brothers, because Vincent always knew when something was wrong. He'd come into their room, sit down on the end of the bed with one ankle on his knee and hands in his lap. He'd just look at you in silence for a moment before speaking softly. "So. Talk to me."

Fuck that. The Brothers understood his desire and need to fix the wrongs he had done in the past but that shit got annoying fast. They loved him for it anyway, and despite their bitching they always gave in and unloaded their issues on the guy.

Scorpius was the last of the Brothers. He was the most handsome, his body the most toned though he wasn't the tallest. Anthony was the tallest of the brothers but Scorpius always had the ladies flocking after him. Hell, they all did, but Scorpius moreso. His blonde carefree locks often fell over his right eye, giving him a mysterious look. His skin was barely tanned, thanks to the Vampire blood that coursed through his veins. His language was filthy as was his attitude on most days. He was sarcastic, cold, and calculated. He never let anyone get close and only used women for sex and blood. Then he'd begrudgingly erase their memories and hide away for awhile. Most days he wished to be normal. He hated the Hunters. Hated killing. Hated the immortality that came with his curse. You could say he was jealous of the rest of the wizarding world and the normality that came with it.

Being burdened with their curse caused the four boys to grow up rather quickly - they often found themselves attending adult clubs throughout London and other big cities. Instead of acting as if they were only 17, they acted more like 27.

The reason the four pureblooded families had called upon the Vampires in the first place was because of their cursed past. The children of Malfoy, Zabini, Goyle, and Nott were cursed with a fatal illness at birth. It was a result of their parents' involvement in the war. Or rather, their grandparents. Either way, the families bloodline had to pay for the horrible atrocities committed during the Great War, in which their families helped Voldemort.

Thus, causing the family bloodline to be cursed. No child could live from any of the four pureblooded genes - eventually causing extinction of the four families.

That was the plan, until Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini researched the action of calling upon Vampires to inhabit their souls. The children would be immortal. Even if they were cursed by the killing curse, the four boys would not perish. Very few things could kill a Vampire, and none of them were talked about. Few people knew - but the ones who knew were the ones that mattered. Hunters.

The four pureblooded families had created the ultimate army - four extremely strong warrior-type men who were immortal.

Scorpius tilted his head back and kept his eyes shut as the train rolled towards Hogwarts - a school he never knew to call home. A school he only chose to attend so that he could pass his damn N.E.W.T.S. And now they wanted him to take on Head Boy responsibilities. What the hell was a Head Boy about anyway? Everyone acted as if it were some prestigious title only given to those who worked hard for seven years to achieve it. And here he was, having it handed to him on a silver platter.

As if he were worthy. Well now that was a damn lie. Before the school year was over, Scorpius had a feeling he'd have bedded nearly all girls that were of age.

"We're here." Jonathan punched Anthony in the arm - hard. Anthony grinned.

Scorpius rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and glanced around the small compartment. The compartment may not have been small for the usual group of students, but for four oversized Vampiric young men, the compartment felt as small as a telephone booth.

"Keep your eyes in your skull tonight, Scor, or I'll knock them straight from their sockets." Anthony grinned handsomely as he pushed past Scorpius and into the tight hallway of the train.

"Don't rip Vincent's cock off when you jack him, Ant." Scorpius retorted, earning a punch from Anthony and a chuckle from Vincent.

"You know I'd like that too much, Scor." Anthony purred and waggled his brow. The rest of the students had been allowed to leave the train and board the transportation that took them to the castle - the four brothers had to wait till all the students were clear. Frazzled looking teachers blocked the doorway of the train to keep the Brothers from stepping off, and around the general population of students. Anthony grinned dangerously at the teachers - mocking them, taunting them. They shook and shivered where they stood - clear fear in their eyes. Anthony was loving it.

Like they were fucking inmates. Scorpius was getting pissed, and when he got pissed, he got hungry.

"Check it, Scor." Vincent flashed him a knowing look.

"Let's go." Scorpius shrugged his robes on and slung his bag over his shoulder. The four brothers finally were allowed to exit the train, a mass of black clothing and massive bodies. Their presence was purely masculine and intoxicating to most females - in fact, Scorpius attracted most females as if he were a magnet. One of his many gifts, thanks to the Vampire blood. Not that he really cared - women were an object to him, like glasses of water he needed to survive. Nothing more, nothing less. Romance and love had never been in the picture for him.

The four of them boarded a lone carriage, and all four of them saw what was leading the carriages to the tower. Tall, winged beasts pulled the carriage. Clearly, all four of them had witnessed death, but none of them said a word. They didn't have to - they already knew.


Rose Weasley was so glad to be back at Hogwarts - and to be in her final year. She was sad, but elated at the same time. She could get a real job and start a life of her own, like her mother did. Like her father did, too. She wasn't the top of the class like her mother was, but she was certainly close. School was a high priority for her - good grades opened many doors, and she liked to have options.

She chattered wildly with her friends as she sat at the Gryffindor table and munched on the elegant spread of food. Of course, it was to be expected to be sorted into Gryffindor when she first arrived at Hogwarts. Her parents were great heroes of the Great War - she had big shoes to fill. Along with her many cousins. They all had big shoes to fill, carrying the Weasley and Potter names.

Rose was endlessly proud of her accomplishments - she had achieved the role of Head Girl, which was something she longed for since her first year at Hogwarts. She wanted to have her own room, her own privacy, and of course, the power that accompanied it. She vowed to use the power for the better, not to get power hungry like so many before her had become. She would help out first years, and put a stop to all the pranks that she witnessed around the castle. She'd make Hogwarts a better place.

Pfft. Didn't every Head think the same thing? Rose shrugged her shoulders, causing her peers to look questionably at her.

"Thinking about your duties again?" Albus asked with a roll stuffed into his mouth. Rose blushed slightly.

"You know me too well." Rose responded, taking a sip of her juice.

"Give it a rest." Albus swallowed half the roll whole and paled as the roll slowly slid down his throat. He desperately grabbed for his juice and began gulping. Rose chuckled. "Do you know who Head Boy is?"

"No." Rose shook her head with a puzzled look in her eyes, "They haven't told me. I guess I'll figure it out when I get to the room."

"I heard rumors." Albus started to get color back in his cheeks, "I heard it was one of the Blood Brothers."

Ah, the Blood Brothers. Rose rolled her eyes dramatically. Nobody knew for sure what was wrong with them, or even if they had anything wrong with them. They were outcasts from the beginning of time - too large to fit into the regular crowd, and menacing too. They were all adorned with large tattoos, or so Rose heard. And of course, they caused serious trouble in Muggle London.

But rumors were rumors. Rose highly doubted that any of it was correct. She had never met any of them, let alone see any of them. Their pureblooded rich families did well to keep them out of the headlines and kept whatever-was-wrong-with-them a secret to the wizarding world.

But this year, they were supposed to attend Hogwarts to pass the N.E.W.T.S. and then slip back into the shadows of the wizarding community. Rose could care less, she wanted nothing to do with them. She wasn't going to fall into the throes of the rest of the crowd, feeding off curiosity about the Blood Brothers.

Nope. Rose had bigger things on her mind - her future and her education. She'd stay far away from the four brothers.

"I doubt the Headmaster will allow any of them to be Head Boy. The position is earned, not granted." Rose forked food into her mouth and waved her hand nonchalantly.

"I'm just telling you what I've heard." Albus shrugged once again, and silence stretched between the two as they ate.

Minutes passed and then the entire room fell into a silent hush. Faces were staring at the doorway and many of the students' mouths were agape and complexions were pale. Rose turned to see what had caused such a reaction.

The Blood Brothers stood in the doorway, all four of them looming and looking around for their place to sit. Rose felt her eyes drawn towards the blonde, noticing how handsome he was.

She frowned and looked away.

There were a number of girls who were gawking at the young men, stars in their eyes and everything.

"Ahem!" A voice coughed from the front of the room, causing all of the students to turn and break the trance the Brothers had on them all. "We would uh, like to welcome four new students. Vincent Goyle, Anthony Zabini, Jonathan Nott, and of course, Scorpius Malfoy."

The Headmaster pointed feebly to the four boys standing in the back of the room and all the students turned once again to look at them. Rose sighed deeply and thought it was absolutely pathetic how the rest of the school was acting about them. After all, they were only human like the rest of them.

"If you four would wait outside, I'll be right out to talk to you." The Headmaster motioned for the four boys to leave the Great Hall. As if they were a menace to the general population. The four boys exited without question, and when they left Rose could've sworn she heard the entire room take a deep breath.

"Did you see the blonde?" "Oh Merlin, he was so gorgeous." "I could eat them up." Rose heard the girls all whispering about the Malfoy boy.

Sure, he was handsome, but so were the rest of them. And besides, Rose had seen better looking men around Paris and other parts of the world. It wasn't as if he was anything special.

"Vampires." Albus whispered low enough for only Rose to hear. "Another rumor I've heard. They're Vampires."

"Albus, don't be silly. They're boys, just like you." Rose took a deep breath and felt bad for the four boys. The school was treating them as if they were some disease.

"You think I'm still a boy?" Albus arched his brow, "Tsk, tsk, little cousin."

"Ugh, I don't want to know." Rose earned a raspberry from Albus as he stuck his tongue out at her. Rose felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned to see the Headmaster standing behind her.

"Come with me, please." He spoke hastily and headed for the exit. Rose had no choice but to follow him obediently - after all, it was what Head Girl was supposed to do.