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Hermione felt like she was in a movie.

She always used to joke with her family about how something tragic happened it would rain. But now the rain was welcome. Her parents were dead and that was it. They weren't coming back. She felt numb and the rain was helping which she was thankful for.

The house she grew up in had gone up in smoke and her parents had been trapped inside, according to the muggle police. But she knew the truth. It had been death eaters that did this and only three days before the start of school.

Everyone at the scene looked at her with pity clear in their eyes. She couldn't bear to look at any of them.


A boy had put a hand on her shoulder to get her to notice him. She turned around and with one look the boy opened his arms and she fell into his embrace.

"Harry….they…..they're go… gone." She wept into his chest.

"Its okay Hermione" Harry tried reassuring her.

"NO….. No Harry it's not okay."

"I know but it will be…….. One day…….. I promise."

"I hope your right Harry."

"Me to Mione……… me too"

Harry put his arm around Hermione and led her away from the scene that broke her heart. They walked about four blocks and then apperated to the burrow.

Little did Harry and Hermione know that a man was watching them from afar. And it was breaking this heart to see the woman he secretly loved be in so much pain. He felt it too, every ounce of pain she was feeling. He wished he was the one comforting her instead of Potter, but he knew he could not. At least not yet.

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