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Chapter 9- I Never Wanted to Be Your Enemy

Hermione dropped Draco's hand and walked into their new common room. She felt weird that in those last few minutes she had this sense of comfort just holding his hand. She turned around to tell him that she was going to have a look around and it was then that she realized how close to her he actually was. They were practically nose to nose.

"I... I'm um going to have a look around," she stuttered because of his closeness.

Hermione left Draco standing in the entrance and stepped into the common room. It looked like Christmas gone bad! Everything was green, red, or black. Hermione couldn't stand it. She hoped that Draco would detest it to so maybe she could change it to something a bit more stylish. Everything else was just spectacular though. The couch appeared to be soft and sleep able, but not overly so. The fire place had a rug right in front of it that looked wonderful to just read and cuddle up by on those cold winter nights. The room came with a cozy little kitchen with some muggle appliances. As for a finishing touch for the downstairs a little table with four chairs by a window to eat by.

Hermione then noticed the staircase; it had a set of stairs on each side and met in the middle at the top. The stairs were engraved with gold and silver. She walked up the left stairs and came to a stop in front of her room, which was monogrammed with her initials H.J.G. in gold. Her breath was taken away when she walked through the door. The room was a royal purple color with gold throughout. Her bed was a queen sized bed with a purple comforter, white and gold Egyptian cotton sheets. She was in heaven; this was the room she always dreamed about.

Hermione continued to look around her room she had a walk in closet where all the house elves had already hung her clothes; she made a mental note to thank them later. She also noticed another door on the far right of the room which she figured must be the bathroom. I could use a nice bath about now, so why not?

She walked into the bathroom never once thinking to knock and there in front of her was a shirtless Draco Malfoy. All she could do was stare, not that he minded.

He smirked at her, and when her eyes met his all she could do was bolt out of the room and slam the door.


After she left I just stood there trying to calm myself. Yes, she was holding my hand and yes, she kissed me but I can't expect anything else from her right now. My body is going crazy telling me, go to her, make her yours but I know it's too soon and if I tell her anything now she'll freak and she might not even believe me.

I have to take things slow; I already know I love her I have since first year from the time I first saw her. Okay maybe I didn't know then but I did in third year after she punched me, wow did I deserve that! But the point is I loved her before this whole veela thing I just have to make her see that.

Draco walked through the common room and admired the little features such as the dining area, the kitchen, and the furniture in the living room, but he despised the colors. Green and red were clashing horribly together he needed to fix it and fix it soon.

He walked into his room and was surprised to see this room's colors were his favorite, a deep blue and silver. He noticed his stuff was unpacked into his dresser and the walk in closet. He also noticed the desk and other features but didn't take long to take it all in he just wanted to get in the shower right now.

He walked to the door on the far left and turned on the shower. He noticed the door on the other side of the room and figured it was Hermione's door to the bathroom. He undid the buttons on his shirt and let it slid off his shoulders and to the tiled floor. He stared at his reflection in the mirror; his faced showed the inner turmoil he was having with his veela self. His eyes had dark bruise under them from his lack of sleep, because every night he either couldn't sleep because his thoughts were consumed by her or he would wake up sweating from the dreams. He turned and saw the bruise forming on his lower back from the slight rejection earlier and he hoped it would go away in time with Hermione's love.

Just then he heard the door knob twist. Hermione walked in and her eyes became as round as saucers. Her eyes are so gorgeous even when she's freaking out like a deer caught in lights.

Her eyes traveled up his body and when her eyes met his all he could do was smirk. She ran out just as quick, if not quicker as she ran in. He turned back to his reflection and chuckled. Soon she won't be embarrassed to see me without a shirt, without anything. Oh how I can't wait for that day she'll be mine and I'll be hers and everything will just be perfect.


Wow. I mean I've heard the stories about how gorgeous he really is but I guess I never believed it.

Here I am lying on my bed and I can't get the image of Draco off of my mind. This was the second time I've had seen him without a shirt and it's was like something in my mind is going off telling me that I am craving to see the rest of his body. To touch it, really feel it. I have to shake my head so I don't think about him, I know shouldn't but I really don't think I can help it.

She jumped when a knock came from the bathroom door, "Hermione? I just wanted to let you know that the bathroom is free if you want to wash up," came Draco's perfect voice from the other side of the door.

"Thanks Draco," she called out.

Hermione waited till she heard Draco's bedroom door shut before getting off the bed and heading to take a bath. She ran the hot water into the tub and filled it with bubbles that smelled like strawberries and honey. The smell was both her mother and her favorite. She closed her eyes as the tears slowly started to pour down her face. There weren't any sobs hat passed her lips but the pain in her chest was unbearable.

She took a long bath trying to calm herself enough so if she saw Draco he wouldn't suspect anything. When she got out she reached for a big fluffy white towel to wrap around herself. She walked into her room and changed into a pair of sleep shorts and a tank top. She looked in the mirror to still see bloodshot eyes, but she couldn't be by herself she was afraid of what she would do if she was for too long.

Hermione walked down the stairs with a book in her hand hoping to sit in front of the fire and just read. She hoped Draco would be down stairs too because she just couldn't stand the thought of being alone now. Sure enough there he was sitting on the couch with the fire burning bright reading some book. He looked up when she reached the foot of the stairs, almost as if he senesced her presence. He gave her a small smile then noticed her bloodshot eyes and his faced fell immediately. She could see in his eyes his concern for her.

Draco closed his book and stood and walked to Hermione. He knew maybe he should be overly affectionate with her yet, but his mate was in pain and he couldn't help himself. When he reached her he pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. That's when the heart wrenching sobs started. It broke his heart so feel and hear all her pain. Hermione's knees gave out, but before she could hit the ground she found herself in Draco's arms. He walked them over to the couch, set Hermione down then sat beside her. He rewrapped his arms around her and let her cry her heart out on his shoulder.

She cried till I was hard to breath, and only then did she let go of Draco.

"I'm sorry," Hermione said her voice rough from crying.

"For what?" his voice was gentle, he was afraid to start a new round of tears.

"For crying to you. You shouldn't have to take care of me. I should be able to take of myself."

"Mi, sometimes even the strongest people still need someone to cry to, to hold them, to let them know it's going to be okay without words."

"That shouldn't be you Draco! We just started being civil to each other. Before today we were enemies," she said while putting some distance between them.

He put his head in his hands looking incredibly disappointed. "You think that's what I wanted? I never wanted to be your enemy. I kind of secretly always wanted to be your friend, but I couldn't because of my family, my friends, and even your friends. Hermione you have to know that every cruel word I said to you I didn't mean, and it tore me up to see your eyes water with the tears you wouldn't let fall. I'm trying to show you I care but every time we start to get closer you start to pull away."

Hermione's tears had returned and were silently running down her cheeks. She scooted close to him, so close that there was only an inch between them. He looked up at her and noticed her tears. The tears he caused. He reached a hand up to her cheeks and wiped the tears from her cheeks, while never breaking eye contact. He kissed her lips, not an intense kiss like the others before, just a simple kiss to let her know that he was sorry for making her cry, sorry for breaking her walls that took years for her to build.

Hermione stood up kissed Draco on the forehead. He closed his eyes in bliss because it was a sign of affection. Then she left. She walked up the stairs, walked into her room, and shut the door. She crawled into her bed, she didn't cry she'd already done enough of that today, but she lay awake wondering what to do with Draco. Draco was all that was on her mind till sleep overcame her.